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  1. Lol! now go back to your herd. Adious~
  2. Ohhh another update hope this will fix the lag problem... Praying part 2 Sweet!! working fine now! Thank you PA
  3. Cant enjoy playing the game with this crap. Guess I log out early today. This issue is a serious matter and PA are not doing anything.
  4. maybe you have x version? anyway, I am constantly experiencing a terrible lag after the patch.. before it got no problem. my network is stable and fast so the game itself have the issue.
  5. I cant go grind because of this! even life skilling is hard because of this lag. So much time wasted!!! aahhhh
  6. Oh a small patch! praying.. hope its fixed STILL LAG AF!
  7. geez cant play the game. Its horrible, its impossible to play the game. Sad... or maybe.. the game is only for xbox one x </3 RIP xbox one / xbox one s
  8. Wow cant believe it. Still not fixed!??
  9. Ohhhh come on! please fix the lag!
  10. I know the event is ending however I wanted to try it once. Anyway, I have a problem when I alchemy this. I used Special Sunrise herb Weeds Salt Purified Water But it always say Its not possible to craft it. Does it mean special sunrise herbs are not allowed to craft this? just the normal one?
  11. One of my character lvl 53 have it. Thanks for the help
  12. my characters are lvl 52-58 and no "Fairy Queen Theiah" checked the black spirit suggestion but not present. I finished Witch Hunting Quest. Is there a prerequisite to this quest? help please.
  13. yea its my first time playing the game so I have no idea about the difference between pc and xbox. Well Its not totally wasted. I can use my farm on my little chief Thank you for answering btw.
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