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  1. Region: NA Server: Kephlan Bug description: Taking Items/Money from storage says nothing in there (when items are in storage). It also occurs when putting items/Money in storage it also says nothing there (when you have money/items in your inventory.
  2. Region: NA Server: Kephlan Bug description: Can Join Some servers but can't join other servers. Issues Seems to be when using the Change server option and it blocks you from joining the server you wish to Join. Also when going into the game and getting a black screen and you are forced to close the client down. Cause By: I think the game thinks we are already in the game and on that server already but when are logging back in again the game get's confused and crashes and disconnects us from the game server. Reason: I tried with one Xbox live profile to get to a certain server (game keeps crashing/ Disconnecting me). I change to a different Xbox Live profile and went to that same exact server and it let me Join the Server.
  3. I realized playing that their is a big pop up that comes up when you are adding friends or inviting people to party. That people could spam you with invites and get you killed in the world or just bug you. I have almost died to this and so has my friends almost died to this.
  4. It's been consistent that opening your inventory or checking your map, your character will be frozen in place for 2-3 Seconds. I think its just switching from menu to back in game bug as a whole.
  5. In settings under Power & Startup.
  6. Choose you favourite class, out of the Starting 6 classes.
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