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  1. Namus

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    That remaster only hurts my eyes nothing more if you check my post history my number 1 feedback was to let us turn it off and if you check youtube videos of PC players no one keeps it turned on. We just got super shiny graphics i don't see how that makes a new game? Anyway i wont post here anymore since its pointless. I will say that i still think BDO is a really good game but its simply (FOR ME) not worth the hassle and money to play it somewhat normal. To those of you that plan to stay i hope you enjoy it.
  2. Namus

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    Why does it have to be 2018 games? If a game is older and you haven't played it does that mean its bad? BDO is not 2018 game btw. I bought MK XL (all dlcs) for 5$, Witcher 3 (all dlcs) for 20$, Fallout 4 (all dlcs) for 24$, Diablo 3 (all dlcs) for 20$, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (with all DLCs) for 5.5$, Dark Souls 2 (all dlcs) for 10$, Dark Souls 3 (all dlcs) 28$. That's 115$ for 7 great games each with all DLCs included. For that money its possible i couldn't even get all tier 3 pets. EDIT: Was writing from top of my head i forgot Batman Return to Arkham bundle for 5$ (Batman Akrham Asylum + Arkham City with all dlcs) and Batman Arkham Knight for 10$ (all dlcs). That makes it 10 games for 130$ i guess. Every game with all DLCs and all great games acknowledged by both critics and players.
  3. Namus

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    And be at a disadvantage in a game with pvp as primary focus? Hell no there are plenty of other games out there. I got 2 choices: Buy 200$ Xbox One S for afk skilling and spend ~200$ on cash shop for necessary things in order to have fun (yes yes i know you dont have to spend anything but good luck having enjoyable experience then) so thats 400$ already. Or i can spend 100$ on black friday (which i did) and buy 10 AAA games with all DLCs and have fun without any hidden costs. Not hard decision for me.
  4. Namus

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    I decided to skip BDO... Afk skilling on Xbox killed it for me i just wont do it on console.
  5. Namus


    I dont see why cant they open both west coast and east coast servers at the same time in addition to EU servers. If trash f2p game such as Perfect World International could do it PA should be able to do it as well... I am sure both west coast residents and Australians would appreciate it.
  6. Namus

    Black Desert When

    Yes embrace the dark side you know you want it!
  7. Namus

    Important Xbox One X question!

    On Xbox your TV does not determine resolution console is outputing but game itself. If a game has 4K sign that means it will always output 4K resolution regardless of your tv (unless its using dynamic res for performance sake). In case you have 1080p tv and play 4K game on it Xbox still produces 4K image but tv cant display it so it downscales it to 1080p or more commonly called supersampling.
  8. Namus

    Bdo forums

  9. Namus


    I don't think people realize how much ping affects your gameplay even when you don't notice it. You don't have to lag for it to affect you. Here's an example of FFXIV comparison of when EU servers where in US and after they where moved to EU:
  10. Namus

    Black Desert When

    Cause you're PS4 peasant 🤣
  11. Namus

    Important Xbox One X question!

    There is no Jaguar architecture its using x86 architecture the same one that all desktop CPUs use... Lack of power does not mean its hard to develop for it it means it limits what they can do and that's primarily why our version looks like poo compared to maxed out PC. Also lower clock speed does not translate to lower speed always. The reason for delay was i would say completely different input method so they had to redesign UI from the ground up to make it work. Last but not least your comparison of XB1 and PC min spec is flawed. First of all XB1 has only 5GB available for games and 3GB reserved for OS and in addition to that those 5GB are shared between GPU and CPU meaning more like 2.5 GB ram and 2.5GB vram or whatever way dev distributes it for their game. Lower clock speed does not always translate to slower CPU you can use that comparison for absolutely same CPUs only. There are many CPUs with lower clock speed but faster than other CPUs with higher clock speed.
  12. Namus

    Important Xbox One X question!

    That doesn't change the fact that it is using architecture that devs are most familiar with making developing for them very easy. Also by mobile i meant smartphones. My bad for not making it clear.
  13. Namus

    Kunoichi Is Bae

    First time i see black skinned ninja 🤣
  14. Namus


    Tomorrow will decide if i will save money for BDX or just waste it all on amazing discounts
  15. Namus

    AFK Energy Saver Mode

    Why do you presume i am not calm? I tried to explain to you how it works and whether you believe me or not i couldn't care less tbh.