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  1. Jammer480

    UK stealth price increase - Why?

    So, all joking aside, are you saying that new players will be not be joining this game after release because they'll find it too hard to compete? I keep getting that vibe from people coming over from pc. If that's the case, the game is essentially doa, no? Regarding the topic, a slight increase in price is absolutely the lamest reason around for not buying a great game...
  2. Jammer480

    Next Gen Plans

    I would be absolutely shocked (and very disappointed) if MS doesn't make all the games backward compatible for the next console that are currently playable on the Xbox one. MS has been adamant that they no longer have generational consoles. Supposedly it will be more like a console model, phase in a new one/phase out an older one, similar idea to how cell phones work. It will be more about new games whether or not they'll work on the Xbox one, and that's up to the devs of each game. Personally, I'm 100% confident the Black Desert will work on the next console/consoles.
  3. I'm in Canada and I ordered at the $99 price tag. I noticed it was the same as the US and figured it would change at some point. Seems they forgot about the exchange rate so not surprised it went up. I personally don't care, the game is worth much more than that to me anyway.
  4. Jammer480

    Xbox game sharing

    I have over 100 Xbox one games and every single one of those I share or have shared with my kids to some extennt so I DO think BDX will too, not counting digital bonus content of course. But that said, PA has their own way of operating so it's not impossible that they will circumvent this somehow. I also think that right now it's just a misunderstanding in the communication on the part of the CM's, wouldn't be the first time. Guess time will tell...
  5. Jammer480

    final beta feb 14-17th

    Yeah, not having played the game before, these betas are critical for me to get a decent start on a complex game. If someone played on pc, probably not so much.
  6. Jammer480


    Someone said it's the Korean New Year so they may have some time off this week. I'm hoping and expect to see it on yt closer to Friday as I wasn't able to watch either.
  7. Jammer480

    Final BETA Questions

  8. Jammer480

    Which xbox for a new user?

    Maybe I'll try leaving eso running all night, see what happens. I'll just have to tape the trigger so the game doesn't shut down, lol
  9. Jammer480

    Which xbox for a new user?

    I have an X in my main living room on a 1080tv that I use if I game during the day that stays on 24/7... I do a hard restart on it every few weeks just to wipe the memory. I also have an X with a 4k tv in my mancave that only gets used in the evenings. Both of them are amazingly quiet. I played the beta on both them and they were great, no additional noise. My personal experience with the X has been simply amazing, no other way to put it. But it's possible someone did not have that same experience. Also, I don't know how they'll perform if they're running a game 24/7.
  10. Jammer480

    Which xbox for a new user?

    Going with the X is definitely best and it still cost less than a cell phone... Also, when the next gen arrives, I'll buy that too. It's still one of the cheapest hobbies available. And consider this, if you buy the X now, you get better gaming now AND you'll have more trade in power for the next gen...the S will be even more worthless to the point they might not even take it on trade in.
  11. Jammer480

    BDX Stream Thursday?

  12. Jammer480

    PvE server with zero pvp allowed

    Simply because this isn't the first thread he's started on the topic and he's brought up his opinion regarding this core game mechanic in multiple other threads. If it was a legitimate request I could understand but it's not gonna happen in this game. It's pure trolling in an attempt to stir up controversy and toxicity. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=SPAM Just to forewarn you...since the day it released, this game allows for buttholes to ruin snowflakes and other buttholes. 😃 I'd be very surprised if they change it now.
  13. Yeah, that's probably true. I think Simon was answering if it will be in the AU xbox store and he said it's being worked on. Maybe they will get a choice which server they play on.🤷‍♂️
  14. Pretty sure the one of the CM's said it's currently being worked on for AU, they just weren't sure it would happen by the release date.
  15. Simon specifically said that the game they used for the stream was an old version and not the one we will be getting on release. He also said he would bring up the screen shake issue with devs so that would indicate it wasn't fully addressed even in the new version.