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  1. Jammer480

    Region availibility

  2. Jammer480

    How are hard classes going to be?

    If they use the ring menu option, is there any chance they might implement some type of aim assist? I know theoretically that removes the skill factor but trying to aim n use a quick slot sounds very... hit or miss? Something just tells me this game will be geared a lot more towards casual game play with less skill required, n PC players will hate it.
  3. Jammer480

    Where is Simon?!

    Careful...don't say anything negative about Simon. Or prepared to be attacked by the PAandthemodscandonowrong ninjas...
  4. Jammer480

    What Class Will You Be #2

    And because shepherds just don't leave the sheep...
  5. Jammer480

    What Class Will You Be #2

    ...but unlimited patience is a sign of weakness.
  6. Jammer480

    Beta in Fall, Alpha when?

    If you're talking about the Insider Program, you no longer need an invite. Just go to the xbox store and search for Xbox Insider Hub and install it. The Game Preview program is separate, you don't need to be a member to have access those games.
  7. Jammer480

    What Class Will You Be #2

    If I play this game for some odd reason, I'll most likely play ahh...let me think... the WIZARD!!! Did I say that already?
  8. But I cannot go back into your post where you quoted me and change it. After you quote me, it's locked in that post unless you change it. In this case, he said I changed it after he quoted me but it was still showing in his post. I could not have changed my quote within his post. He could have tried to make me look bad and deleted the words from his post. 😄
  9. That's just it, this conversation is about new players in a new game on a new system. It's not about new players joining players who already have 1000hrs exp. So yes, I do want to know some about game mechanics prior to joining, no I do not want to know what content is "missing" compared to the pc, and yes I'm fine if the game is "vanilla" when compared to the pc. For new players, the less content the better if for no other reason than to discourage hardcore pc players from switching over. And ftr, vanilla ice cream is still the best!😋
  10. It wouldn't have showed up in your post if it was after.
  11. On pc? Sure, lots of people hack the game on pc. That's why I don't play on pc. And which streamers? I'd like to see the video cuz I'm calling bs.
  12. Maybe read my post that you quoted? I specifically said "without being carried or given everything from a guild". And I was responding to @MakeumRage who specifically said max lvl and cp.
  13. Nope, I do not underestimate. I've been playing since it was on pc. It is 100% impossible for a new player to cap out in a week without being carried. Just do the math. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/385884/how-long-does-it-takes-to-reach-cp-cap
  14. 50 hours to get 750 cp??? LMFAO!! 100% not true, omfg. If you just bought the game, it will be a minimum of 300hrs. I have over 2000 hrs and have not hit 800cp but I'm not an ultra fast grinder.. One of my best friends in ESO has over 1000hrs and just passed 600...and he is a grinder. Sorry, your statement is just not true. I doubt you even knew what the max cp was...or know that they nerfed the grind spots like Skyreach. It can take 50hrs to get single piece of gear to complete a set. I would bet a rather large amount of money that you cannot get a character to max cp with all gold set armor and weapons in less than 300 hrs without being carried and given everything from a guild. So just for some math...If you could get 1 cp every 10 minutes that 7500 minutes which is 125hrs. It is not possible to get 1 champion point every 10 mintues. If you're running 100% xp boost, you might get 1cp every 20 minutes IF you're being carried by someone who is geared up. If you're running solo, you average 1 cp every 45 minutes. And 100% yes, I'm absolutely fine with a vanilla game, especially if that pushes more pc players away...the more vanilla the better.