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  1. Asianhunk

    Stuck: The Escape of Crowns Castle

    Can't you guys read the notice that its still a pre release and they wont provide support etc? lol
  2. Asianhunk

    Official Discord!

  3. Asianhunk

    Beta 12 hours, what are you doing?

    I guess gonna download detective Conan movie while waiting. Killing time .... Killing time..
  4. Asianhunk

    Beta 12 hours, what are you doing?

    I will close my computer cafe today so that no interuption when I download the game. bwahahaha
  5. Asianhunk

    Beta 12 hours, what are you doing?

    Still no preload =.="
  6. Asianhunk

    Thread of questions for Simon.

    Still not a single questions answered. guess we will find the answers when the game started.
  7. Asianhunk

    24 HOURS TO GO!!!!!

    Here in asia GMT+8 4 hours more before nov 8
  8. I hope they allow early game download before the opening for cbt. a day before or two days before cbt perhaps? Reason: Some countries like mine doesnt have excellent speed compared to others. but its good enough for online game.
  9. Asianhunk

    8.11 Beta info

    We still need Xbox live gold?
  10. Beta is only available for the chosen once.
  11. Asianhunk

    Introduction Thread!

    This will be my first MMO on my xbox I do hope they release it soon. Excited.
  12. Asianhunk

    Asia / Sea server?

    I do hope asia server will be available. I hope moderators here will answer this.
  13. Asianhunk

    Asia / Sea server?

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if they are going to create a server for asian countries or sea?