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  1. BigSarge

    Wizard combat video

    Thanks for giving us another class video to watch @[CM] Simon. Its also fun to grab my popcorn and watch as all these folks fight over which class is the best.
  2. BigSarge

    New Class Ideas

    I would rather see them make opposite gender Dark Knight so you could play a male version. I know that's not a new class per say although they could chnage up some of the skills to make it similar albeit slightly different or different awakening etc..
  3. BigSarge

    Preview Program

    Game preview has been used with success on a bunch of other games. It makes since for an MMO in today's world too I think. It allows a bunch of people to test the game and provide feedback. Of course you don't want it in preview forever like say Day-Z was. you have to have the staff manpower to take all the feedback from the testing and implement the changes needed to get the game to a releasable state in some timely manner.
  4. BigSarge

    AFK mechanics removed

    I could see this being beneficial. Who cares whats going on behind off screen so to speak. Maybe you could have things that give bonuses to your "away" production or something to help you earn more items. Otherwise just pick something you want your worker to do for you and then after the amount of time is up for that task you can get the rewards. All of Neverwinter's professions were like that. However fishing in game has been a thing in many games over the years that alot of people enjoy. I think it makes more since to allow someone to assign a task for a certain amount of time to get resources instead of just clogging up server space with people afk farming. I mean that's what "bots" in other games do and it adds to latency and doesnt help the game economy. Maybe just offer a big boost to resource gain while actually doing the task in game, then it's not needed. Otherwise you basically force everyone that wants to stay competitive in the economy to leave their toon afk fishing everytime they are not in game.
  5. BigSarge

    Voice Chat on Console.

    It will certainly be interesting if Xbox can get Discord fully implemented. They already announced full keyboard support recently and also support a lot of headset models for Xbox party chat. I have used Xbox Party Chat for several years in games like Destiny, Overwatch, COD, Battlefield and others. It works well just cant have like a huge group of people connected to it at a time. would work great for small party sized groups but not an entire guild at once. other thing that I always loved about chat apps like discord is that they have text and voice chat all in one place, and you can have seperate channels as part of the main group so you can be in the large party or split off for small party activities.
  6. BigSarge

    Meta predictions

    Will they add Male coutnerparts to some of the other classes you think? I for one would love to see Male DK.
  7. BigSarge

    Interesting facts about Black Desert

    Thanks for the video Dr. Inferno. I found this one interesting. Since I have not played the PC version of the game It's nice to see the things you all share to learn more about the game and what to expect at launch.
  8. BigSarge

    Elite Controller

    I've not tried the aftermarket elite controllers. The Official Microsoft Elite controllers are pretty nice though. I'd like to know specifics about what the Wolverine brings to the table that you like for those of you that have used it. Sorry not tryin to change the topic here just curious about these aftermarket controllers.
  9. Yes, Thank you. I am now on the Discord and the Facebook page.
  10. BigSarge

    Question regarding content on release

    Hopefullly we will get more info on the exact nature of the released content included quest routing, maps, etc.. as the tests get further along. We all just have to be patient. I know it's hard though cause the more stuff they show the more excited everyone gets about the game getting closer to launch
  11. BigSarge

    Beta Email Clarification

    Hahah.. Well Alpha, Beta, Zeta, whichever phase it's in make it Awesome!
  12. BigSarge

    Dev Diary 1- QA Team

    Thanks for the insight into your daily world. Keep squashing those bugs so we can all have a great game to play! Very nice figure collection as well. 🐶
  13. BigSarge

    EGX EVENT and black desert

    We never have any gaming events where I'm from. It sure would be fun to attend an E3, or PAX or one of these big conventions. Someday when my kids are grown I can afford the airfare and hotel stays lol.
  14. BigSarge

    Hair styles

    More character customization is always nice. Makes you feel more unique, and also allows for more in game character diversity.