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  1. I personally think that the Skill Tree is quite confusing. A skilltree window similar to the pc version would be great to have an overview of all your skills
  2. Talk to the black spirit. He should have the followup quest
  3. You know how many people are trying to download the beta? It's huge amount of data traffic which has to be processed. Just be patient
  4. That would be great, but a subreddit for official communication between PA and us the users based on reddit would be a problem for me
  5. Isn't reddit in general a toxic place? I think this forum will do it's part when the game releases. Official communication should happen here and not anywhere else. At least in my opinion
  6. Gotta look how it works with me being in EU. But I'm still interested
  7. I think when you have signed up for beta in thr fulk release you will recieve items
  8. So you want to to put your Xbox into Sleep Mode and stay signed in right? I think it is not possible to do so. Eventhough the Games you kept playing until standby can be resumed you aren't signed in anymore.
  9. Where you got the information that it only lasts a few days?
  10. Could someone clarify the start time to me? Is 12am in the night between the 7th and the 8th or noon at the 8th? Always confused by this
  11. @[CM] Simon will we be able to preload the beta?
  12. The last time i remember BDX had a booth at a microsoft stand was gamescom 2017. Just a small scale version running on an XDK
  13. It really sounds interesting. I would like to get a look at role playing if you don't mind
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