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  1. Dear friends, I thank everyone for the positive feedback, I am pleased that there are people who understand. I understand everything, let the Russian language appear at the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th year. But he will, and I just need to know that yes they will add it over time. This is a good online, it will be fun for everyone, but there is a bad person in every country, but not at once to put an end to the fact that everyone is like that in Russia. Please help, let's raise the topic up so that the administration sees it. Thank you, I wish you all good and good mood
  2. In chat rooms, you can make the tag a function to enable or disable a third-party language, and people who speak English will not see the chat of Russian-speaking people. Everyone will be in +, on the PC version of the DRC every month, this game spends $ 400, but we need a minute answers whether they add Russian or not. Just yes, there are plans to add, no, it will be in English. Thanks to everyone, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I don’t have anything against English, but it will not be claimed in the CIS. Let them make inquiries, just for the interest that the Russian Black Desert brings good money every month. There are a lot of games in the CIS, where families have this game number 1 in the CIS. I will buy the game, if I’m 10,000% sure that there will be localization not immediately, but there will be. We need an answer, please understand this and do not judge in vain. Thank you. Good luck to you all.
  3. I am not angry with them, I understand everything and I and others from the CIS countries have been waiting for it for a long time, but understand, we need Russian, the game is very complicated and there are many problems with English translation. I only began to study it as a month, and so far it is difficult for me to study. I ask one to bring it higher to the directors.
  4. It is just for this reason that many people will not buy, people have all the money in the language, you have the game in Russian! Why not take Russian with her, add a command and let her inject the language. Tell me honestly how it is, at least by the end of the year?
  5. Hello, I already wrote earlier, please just a respected administration, write yes or no, will there be di in the game Russian language!?
  6. Hi, Simon, please tell me, is it not possible to hear about the translation of the game into Russian, and is it available for Russia?
  7. sQuartwox


    Hello, I had a ps4 I sold it and bought an xbox, I have never regretted buying. We are all waiting for the swami to BDO. But they should understand that their game is their face, and releasing this game tomorrow, and we will play the game with mistakes, we tell them, hey, you thieves I bought the game, not a stub with errors. I love their game, and after their games I won’t be able to play other mmorpg. Let them hurry and wait for the game, everything will be fine, I wish everyone happy holidays and peace in your home.
  8. I played many mmorpg, and this is one of the best. I look forward with great joy to the game in the CIS countries in Russian, and I'm not the only one)) Thank you for your hard work, for the forces invested in the game. Take care of yourself, I wish you good luck and happiness)) and I believe that the game will be released by the New Year))
  9. Well, thank you very much for the answer, alas, this is very bad. We will not be able to play this game of all kinds in Russia and Ukraine and good luck. We just can not buy it will be problems with payment Unfortunately, this is very sadness
  10. Hello dear Simon. Tell me please. Will we be able to download this game in Russia in Ukraine when it comes out. So will we be able to buy it?
  11. sQuartwox


    If this year does not come out then at least for the new year, then a gift for everyone will say so.
  12. Calm down, sell a laptop or ps4 and buy yourself xbox one)) Behind it the future. What is worth playing on a convenient gamepad in this game. Good luck to you.
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