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  1. Jammer480

    Ghillie Suit Is Pay To Win!!!

    Before I played I kinda thought money might give a slight advantage over those with time. After playing, I realize no-lifers have a MASSIVE advantage over those with money & limited time. If you permanently have both, well, you have the best advantage but certainly doesn't mean you will win...rng always wins.
  2. Jammer480

    Remove Forced PVP !!!!

    We could all vote on the "remove" side and it wouldn't change anything. At this point, it's troll spam and the mods really need to take it down and immediately delete any more threads by this...
  3. Jammer480

    Field Bosses - Blink of an Eye

    You take things too personal...and I never played on pc...and no desire to. There are many things that could be done to simplify this game under the guise of "QoL". I don't want OR need any of them.
  4. Jammer480

    Lets have a race!

    Geez...bit nostalgic here
  5. Jammer480

    Field Bosses - Blink of an Eye

    Why the heck won't this game auto-run my character to the boss location and auto-fight for me and then immediately auto-return me to my afk fishing after auto-feeding my workers?
  6. Jammer480

    Wear and tear on XB1

    I can't believe this is still a discussion...far better for your console to leave it on and stay constantly warm than to continually cycle it thru hot and cold. This is true for all electronics. Heating it up and than cooling it down does far more component damage than keeping it consistently warm. I thought this was common knowledge... I have multiple consoles and they stay on 24/7 and I've never had an issue that could be directly attributed to that. There is zero evidence supporting the claim that "leaving my console running all the time is bad for it".
  7. Jammer480

    Night Vendors

    @[CM]Shirna When can we expect the night vendor? Thx
  8. Jammer480

    wheres the in game drugs?

    That was probably referencing other players...😎
  9. Jammer480


    Put them back on the market, you'll get your money back
  10. Jammer480

    Healers in BDO vs other MMOs

    And after uninstalling, please take your whining and leave the forums...
  11. Jammer480

    03/13 Scheduled Maintenance Notice

    Pretty sure in the last stream they said level cap will go to 58 before getting removed
  12. Jammer480

    56 level cup? When ?

    Didn't they say in the last stream that Mediah is coming next week?
  13. The Xbox consumes less power and generates less heat than a standard pc, and is MUCH less than a gaming pc. I typically leave my xbox on 24/7 with no issues tho probably 4-5 hours of that is for gaming.
  14. Jammer480

    Warehouse management

    No, you can only access the warehouse of the area you're in.
  15. Jammer480

    More servers added to NA

    @[CM]Shirna Yes, please more servers would be great 😄