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  1. Aside from constant load screen Anthem is actually quite fun. Go into the demo/beta with a open-mind and not a general grinders mentality (lacking content mindset) while playing free roam/strongholds. If Anthem can keep adding fresh content and seasonal challenges in free play, this will be a great fire-team game to play if your looking for something new. High tier difficulties settings will charge you if your feeling the game starts plateau, which will require you to be social to complete for better loot table. Lower tier difficulties require no communication just good/decent team work for casual players. This game has much potential honest opinion after playing VIP Demo.
  2. Anthem 95% Load screens ftw.
  3. Id like to believe that. Would it be closed beta or open beta again?
  4. I completely understand your frustration @Deathz Angel Even tho your request for pve / pvp servers to be separated, its only natural competition is apart of the base level concept of BDO/X. In the marketplace items and sales pricing/economy and the rise and fall of values of items obtained is a battle in itself. Grinding mobs/zones for better items to potentially help improve your characters stats or to trade-in for currency/silver will always be a contest. A good way to look at this is just to simply have multiple areas to grind in. Some area's will probably be more contested then others at certain times of the day. Grinding with a group of friends/guild members could help as well, but may attract high level trolls more then anything that simply just do not give af. I would just stay positive and there is always a way around everything. I believe you will ultimately get what you are searching for without it actually impeding/interfering with standardize game mechanic's Good luck...
  5. And so our wanderlust journey begins... BDX Beta launch did great, with minor game hiccups with no game breakers etc. BDX Beta ends, officially game/hype/clips/updates Die. When you Hope for something bad enough the answer in PA eyes is Nope. To be continued?...
  6. Guess I am unfortunate in realizing your vast perspective on public forums and opinionated views/post @Fortune lol.. On that note/subject keep it real and I digress.
  7. Who is this kid again? I didn't ask for your opinion. Direct your messages at people that actually care about what you are talking about. Thanks @Fortune Edit: Also just seeing recent post your actually just being "antagonizing" with your own views, while questioning others who obviously are firm believers of the success of this game. Granted you enjoy the game as much as everyone else. But continue to preach this word you love so much "entitlement". Freedom of Speech.
  8. Patience within the BDX community is a courtesy not a obligation PA. Lack of information among all the false advertisements backed with evidence and promises made is saddening. The supportive tunes of committed/concerned followers that back BDX vigorous transition to console network. In-time will change into subjective protest period. Its a insult to the people that love this game to shroud small bits of information for confidentiality sake, tread lightly PA. I lurk and read a lot of post/threads, great summary @xCROv
  9. Stating the obvious does not mean it was simply moving on to the next mission. Server Notice message said to simply move on and keep going. Reality NPC would not respond pass this mission quest-line for me. If you didn't have a issue then you could disregard this message. But there were some people that had this issue and I specifically just brought to light.
  10. So true just opens up to people getting scammed. It'll create a community of people that only play to sow discord/troll and scam new/old players out of there grind..
  11. Ill suspect there silence will be golden after this OBT, while they fix issues. It ran smooth besides forward questing jam ups along with other small issues here and there. But remember the 4k settings (headache) brightness over 9,000..
  12. Sorry to hear about that, indeed posting on discord in support to get attention of GM/CM is very hard with the sudden jump in-game/forum population. I had the same issue with the Event "Whoa Horsey". I participated in the first event and waited for the reward in the mail and saw nothing. I whispered/posted on discord in support/ tried to get the attention of GM/CM (Impossible) unless there actually reading. Which a lot of the times they only responded when the issue was a simple fix in the server chats. The Events were good, but toxic at the same time. If your going to do anymore future Events PA in BDX give both Winners / Losers some type of reward for participating so it does not feel like a waste of time and follow up with people. Sorry again man about your disconnect issue.
  13. Well i can assure you i have no other quest before this section besides ( A Worry Resolved ) which is bugged just like this section. I have done all the missions and it has not been removed from the quest-log and routes my horse to that quest area when i try to do other quest. Even tho its completed. Really doesn't matter now since most of the people just gave up on doing questing and focused on optimizing and leveling. Please just fix it and not brush this issue off so lightly like others, thanks.
  14. Couldn't have posted this any better. Dev's got some work to do..
  15. was not able to find a fix sorry, it will just have to be something the Dev's will have to look into 😐
  16. Single Quest in Question [Crossroad] The Lamenting Head of the League of Merchants The Warning from Xian Merchant Guild The Owner of the Valley Lily Innn The Young Lion of Heidel The Reliable Instructor Every quest is bugged out, NPC's are not responding to the actually quest being chosen. Quest Marker shows them to be highlighted as well to interact to begin quest. NPC Isobelle Encarotia * NPC Bobby Lauren* NPC Jordine* NPC Grace* NPC Hunt* Wondering if quest has been completed but just not showing as completed from Quest Tracker like for example ( A Worry Resolved ) from Nightmares Revealed. Edit Update: Server: Glish
  17. i would try uninstalling the game and maybe try reinstalling to force the update check and see if that works.
  18. still experience same issue, expect after update the game now freezes and closes when completing the quest. Edit Update: Randomly got spawned at the top of tower keep. if you are at the top dont jump down. make sure to use your scroll. issue resolved.
  19. Disconnected from Black Desert servers. Please try again. [0l] reset a couple of times, no success. Edit Update: 23.56gb update showing now after i reset my xbox. This may be the reason for sudden dc.
  20. Open Beta Testing starts Nov. 8th - 12th , just check back at the Xbox store around those posted dates. No beta keys required. Just need Xbox Live Gold Membership to participate .
  21. ill check it out, thanks for the update.
  22. OBT - CBT compared to Full Release truly needs to be experienced at each stage differently during BDX solid growth period/transition. Embrace the lag while PA faces every obstacle that has been a uphill struggle/battle for all console MMO's. Tera - No comment...
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