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  1. I think it’ll be after Xmas, we will get another open beta before then. max level during this beta was 40, still got a lot to test out.
  2. They have an opportunity with Fallout76 getting air of bad reviews. Alot*
  3. A while ago I stated that I would love to see the community being engaged more, the post caused a bit of dissent on the forums. after playing the beta and seeing how engaging you guys have truely been. i have ate my words and I apologise. congratulations To Pearl Abyss this game is amazing even in its current state. thank you and apologies.
  4. Can some one give me some tips on how to download the beta in the UK please.
  5. Yeah he said not gonna be cancelled. But again no date and vague responses, Engage the community more why not start doing streams on mixer with some q and a etc. Obviously the dev team cm’s etc are taking part in the tests just now surely they can start a stream and do some Q&A
  6. To be honest it’s the normality now for developers and cm’s to be hush hush when it comes to there product. I have witnessed the silence first hand of BDO I am buzzing for this game and at some point I was constantly googling “black desert online release date” nothing. I hope when the beta does land that we are more engaged to feedback etc and be listened to but for now I guess we have to deal with whatever it is they’re giving us.
  7. Black Desert will not fail on the Xbox the hype train is not dead. Stop the silence and embrace your community. We all appreciate the dev diary’s the videos the fact that an attempt to give us a fully polished game. But we don’t appreciate the silence. I know it’s hard to reply to everything on the forum, as I said previously this Game will not fail. What will fail is the trust we will have in you and that is something we do not want.
  8. unless BDO launches on game preview, then it is not launching this year.
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