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  1. Maybe check his posts? Was called "is bdx a meme" or something.
  2. Pretty for sure the AMA had something about this. You may be able to find an answer searching his comments.
  3. They have never said we wouldn't get the rewards. Just gotta be patient.
  4. Ello. I never posted my information here. 😮
  5. There is a really good breakdown of this the subreddit.
  6. Looking good Blood Legion. Really pumped to see large guilds ready to play on the server. How does everyone feel about the node war time frame?
  7. It sounds like it will come in a box and we should be able to do that. They did it like this in the past on PC where you could save it.
  8. Lol people will be 50 in a few hours.
  9. Everyone here is working towards that goal. Should be locked soon.
  10. I just liked the meme's so much that I wanted to send a few.
  11. I think we can lock the topic at this point since the questions been answered and all it is now is crying.
  12. Stay and enjoy the fire. It's there for everyone.
  13. “There’s one in every family, sire. Two in mine, actually. And they always manage to ruin special occasions.”
  14. The Lion King said it best:
  15. There is a reason that you are unable to find a logical reply in here. I'm not going to single anyone out but half of the players in here that are trolling do it in every thread that a specific user posts in and have already gotten in trouble for it in the past that even resulted in bans. There is no logical reason for it other then they want to disagree with and troll the whole topic because one group wants it. If you have an issue with the posts report them. They will get removed. The trolling and spam on this forum is beyond belief and makes even a logical discussion turn into a childish temper tantrum. If you're still curious on who I'm talking about, just wait for them to quote the post because they are well aware of who they are and what I am talking about. It's a shame that your post that you put time into was tarnished @ALM16HTY. I really believe that there is no logical reason in favor of the hard cap and I haven't seen a single one in this thread. We have people fighting and calling names and no discussion going on in what was originally a great topic that @ALM16HTY put a lengthy amount of time into writing up and it just makes this community look pathetic and I apologize to everyone, like yourself, who have just joined these forums and are subjugated to the stupidity that is some of these replies. Your post was great and your intentions are good. I'm just sorry your topic has gotten to this point.
  16. There is a post on the guides section for blocking users. Take a look at who the three users suggested to block are.
  17. Remove the hard level cap. Make it a soft level cap like every other version has done.
  18. Remove the level hard cap or apply it to life skills also so that players don't make to much money and get ahead of new players!
  19. Because if the level cap, that is being put in at launch, can't be changed for weeks then this is bad.
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