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  1. I'll probably go assault class just for the extra grenades
  2. Jammer480

    Young Wiz

    I've tweeted Bless Unleashed devs a few times and almost always get some type of response... trying to get a response here is like pulling teeth from a duck
  3. Jammer480

    Ps4 BDO

    Very few understand what that means...
  4. Jammer480

    More silence

    How do you know gifting on Xbox will give you the polar bear pet?😃
  5. Jammer480

    More silence

    ...in Canada probably more 🤷‍♂️
  6. Jammer480

    More silence

    Could be, and this is all hypothetical. You're welcome to look at pc for examples if you want but since this is Xbox, I think comparing to other game prices on Xbox would indicate this game will be $60+...I'm just saying don't be surprised.
  7. Jammer480

    Preview Program

    ...Dayz is still in Game Preview on Xbox, but only joined a few weeks ago. I'm guessing it won't stay long. I think now it's almost too late for BDX to go to GP as they're getting closer to actual release, thought I'm only guessing...and hoping.
  8. Jammer480

    Wizard combat video

    Aside from the current power "discussion", which offers more in terms of large scale pvp? I don't personally care about 1v1
  9. Jammer480

    More silence

    Games in the Game Preview program sell for $30, why would this be the same as that? Ark was $30 in GP and went up to $60 when it released. I expect base BDX to be $60 and go up from there. I would be surprised if this game was less than $60.
  10. Jammer480

    Fitness Challenge

  11. Jammer480

    Wizard combat video

    Saweeeet!!! Love the wizard animations... Thanks @[CM] Simon!
  12. I guess that's one of my concerns... once they open up to large scale testing, potentially from multiple countries, how will the game and servers respond and will there be sufficient time to fix and still release this year? It's really anyone's guess at this point.
  13. For sure, hearing how the tests performed would be a huge help. People that know better how PA operates might see signs that are harder for others(like me) to see. And I don't think one can really be too hopeful tho, imo that essentially comes down to personality.
  14. So we're basically halfway thru October with some signs of a beta or but not much for a release date... How many people here still confident about what @[CM] Simon said about the game releasing this year? Or do you think they had a set back? Just curious on your thoughts...not fishin' fer bitchin'... Imo, it's still very possible but just doesn't feel likely... Edit: I don't do polls as people should be willing to own up to their opinions
  15. I own the game on pc but even with graphics on what I think was the lowest setting, couldn't get it to run at more than 1 or 2 fps, lol, was really bad. Maybe I'll try again this wknd.