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  1. HunterX

    Inventory locked

    Yeah I will have to try a ticket, maybe move it or maybe send me free inventory space? I notice I still have my 7 day value pack but I really don't want to use it yet, I know some might say "well don't complain since you can get more space to get your items back" and such but I shouldn't have to be forced to do something when it wasn't my fault to begin with. I know bug happens and I am not impatient. Just would be nice to get the bug fixed and get my items back normally. It sucks you had to buy them, did you ever sent them a ticket first though? Thankfully nothing serious got locked otherwise yeah lol.
  2. HunterX

    Inventory locked

    I am trying to save my pearl for something else but since you are money bags here care to send some my way?
  3. HunterX

    Inventory locked

    So I had the value pack that came with the ultimate collector edition but it ended today so I made sure I had 16 slots available just in case, however after login in today it somehow locked some items out, I can't delete them/move them "the slot number is ivalid" I tried sorting and nothing. Now I can't access some of my items and they are also probably taking weight space too, I love this game, it's pretty much my favorite but I been experiencing some gamebreaking bugs between shadows on screen, flickering, locked inventory and etc it's really frustrating when trying to enjoy the weekend. I hope you guys can fix the problems soon and keep doing your best, thankfully maybe this isn't happening to most because you wouldn't want this bugs.
  4. HunterX

    Furniture Bug/Lightning

    So the furniture I have in calpehon which are the marble and gold set, the gold parts of the furniture, my pictures, the lights, well mostly anything metal-like has a vibrating, flickering motion, really distracting, I am assuming it has to do something with how the game handle shadow and light because in HDR I keep having this shadow switching on the right side of screen where the quest are, been playing in 1080p unfortunately but the furniture bug still happens and I love decorating my homes and now I just can't bring myself in them. I would upload a video but not letting me and I am not good at even changing the format to do so.
  5. HunterX

    Lighting effects bug

    Has anybody also gotten this problem? Or none so far reading this? That way I can do more tests to see if it's my TV but playing it in another TV still the same, so running out of ideas except a ticket now.
  6. HunterX

    Lighting effects bug

    I thought at first it was my TV but after trying a few other games I can confirm it's BDX. The problem is that the sky (mostly on the edges of screen) seems to be slightly but noticeable changing, as of it was struggling between day and a cloudy day, it happens depending where I am at and where I am looking, I tried different areas and such but still happening. Sometimes it stops if I look up all the way in the sky with the edges staying slightly faded black which I assume is normal otherwise it start changing.
  7. HunterX

    The Carrot and Stick quest broken

    Yes, tried it different days and try a few things, got broken after the new classes update.
  8. HunterX

    Maids and Family characters.

    I just wanted to suggest that if we can have family characters we create and Maids show up in our residences like pets do, I think it would be nice seeing our other characters too.
  9. HunterX

    Weird Object in the Sky

    There is a dragon flying in a battlefield happening southish of calpheon, but that looks like something else.
  10. HunterX

    Karma Should Be Removed

    Just try to grind it off in a less crowded server (It depends on the time, so you might need to adjust your game time for the grind if possible) and try to find a empty area away from the story areas, etc. plenty of areas some people don't go.
  11. Is it anywhere in the world or specific areas?
  12. HunterX

    Investment Banks - Still bad?

    I do investing with my blue skilled workers and only get about 60-80k I say half a million is good for me, I mean on top of that I got to wait a day and half to receive mine, then again I am choosing the safe investing node.
  13. HunterX

    Can't withdraw contribution points from node?

    Some people had this problem and it's because they didn't remove the contribution point from a production node, you have to take out the points in order. A production for example is a node that has potato, Ash timber,etc.
  14. HunterX

    Horse Flute not working

    That's because your horse like it says, it's too far to hear the flute, the flute doesn't summon the horse from anywhere in the world, only increases the distance you can summon your horse compared to whistle.
  15. HunterX

    Amity game- amity not registering

    I don't know if this will help but whenever I did the same, sometimes I didn't gain anything besides the fact that I succeeded, but I noticed so far that either you win 3 in a row and you get a big amity bonus or if you play 1 time be sure you don't click continue and exit because if you do click continue for a 2nd round and don't like the outcome and back out the 1st round won't count. Same if you continue and fail. Other then that it might be a bug. Though I haven't had a problem with amity so far.