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  1. Hi Valtarra, these are the outfits I would personally love to see in the store! I know that at least one of these, Griffith set (3rd picture), was limited time so I'm not sure if there will be restrictions on adding it to the store like a certain event period etc. Thanks for your time! 😆
  2. So i don't know about anyone else, but i always get excited to see what new costumes are added to the shop every update, but sadly every week it ends up quite disappointing in that barely anything new is added. I always like a bit of diversity in how my character looks, as for me it can become a bit stale having the same look for 3 months! So my suggestion is that the pearl shop has a rotation of outfits, or at least some more added. There are a lot of outfits that i know a lot of players want to see in the pearl shop, even for a couple of weeks, so if there was some way to have these outfits added in upcoming updates, i know a lot of players would be overjoyed to see even more diversity than what we already have! I for one have been hoping to see the Griffith, karin and fairybleu outfits (for witch) in the store, but i feel like i will be waiting till next year for just one of these to be added! If this could be considered, that would be wonderful! Thanks!
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