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  1. Hurray for recruiting! Presence is formed like most guilds these days it seems: from the ashes of a previously large and active guild. Sounds familiar right? The active players become officers, the inactive players kind of fade away, and you are left with a guild of 100 people that is really only 5 to 10 people who still play the game. How do you stop that cycle? How do you stop that from happening to a newly formed guild? By recruiting like-minded people and by actually paying attention to the community. We are not interested in having a guild full of solo-oriented grinders. We are not interested in having a guild where the highest gear score people stroke their ego over the lower gear scored people. We at Presence truly want a community of people who enjoy the game, and enjoy playing it with others. If any of this interests you, join our Discord and meet us. If you find that we mesh with you and your play style, stay a while on our Discord and chat with us. If you find that you really like our community, and what we have to offer, join the guild in game and play with us. If you join and see that we are not for you, feel free to go on your journey with no hard feelings. We at Presence sincerely hope that you all have a good time playing Black Desert.
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