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  1. Jammer480

    Tungard Errning

    Wrong. The saddest thing is people who don't do what they love because of low IQ's like you attempting to impose your personal preferences on them.
  2. Jammer480

    2nd half road map 2019

  3. Jammer480

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    Oddly enough, I didn't mention any names in my post, actually just referred to the thread...it appears you're the one now admitting the op was you on alt account.
  4. Jammer480

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    Thread reported as spam, I ask everyone here to do the same to all threads and posts by this person and his multiple accounts
  5. Jammer480

    When we getting new classes

    I just can't believe people still responding to this pos...and all her multiple accounts. deathz dangle (and all fake accounts) is just a trollie (and even not a good one at that) best way to get her to leave is ignore her snowflake comments.
  6. Will this eventually come to Xbox? https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/training-manual-afk-leveling-guide/
  7. Jammer480

    I Crashed Ur Market

    Not flexing...flat out lying. Weapon blackstones haven't been 194k for weeks, and it was a gradual decline.
  8. Jammer480

    Lost 100 fs today on accident

    But everyone knows there are some lag issues...every mmo on xbox has them. Play accordingly. And therein lies the fatal flaw with how people have approached this game... rushing. Absolutely no reason to rush a single thing, it's an attitude that's been infused by the pc crowd, and is threatening to destroy this game. People are already at levels that took the original pc a year to reach.
  9. Jammer480

    Game Review After a Month

    People who are too ignorant to understand Black Desert and need to have their hand held. And Black Desert has 10x the tutorial that Dark Souls had, that series was and is simply awesome but very apparently far above your level of comprehension. Tbh, if someone needs hand holding, maybe stick to T-ball and mini golf...
  10. Jammer480

    This game is massively pay to win!

    I think I've figured it out... the p2w crowd just doesn't like the word "convenience"...maybe too many syllables? Maybe we could exchange for the word "fun"? đŸ˜„ So my 2 cents, I do believe that in the grand scheme of things, the game is pay for convenience. Initially I can see how it could be viewed as pay to win simply because people will get ahead faster by paying money, but in the long run, existing paying and non paying players will all be above soft cap and those convenience items will needed for new players who start 6 months after everyone to provide a means of "catch up". Could it be tweaked? Probably but I have no issue with the system as it currently exists.(except the price of pearls is ridiculousđŸ˜‚) This is all I'm saying on this thread, the opinion is my own, and nothing anyone says will change it as I've seen all the discussions. Cheers!
  11. Jammer480

    Lost 100 fs today on accident

    If they would start reversing every "mistake" players make in this game, they would blow their yearly budget in a month. Someone said "do 2 reverses a year", but I think that just creates more issues. And why stop at only 2 reverses? Why not make it 10 reverses a year? I think the policy of 0 reverses for mistakes of this nature is perfectly fine, even tho it sucks when it happens, especially if it's a result of lag.
  12. Jammer480

    Central market sub-sub categories

    Would be a huge qol improvement... great suggestion.
  13. Jammer480

    How long did it take on PC?

    Agree, that was toxic bs
  14. Jammer480

    How long did it take on PC?

    I don't disagree with anything you wrote but also don't think it disproves my point or theory that initially limiting content helps the inrush of new players adjust without feeling too overwhelmed. If there was an immediate massive gap, it would be truly discouraging to new players. At least now, new players can adjust to the game and temporarily enjoy the feeling of being close to on par with experienced players. I realize the gap will temporarily expand each time new content arrives but hopefully at least the new players will see whats coming and do some prep work.
  15. Jammer480

    How long did it take on PC?

    A) Yes, forum is full of whiners but it's not about missing content. At least not the new players. New players whine about the ex-pc players, lol. Ex-pc players whine about no new content. While the gap may get bigger later, that is still better than being bigger now. PA needs to allow the new player base to adjust to the feel of the game now before the gap gets too big. Otherwise, they risk the new players leaving before they learn to enjoy the game.