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  1. xCROv

    Ps4 BDO

    This post is months old...
  2. xCROv

    Can we get a second beta at least?

    If only. Some of the information we have gotten is that we won't be getting to play more. Lol.
  3. xCROv

    Closed Beta?

    I'm confused. Anyone could download the beta. It was open.
  4. xCROv

    Just a suggestion

    I think the resolution for this thread was found. Can we lock it now?
  5. What do you think this thread is about @Wild Marshmallow ? Have you been fighting with everyone in it so long that you have lost what it was originally about? The person asked if they would get anything for having a BDO account. The answer is no they wont because this versions of the game is being hosted by PA and the version he is talking about is hosted by Kakao. I have no other way to simplify this for you. Going back and forth is a waste of time. Best of luck, I'm not replying to the troll stuff any more then I already have.
  6. You're not reading. There is no "market strategy" for combining PC and Xbox. Ever. None. Zero. I didn't talk about different regions. I talked about where the company YOU brought up publishes the game. Pearl Abyss is not Kakao and they do not own the rights to any game data (any character data they would need for the xbox) for the "PC" version (which is multiple regions not just one generalization you keep putting it as). My point was trying to explain what my original comment was saying because you seem to be the only one that isn't understanding and brought it up. There is no "right or wrong" in this statement because it is a factual statement. It's not my fault if you dont understand what multiple people have said. Nothing I can do about that.
  7. xCROv

    Just a suggestion

    Best of luck. Stop by the discord if you need anything and we can all help.
  8. xCROv

    Looking for pve guild, very active player

    Your post is about you wanting to join a guild. I think the community needs to know who they are inviting because I wouldn't want you in our guild if you were acting like that.
  9. If you expected the trolls to act any differently on the forums then they do in discord then you're gonna have a bad time. The same guy openly admits to trolling the forums for fun.
  10. xCROv

    Just a suggestion

    And the server chooses when they want to pvp. The hypocrisy throughout all your statements is amazing. This whole thread is great. 😂
  11. xCROv

    Just a suggestion

    You should probably calm down a little bit. You're allowed to have your suggestion all you want but your suggestion was a little outlandish to begin with. BDO has always been a PVP game from day one. PA themselves have said the core engine of the game was developed with castle sieges in mind. On top of that almost everything you have "request" in this thread is already do able. If you're goal is to play full care bear then that's fine, play care bear and stay in towns where you can't be killed. You can auto loop your horse there, but if you keep repeating that Black Desert is a sandbox game and telling others how to play in the sandbox just because you don't like what they're doing, you're going to get comments like these. On top of the above, keep the homophobic stuff off the forums. It doesn't make you look cool. Edit: Rereading this it may come across crass and rude and that wasn't my intentions. My bad.