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  1. xCROv

    EU Servers Bug found out why

    I think Simon just said that they are aware it's a guild related issue. Glad they know what's causing it now.
  2. xCROv

    EU Servers Bug found out why

    Are you sure your guild manager didn't? It could be that it's affecting the whole server since guild information is probably all saved in the same area.
  3. xCROv

    EU Servers Bug found out why

    I feel like this could really be the issue. Consider a few things: 1) This started shortly before or during the node war yesterday. We got the guild points to raise our member count 2 hours before node wars started. 2) People are losing the ability to see their guilds when they are playing some times. Relogging fixes this. This hints at more guild issues with member counts. 3) Guilds are showing very wrong information right now (7 masters, level 56,657 characters, etc.) 4) If the game checks your guild information when you log into a channel and gets back some of this strange data it probably falls back to not letting you connect rather than risking that something is wrong and allowing an exploit or game breaking bug to happen. This sounds like a very logical clue to what could be happening.
  4. This sounds like an issue with the monitor or TV you are using. Xbox should have some settings that can correct this for you.
  5. So many new people. Hyped for this node war coming up. Make sure to check out the discord if you haven't. Lots of information up there.
  6. xCROv

    Black Desert Stream #3

    Thanks for the stream upload! Massive quality improvements, can see that y'all are getting everything worked out now. Keep it up, these streams are great.
  7. xCROv

    stream on now twitch only

    Only the best for you my love.
  8. xCROv


    Awesome. Thanks. I will have to look into that. Again, the forums are not here for you to delegate who can or can't post. Users are trying to help others here out, I'm sorry if that bothers you.
  9. xCROv


    Where do I sign up for notifications on news posts on the homepage?
  10. xCROv


    You need an account to read Twitter or Reddit? Lol.
  11. xCROv


    PA also posted the stream time a week in advanced. No point in getting upset with everyone because you couldn't make it. Little hydrophobic dont ya think? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. xCROv


    As much as we would like to think so, this is a public forums where anyone can reply to anything they see. If you're wanting a private chat and safe place, I'm sure you have a discord you can use. To answer your question though; I'm the one that brought up twitch clips, you made the snarky comment. No need to get upset about it.
  13. xCROv


    When someone gives you something more then you have you still complain about it. I'm not the one that makes the video. Lets take the tantrum to someone else. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. xCROv

    The Official Discord needs moderators

    In the official discord? Right now it's full of spam and stuff but during the beta's and stuff it's very active with people helping. It's easily the most useful place to actually get support and not have to wait.