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  1. i would love it. it is pain to collect each sale. at least make the selection stay at last position so you dont have to scroll down every time
  2. So as new classes release and i want to switch to another would I be able to transfer my life skills progress? I think many ppl would like this and I really dont want to do all the life skills grinding on every single character I am playing at the moment. Its kinda pulling me of the game. Consider adding some pearl shop consumable that allows you to choose character you want to transfer your life skills progress to cause ppl will quit eventually
  3. my game crashed like 7 Times today and 3 Times I had to restart simply because of storage bug or workshop bug. kinda annoying. feels like xbox one S doesnt have what it takes. Is it fixable somehow? it happens mostly when i open map/manage crafting/talk to npc/open market
  4. just close the game and start again it fixed it for me, but still would be nice to see fixed
  5. it happend like 3rd time now, i have to manually close the game and than hopefully connect again. It happens after taking quest from black spirit. can use RB LB to move but cant exit with B
  6. Did the quest, can't make it to show gear. npc is weapon and armor master in calpheon
  7. You can actually see all clips and shots here: https://xboxdvr.com/
  8. Great guild. Join us on discord
  9. It just gives eye cancer. Actually i noticed when the game loads brightness is just fine and than it instantly boosts a LOT. like if you can disable that it would be just fine. Tested on xbox one. You can see it here. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dziki-jastrzab/video/63376561
  10. Im using DVI - HDMI, same problem.
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