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    When someone gives you something more then you have you still complain about it. I'm not the one that makes the video. Lets take the tantrum to someone else. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. In the official discord? Right now it's full of spam and stuff but during the beta's and stuff it's very active with people helping. It's easily the most useful place to actually get support and not have to wait.
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    Everything worth while on the stream was already clipped and is easily findable on their twitch page. That's gonna be the best place to look.
  4. Unfortunately, there are probably only so many places that support can be provided. The discord is a really good place to get support and is open to a lot of platforms that people can easily get on and ask questions. The last beta was pretty fun and had a lot of users answering and asking questions in the discord. I would guess that this upcoming beta will be the same.
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    Gotta get up earlier EU peeps. 😂
  6. Welcome to the forums! The Pearl Abyss team actually answered a massive amount of questions on the subreddit AMA. You may find more answers there. It's a great source of info.
  7. The beta client hasn't been posted yet. The current client up there is the launch version.
  8. If you have an issue with a player please take that to a private channel rather than bring it into every single forum thread. Thanks.
  9. With more players joining the game, along with launch date quickly approaching the discord is really in need of people to make sure that general etiquette is followed. On the weekends when the PA staff are gone it gets pretty spammy and bad. Between the occasional bickering and the image spam I think the community could really benefit from active staff, be it player ellected or a PA staff, over the weekends and during the non-active hours for PA (which is peak hours for NA) What does everyone else think?
  10. There are several other screenshots people posted of the same thing.
  11. Simon even slipped and said "you will find out in beta" while talking. It's def not fake.
  12. I almost want to play Striker just so I can make people this upset.
  13. You're going to have to dual wield sponges if you're playing striker to soak up all these tears!
  14. The system for boss timers is already implemented. Just need to wait for actual times to drop in there. Gear tracking would be great but it would all be user submitted because BDO doesn't provide anyway to access that information. I'm curious what system a bot would have used for this, do you know a link to it? Imperial resets are going to be like boss timers. Time till night/day would be cool, may have to look into that. Grind locations is in the searchbdx. If you remember what bots did it, or have a link to them, that would be awesome.
  15. I have a project that I am working on that will give the BDX community some of the discord bot features that used to be supported by several bots for the PC version. My goal is to have it setup and ready to go by launch. Currently it is in testing and only running in the Blood Legion discord. The point in this post is to get feature requests the community wants before the launch so that hopefully they can be added in time. If you have any suggestions let me know. Some cool features:
  16. I guessssss.... Hello! I'm new here, lol... I have played on the BDO NA servers at launch and am looking forward to playing BDX when it comes out. I also run the community Reddit (/r/PlayBlackDesert). I'm also working on a BDX discord bot that will help fill in some of those things that the PC community has. Currently it doesn't have a public release and is running in my guilds discord but plans are that it will be in the community discord soon. If you have any suggestions feel free to post them. Some of the cool stuff it can do:
  17. That's what I was thinking. A lot of people want the node wars early and I think a lot of players will need time to build up their guilds before we start pvping or you will have a few guilds rule everything.
  18. Bdo mobile calls the tamer a Beast Master. Is that what it's supposed to be called? Get us some BDO KR language lessons Simon! ---- We can rebuild it.
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