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  1. So it's been about a month, I don't suppose there will be any news on this topic? I've been just wondering seeing other platforms like PC and Xbox have this feature so it would be awesome if PS4 did as well. Just would love to push for this feature if it's one of the more easier updates to accomplish seeing its already a feature for Xbox as well, so the console feature transition isn't in question if that made sense.
  2. Yeah that would be great to get an update if that will be happening, thanks a lot CM_Valtarra!!!
  3. So I guess I posed this a little while back on the wrong form, but I was wondering if PS4 players would ever be giving the option to to visit each others residences? I submitted it as a ticket as well and was surprisingly responded the next day, which is cool, but was told it would be taken as a suggestion or feedback and not sure where that lands on if it's going to ever happen or not? I would understand if it was strictly a feature for PC players only, but Xbox players seen to have that option, or at least it seems that way because a friend of mine has an Xbox and was able to visit other players residences. Would really enjoy it if my friends could visit my residence in the game to have a sense of community, especially during this global situation. Really appreciate all the hard work Black Desert is doing!
  4. So recently started playing the game and made a couple residences, and was trying to have a two friends visit, but it didn't seem to work. I've seen people visit each others homes for the PC in videos, and was wondering if it just didn't apply for consoles. One of the players is on Xbox and another on PS4 that tried to visit my residence.
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