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  1. We have a discord. But there should be a feature in game for contacting others other than whispering or guild chat.
  2. We want to be pirates damn it. We've waited long enough for the galleys
  3. Idea: add an expensive LOYALTY 100 fail stack in loyalty shop. Or a monthly one for those who log in regularly. or even better do both. This will increase your player base and bring back old players who lost interest after struggling hard in fail stacking. If they knew for sure they'd get a good chance at a higher tier upgrade they wont run away.
  4. I think we should be able to look at a ingame boss timer. Also I feel a 20 minute server warning for field bosses would be beneficial
  5. I think a guild should be allowed to send mail to all members even if theres a weekly limit to avoid spam. This way we can organize better guild activities such as guild bosses and hotspot fishing raids. Not asking to be able to send items or money as cool as that would be to have a trade system or guild storage for general items. No just asking to be able to send written text to their mailbox because whispering and guild chat are not really reliable for organizing large groups. And we have no cross console chat. Its not like a playstation user can get a message from an xbox user via console chat options.
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