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  1. @CM_Valtarra Is there any point to this forum if no one answers been 12 days and still waiting and 4 days since you asked about ticket.
  2. Yes same response as ppl with wagons won’t do anything
  3. Does same apply to same thing happening to Epheria Frigate builds
  4. Box’s are taking forever to appear can take over an hour as ppl fighting for box when it does come back not been working properly for about a week and seems to be getting slower
  5. Does anyone ever sort out anything on here or is it just like tickets when they can’t be bothered to sort anything out
  6. @CM_Valtarra I have had this happen with the Epheria Friggate Have sent tickets but it’s my fault it got cancelled according to them even though I was setting worker to work. Had completed about 25% that is a lot of time and mats to lose region EU PS4 FN MadPsycho CN MadPsycho PSN ID MadPsycho Time 12:10am 24/06/20
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