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  1. I cant take new quest. Black spirit only gives daily/special quests.
  2. For me as someone who loves MMOs its all i ever wanted on Xbox. I will never buy another Xbox game prob except new Halo and Cyberpunk 😁
  3. Staying afk has nothin to do with time and effort and that is why its a bad design. Player who plays 5h actively but wont afk spends more time and effort for less gain than player who plays 3h and afk 21h.
  4. Like i said in another thread there is a difference between keeping it on where it uses almost no power and produces no heat and keeping it on under full load. Also every chip is different some degrade faster under heat than others. In theory your console can last 5x longer than someone elses if u hit jackpot. Bdo is already expensive as it is just to enjoy it properly (pets for example) and wasting your consoles life expectancy on afk.
  5. Worker empire as main focus only works if you are online 24/7 and since console players more often than not dont want to leave their console on constantly grinding is their only viable way of getting silver.
  6. It means you have highly enchanted item sitting in your inventory.
  7. Gaming PC has much higher quality components. For example gtx 1030 is trash and cant stand heat at all while gtx 1080 has no issues working at 85 degrees celcius because components used are of much higher quality. I know Xbox is not comparable to 1030 but i wanted to give an example. At the end of the day the rule still applies - under load reduces lifespan and if you dont mind reducing it for afk then go ahead. How long will it last depends on how high quality silicon you got since every chip is different.
  8. Yes new system applies only to old regions.
  9. You can play on either servers by changing region of your Xbox but stuff that you buy on EU store you only get on EU servers and other way around.
  10. Always on yes but not always under load. Heat reduces your console lifespan and the longer cooler is working the shorter will it last.
  11. Basically title. I am not sure if its safe to keep tv off while Xbox is on since Xbox still keeps sending signal.
  12. Why use Reblath when current green weapons/armor are super cheap and easy to get. Reblath should be used for boss gear and accessory failstacks IMHO.
  13. Do you need to be online to gain energy?
  14. I thought energy is shared across characters so making alts for that is pointless?
  15. Vsync would only limit fps to 30 since its purpose is to limit fps fluctuations below 30 and in between 30 and 60 (or above 60) and Xbox cant handle constant 60fps.
  16. M&K support would work only if they add M&K specific servers since it would provide unfair advantage and even then its unfair since with M&K u can farm much faster on many classes. Also MS is not pushing M&K support they only added it as a choice for devs who want to utilize it.
  17. 10k pearls later i got 2 t3 pets, 2 t2 pets and 1 t1 pet. I will get 5k more pearls to get last 2 t3 pets with 100% chance and i will save 2 t2 pets for t4 smashing if i ever get to it. Could have been worse i guess.
  18. Ohhh so they need to be checked in! Any reason to lvl them to lvl 10 first like higher chance or bonus skill or something?
  19. I wanna test my luck and get t3 pets but i cant find out how to do it?
  20. HDR has nothing to do with screen tearing its only about color reproduction. Some people notice tearing a lot easier than others.
  21. That and fact i cant hide my name (4 in fact: title, family name, character name and guild name) are my biggest issues...
  22. Then you probably saw it wrong or it was a bug. To get t3 pet u need to combine two t1 pets and chance is only 55% to get t3.
  23. Did you upgrade it to t3? Because if not it was never t3 all pets start at t1 by default except ultimate edition preorder one that was t2.
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