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  1. We really won't know either way until the staff start telling us dates. I really wish they would release information and allow people to start planning. Keeping everyone in the dark is rather annoying.
  2. You know you're coming to play BDO right? This game is a money sink lol!
  3. Your pervious post you talk about being removed was bashing on who ever started the topic and now your saying you hope that someone steals their guild name? Its annoying to see every thread, and there have been plenty, disrupted because of guild squables. Won't be posting any more off-yopic though and will wait for @[CM] Simon to deal with it, I'm sure he's tired of it really though. Lol.
  4. Can we just stop with the constant negativity on the forums?! Jesus.
  5. Exactly. It's not a new concept and the last thing they would want is to figure out that for some reason the Pearl Shop has something wrong with it when people are spending money like crazy at beta. It's also the reason some games let you buy things during the beta, test the actual purchase system and then just give you the same items at launch.
  6. They are not going to go through a process of disabling the Pearl shop rather than giving no one the ability to buy pearls and thus not be able to use the Pearl shop. Thought that would have been pretty obvious. If we do get to test they would probably just gift everyone pearls to test the whole process. Regardless the question was only aimed to get a response from someone that would have factual information and it doesn't look like we will get a reply from the staff before beta.
  7. They said you wont be able to buy anything. They never said the store wont be there or that they wont allow testing the cash shop items.
  8. This does bring up a good question. @[CM] Simon Are we going to be able to test the pearl items? Maybe they can give everyone pearls so that we can test the functionality of the items in the shop?
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    A whole thread dedicated to a search bar. 😳
  10. Releasing awakening's one at a time would be a disaster, and it was... The best way to get answers for questions like this is to view how new servers have launched on the PC.
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