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  1. Jammer480


    PA has a PR department??? And they employed the tooth fairy and the seven dwarfs??? Great news!!!
  2. Jammer480

    Complaint regarding information withhold

    Words are overrated apparently...at least as far as answering relevant questions is concerned
  3. Jammer480


    Are you really trying to use logic with these ignoramus trolls? You do realize you can make all the sense in the world and it won't change their lame-ass comments, right? Like I said to someone else, trying to teach logical thinking to a pile of steaming of shitte won't change what it is or bring its IQ above zero. One of these idiots actually said "why are you here crying about something out of your control?". Well, because if I could control it then there wouldn't be any issues. Who the heck the cries about something they can fix themselves? The only things TO complain about are things out of my control, duh. This should be good...
  4. Guess now we know where the servers will be located 😂
  5. Jammer480

    Can we get a second beta at least?

    i don't want a second beta, just make me more pissed off with the delay. Just put the game in the Game Preview program already and let us play!!!
  6. Jammer480

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    I would suggest to stop throwing your pearls to the swine...using logic with a piece of human excrement will not change what it is or bring it's IQ above 0.
  7. Jammer480

    Lets have a race!

  8. Jammer480

    Video game awards thursday

    I have 12 toons in eso, almost 900cp, bored with that game, but still like the epic pvp battles. Yeah, I have a lvl 65 in Tera but the game...😬 Path of Exile hv a level 31 witch, barely scratched the surface of that game, think i'm in act 3. Just the isometric view, not a huge fan. Same with Diablo 3. Have several toons in Skyforge, didn't care for that game too much, played cuz I was bored. Don't game on pc and don't have a ps4, so no ff14 for me Tried Defiance but meh. Any other suggestions? lol Probably gonna try poe some more and maybe give Ashen a shot. Also someone gave me 100 mil in Diablo 3 so might go back to that
  9. Jammer480

    Is it possible?

    The issue is that those are the same words from 2 months ago, and from 2 months before that, and from 2 months before that, and from...2 yrs ago. Time to draw a line in the sand. 💪
  10. Jammer480

    POE Betrayal is looking good.

    Will anyone here be playing PoE Betrayal on Xbox?
  11. Jammer480

    Video game awards thursday

    So I'm trying to pretend BDX is not even coming to xbox but then the issue becomes what do I play? What game or games do I get excited for and invest in? and that's when a depressive mental state sets in. MMO's are the only games that really interest me (single player games are flat out boring) so that leaves me with a bunch of mediocre multiplayer games and garbage single player games. My only option if I ignore BDX is to buy a pc gaming rig and god I don't wanna do that...
  12. Jammer480

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    or get a rechargeable battery pack and just plug in the controller? and then you never need to buy batteries
  13. Jammer480

    Video game awards thursday

    Not everyone has English as their primary language, quite a few here are from other countries where English is secondary. Pretty ignorant to expect perfect English on a forum with international users. In fact, some use Google Translate just to post here. I assume this must be your first forum so I'll give you a pass...
  14. Jammer480

    D-pad + LT combo

    I think it's a good idea but maybe let me try it out this weekend to confirm.😎
  15. Jammer480

    Button on forum to return to homepage

    Yeah, I've looked for that before. You can go to the forums from that page but not vice versa. Think that would be a good idea.