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  1. Region: EU Character name: Doged https://twitter.com/Doged6/status/1168081340773933056
  2. Due to being In the UK I was wondering If those of us who had to switch our console region to US will be getting the participation rewards If we buy/play the EU version of the game upon release as I did use my UK account to play the beta.
  3. I can't stand having to adjust the camera back and forth every time I want to take a screenshot as I like the camera at a very specific distance and It's a hassle to have to change It all the time, Not to mention the photo mode should have effects/filters. Adding a photo mode would make It much easier to adjust the camera to your liking specifically for taking a screenshot. Like the observe mode but without having to sit down to use It. I actually think they have a photo mode In the PC version so hopefully It gets implemented In the XBOX version.
  4. I think this Is an Important optional feature as It can help to alleviate a lot of lag/fps drops In crowded areas. The ability to limit/hide other players outside of your friend list/party/guild could make the xbox handle certain situations a lot better, but this has to be a toggle-able option as obviously not everyone/every situation would call for It.
  5. A game with graphics/character models as good as this has to have a good photo mode complete with zooming/panning and filters.
  6. I noticed that the hair I tried while making a male character didn't allow the level of customization/editing that most of the female hair offered when It comes to being able to drag/shape the hair to your liking. That seems unfair unless It was possibly a glitch on my part but I couldn't figure out how to do It.
  7. I noticed the area you spawn at after character creation has pretty spotty performance for me on the X. This may be caused by the sheer amount of players gathered there but I thought I'd post It just In case.
  8. I'd actually be interested in this as well, since I'll most likely be playing on the S so it would be nice to see some gameplay.
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