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  1. I have created a ticket for this quest and not received any reply yet. I can confirm it’s still likely impossible to complete. I’ve tried it dozens of times on different servers. I do the quest on horseback running as fast as possible between spawns. Using hunters salad for faster reload time and a plus 10 professional matchlock. I’m skilled 10 in hunter level, basically one shot most the foxes, kill all the wolves before their reinforcements howl, and race back to the quest giver. Always says timer expired. I’ve timed several runs less than ten minutes start to finish. No clue what the timer is cause it doesn’t actually show one anywhere. This quest has me so salty.
  2. I would say it is definitely a helpful thing in this game from what I have seen.
  3. Yes! Open Beta Invites are out. November 8th Start Date. BDO Xbox here we come!
  4. As with most releases for games we as fans are all waiting on, silence is hard. Not knowing what's happening leads to rumors and speculation that often turn things in a negative light. hopefully there will be some more news on the status of the game soon. I mean transparency is a very good thing in a gaming community. I'd rather a developer come right out and say things are not quite where we thought they would be by now and there may be a delay of a few weeks or months etc.. than just not hearing anything. I feel like we have had more updates this fall so far but I know everyone is chomping at the bit for any new news.
  5. Thanks for giving us another class video to watch @[CM] Simon. Its also fun to grab my popcorn and watch as all these folks fight over which class is the best.
  6. I would rather see them make opposite gender Dark Knight so you could play a male version. I know that's not a new class per say although they could chnage up some of the skills to make it similar albeit slightly different or different awakening etc..
  7. It will certainly be interesting if Xbox can get Discord fully implemented. They already announced full keyboard support recently and also support a lot of headset models for Xbox party chat. I have used Xbox Party Chat for several years in games like Destiny, Overwatch, COD, Battlefield and others. It works well just cant have like a huge group of people connected to it at a time. would work great for small party sized groups but not an entire guild at once. other thing that I always loved about chat apps like discord is that they have text and voice chat all in one place, and you can have seperate channels as part of the main group so you can be in the large party or split off for small party activities.
  8. BigSarge

    Meta predictions

    Will they add Male coutnerparts to some of the other classes you think? I for one would love to see Male DK.
  9. Thanks for the video Dr. Inferno. I found this one interesting. Since I have not played the PC version of the game It's nice to see the things you all share to learn more about the game and what to expect at launch.
  10. I've not tried the aftermarket elite controllers. The Official Microsoft Elite controllers are pretty nice though. I'd like to know specifics about what the Wolverine brings to the table that you like for those of you that have used it. Sorry not tryin to change the topic here just curious about these aftermarket controllers.
  11. Yes, Thank you. I am now on the Discord and the Facebook page.
  12. Hopefullly we will get more info on the exact nature of the released content included quest routing, maps, etc.. as the tests get further along. We all just have to be patient. I know it's hard though cause the more stuff they show the more excited everyone gets about the game getting closer to launch
  13. Hahah.. Well Alpha, Beta, Zeta, whichever phase it's in make it Awesome!
  14. Thanks for the insight into your daily world. Keep squashing those bugs so we can all have a great game to play! Very nice figure collection as well. 🐶
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