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  1. What they are launching has been a cookie cutter launch and is following in the same footsteps as every BDO launch before it, other than this level cap and non-weekly updates.
  2. You quoted the AMA response and bolded the below: Implying that the time frame isn't an issue. This is where you are finding your largest blow back from everyone here as you mentioned in your last line: "Perhaps after the first day or two there’s an opportunity to better discuss but for now...in my opinion it’s a situation of sitting back and waiting." and I think this is where you are missing the plethora of comments here that have told you that there will be no "quick" changes or discussion after game. If you read the AMA that you keep pointing out, it was clearly stated that... There will not be "quick" changes to something that is implemented into the game at launch. It will come, at least, a week out from launch. This means that everyone that starts the game at early access will reach cap and have no progression. This is the point that you appear to be missing. These changes wont come fast if they are in the game at launch. Period. There is no debating that. That's where the issue everyone has is. If we are hard capped, it's not changing past launch for a timeframe that just isn't acceptable for a game that just released. If you want to sit back and wait, that's great, you're entitled to that. The rest of us would like to vocalize our opinion and see changes to the game that would make it better just like past thread have done on this forum.
  3. I know you said this is your last response but I can't let you go without dropping a reply. Since I feel like I'm the one that originally got you into it. 😋 I think that new players may see this as a road block for experienced players allowing them to catch up, and for a short while, it may be. The issue with this is the time frame of the patches that will eventually end up with everyone at the same road block and nowhere to go. I honestly think a soft cap where players have to put countless hours into getting level gains is the best method. It caters to both sides. Players that don't care to put that effort for a few levels can wait for new zones to drop while players that want to grind and enjoy it can continue doing what they all enjoy. I don't see why one side should feel like they can't progress when we already have a working solution that no one complains about on any other server.
  4. To be honest the only one I see assuming anything is where you assume a time frame that they will be raising the level cap. They have announced nothing other then that there will not be weekly updates to the game. The only logical conclusion to come from that is that we may be stuck with this level cap for a week or more. These are facts that were posted by the staff. The game will suffer from a cap so low because it was not designed to have a hard cap like this. The two versions that have launched with this hard cap have removed it on the same day, everyone concern here is that the process for that isn't able to be done with the same speed and that we will be capped without the ability to progress in a time where progression is everything. I have seen changes asked for on this forum be implemented into the game. I have watched conversations on discord turn into real fixes. Participated in threads on reddit where core aspects of the game were changed, because the player base asked for them. I think the only confusion here is why anyone would want a level cap. You said your own reasons are: This doesn't make sense to me and if you could elaborate that would be great because if I am understanding it correctly you are wanting the level cap because of the opposite of every reason he stated? That would mean that you're wanting people to have unbalanced classes, unable to farm efficiently, and lower the value of early access among many other things? Because to me that just doesn't make sense. I can't see any logical reason someone would want any of those things and I would hope that's not your reason. Level caps encourage a stale environment. They block progression and leave a player with a feeling like they can't make progress. Soft caps give players something to continue to work towards with diminishing gains. Not everyone in the game cares about life skills or doing the quest line and that's okay. Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG that allows players to play the way they want. Making sure that everyone stays at the same point just defeats the purpose of the game fully. There is a reason that no other server has a hard cap right now for anywhere in Black Desert. It's because players don't like it and it isn't fun. We already have a working solution for both sides in every other region, why are we going to neglect that here and cut off a whole play style for this game.
  5. That's what gets me. We are paying for early access and we are being told that we can only do so much.
  6. It's not 100% accuracy but that is besides the point. He has full boss armor on. I can do the exact same and take gear off and miss. That's just horse farming and he could do the same if he got off the horse. Either way though it doesn't really pertain to the fact that we still shouldn't be capped.
  7. Why bother posting in the thread if you're both going to be so negative about other people's requests? I'm just honestly confused seeing as how, you say everyone here will have no impact, and you yourself can do nothing about it, so why post other than to just be negative and derail the conversation. People are requesting a change or at least a clarification if you dont care either way, or have such a negative view that nothing can be done, then stop posting. Asking for stuff from the CM's has already been reflected in changes that have been given out post beta. So not only are you being negative for no reason, you're wrong.
  8. I agree. This just makes the game feel so cookie cutter and "play it the way we want" not "Black dessert is a MMO Sandbox that we designed so you could play it how you want"
  9. I almost typed out a reply before I realized that I was browsing on my phone and noticed who I was replying to. Silly block feature not working on mobile. Regardless though, there are several things wrong with your statement.
  10. Okay this is a great question and I think answers your previous question. The reason that leveling in the beta was so slow was because there was a cap in place. This time though it was a content cap. We could not progress past any monsters that were worth the exp value that would be "efficient." This really exemplifies why hard caps are bad. We are trading one cap for another. This isn't a "best case scenario" for new players or old players, this is a lose-lose for everyone. New players will hit this cap, and they will do it on almost day one. Watching one youtube video on a route can easily get you to lvl 50 in a day. This will impact everyone regardless of how long you have played the game.
  11. These are both great points. If this cap is going to be remove "not to long after launch" then why even add it. Give people something to push past and earn. Soft caps for leveling is where it needs to be. It gives people that want to push that hard something to earn. There is no personalization to a game that everyone is the exact same.
  12. Black Desert was not designed, and is far from balanced any more, for this kind of hard level cap. It takes every aspect of competitiveness out of the game and to me completely defeats the purpose and the need of "early access." This will directly limit some classes viability in the game at all. ----- My main issue with this level cap is that it doesn't serve to enhance or benefit anyone. We have been given "early access" on packages only to be told that we can only do so much in the game. The arguments I see for this are coming from people who I don't think have ever been in a situation where your class isn't viable because of it's limited skill selection. We are already limited down to 6 characters at launch and now we are even being limited to how we can level. Even if your main focus isn't to PvP you should still be behind having this hard level cap removed, if this was lifeskills that were all capped at beginner how would that be taken? Lets break it down, no server has ever had a hard level cap like this put on it except for SEA. They have always had massive content gap grinds to be able to reach anything near what a "level cap" would be. The SEA servers were given content almost immediately because of how fast people progressed to the 50 cap. They gave classes and level changes almost day one. Why are we expecting anything different to happen here? Keep in mind that we were also told that we wont be getting updates weekly. This could also affect how fast this can be changed. The level cap may even prevent open world pvping because it is only enabled past level 50. Players are going to hit this cap within hours. Why are we limiting progression in a brand new game so hard that players will be searching for something else to do after only a few hours? I honestly feel like this is a bad idea and I imploring the PA staff here to reanalyze this and hope that they will take our concerns seriously. A hard level cap is a not fun environment to play in.
  13. You dont get charged until 10 days before the preorder.
  14. Official pages say march 4th. https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Store
  15. I seriously doubt it comes with "no penalty." If that was the case then why would they bother leaving it on your enforcement page. If this was PA's fault, and the content didn't need to be taken down, then I want my content restored. Either way you look at this, doing nothing about it isn't the solution. Restore the content and reverse the action or admit that nothing is going to ever be done about this and we got punished for being active players and sharing screenshots. I can tell you that I am forever burned and wont be sharing screenshots on ANY social media outlet until this issue is resolved.
  16. No official statement for it was given here on the forums. If they are in contact with Microsoft then I wan't this: Off my account. This is absolutely no different then a company copy write striking something that doesn't belong to them on YouTube. Take the warning off my account or give me an official statement so I can go deal with it. I already knew that the takedown's were not legit, that's not what the thread was originally about I feel like. It was about getting this crap reversed and PA needs to do something about it. 😡
  17. I still have a strike on my account. What if they only allow 3 and it's a perma ban.
  18. This thread can be closed now that the problem(s) have been dealt with. 😂
  19. Mine looks the same. It's a new feature it looks like. I couldn't find anything to do this on the forums and made something that just hides the divs. Going to just use this one now.
  20. Why are you wanting to play on the PC. Unfair advantage much?
  21. We will have the options for Christmas themed costumes since it's around the Christmas time?
  22. I think he started like two weeks ago so he's probably mistaking early start for launch? Not sure lol.
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