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  1. -new player returning Hello I recently loss 4 billion gold because of a glitch or mistake , when going to purchase an item from the store , I unclicked “max quantity” but was still charged for all the items . I bought a blacksmiths book for 2m , I only intended in buying one but instead 2,022 books were bought , this was clearly a mistake or an issue with the ui or my Xbox. Please remove the books and please return the 4billion that was spent on it
  2. Ok I usually buy blacksmith books to save my enhancements from the npc in velia , the only issue this time is when i clicked it instead of buying 1 book , it bought 2,022 books spending all my 4b in my storage , can a gm get back to me please , I’ve submitted tickets , just waiting rn ..
  3. I recently sold my tet basi belt for 4.7 m which i received my 4b and transferred it to my storage , now my storage says 0 and I have lost my money please help
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