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  1. I only pve and mostly life skill but that's why for combat such as the easiest bosses I will try to be at least PRI I assume they added this system to prevent players from quickly becoming powerful since its a mmo and not a single player but then again that's just a guess.
  2. HunterX

    Whats good about fishing?

    here is a guide for fishing. https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-fishing-guide-eminent/
  3. HunterX

    No email w/ value pack code

    are you guys using Google mail? The mail was in promotion/other not in the inbox, otherwise check spam, I know mine wasn't in my inbox had to search the other mail in case it got lost, hope it helps.
  4. HunterX

    World Boss Changes

    Most people go for kzarka because it's the easiest and you can land the weapon in which they can sell for a big amount of gold if they already own it. Karanda is second easiest along that it drops awakening weapon so that another priority, kutum and nouver are a little harder to reach and fight so only the strongest and hardcore players are out for it right now though it's not enough without a lot of players which go to the other bosses instead, in NA the boss die between 5-10 minutes usually 5
  5. HunterX

    Boat stuck

    Check again to see if you have any items in the boat, if you do it goes to the closest dock, if it's empty then you should be able to remote location in velia for example if it's out.
  6. Check out the videos and description, I am having theses exact problems, anybody has the same issues? trying to find a solution, when i first started the game, I had no problems but after the first classes update it went downhill for me. First video: After 17 you can see the problem mostly on the top right of screen, worse during daytime https://youtu.be/9NF7vC0O7XM Second Video: You can just see this problem everywhere, even the furniture glitter out of control midway. https://youtu.be/rnewKtPlZgE
  7. HunterX

    The story

    Thanks, I also found this good one for those that prefer to read. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/black-desert-online-complete-main-story.266770/#post-1465448
  8. I was just wondering what's people favorites things in this game are and maybe get new ideas for me to try new things based on people favorites so I would like to know your favorite location and why, your favorite furniture, your homes locations along with your main home, favorite pet, your favorite activity and your favorite music. Mine is: 1. Calpheon because lots of jobs, main home and my processing workshops are here and I just think the place is generally beautiful and interesting. 2. My favorite furniture is the Calpheon set, though waiting for the Palm tree set. 3. Homes location are Lynch ranch for the view, Olivia for the crates and relaxing atmosphere, Iliya island for the tropical vacation island feel and calpheon is my main home. Saving the last spot for when new areas come. 4. I will say my favorite pet if my fogan he is quite unique though hedgehog is my most useful. 5. My favorite activity is processing crates from either farm products/ores and trading them to another city. 6. Favorite music is jukebox honor of calpheon but I will say jukebox prayer of time is extremely close and I would suggest people build it and keep it at home
  9. HunterX

    Node War Lagfest

    I was going suggest maybe try wired connection instead of wireless, not saying it will be better but maybe a try if you haven't already.
  10. HunterX

    The story

    Does anybody know a good link for the whole story of black desert? I am interested in knowing it since I will have a hard time grinding level anytime soon because of my schedule. I remember a giant beast underground saying that if kzarka wanted all living thing dead, he could actually do so at will, also so many groups trying to revive him for some reason beside just to destroy I assume. When he comes out as a world boss apparently that just partial, not his full self so I was wondering what is the lore if there is any lore pros exploring the world for the story.
  11. HunterX

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    I was going to ask the same thing, I play in NA and it's usually crowded during the day and gets emptier later late at night, no idea about EU so if you are a EU player and it's empty then maybe it's just there if you are NA then if you play late at night then that's why. I personally love the game and I hope it continues to get better, though I am sure it's not for everyone.
  12. HunterX

    Nichol Baxter Quest bug

    Just as the title say the quest isn't working, there is no quest above her head, this is on the troll defense fortifications, I have waited a few real life days but still nothing, I will attach a pic of the quest, I play on xbox one x, USA, calpheon 3.
  13. HunterX

    Boat Fishing Net

    I was thinking that to add more options for fishing for those that also like to sail in their boat instead of stopping to fish, if we could have a fishing net option for the boats of at least a fishing boat class and up. That way you can sail while the net gathers fish once in awhile, just like a fishing road it will eventually wear off too. I know some would like it myself included but I know some would just prefer normal fishing road and later on underwater gathering which I would also like. What do you guys think of the suggestion?
  14. HunterX

    Supply and Demand

    Lately I been enjoying planting crops, specifically paprika since I live in Calpheon and the description says it's commonly found in Calpheon so I like to RP a bit and like to provide other cities with a product from Calpheon, however trade so far is just set at 100% for crates, does this ever change beside for fish or single actual trade items? I am not sure how does supply and demand work but if it's something like elite dangerous it would be nice, that way I don't feel force to plant sunflowers since logically would be the better option for profits.
  15. HunterX

    Underwater Gathering

    I was told another way to gather seaweed was to go underwater with a hoe equipped and gather them, I went to goggle to confirm but I haven't been able to do any gathering at all. I also try some specific spot but nothing, apparently you can also gather lobster, shrimps, etc too. Is it not on xbox yet or is there some kind of long respawn timer after another player has gather it first?