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  1. Yes somebody from EU said it felt empty while here on NA its quite lively. Maybe consider playing at different times around your school/work/etc. Schedule to see if more players play during a specific time.
  2. Here is some pvp info for combat https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-combat/ Here is more how pvp is in bdo https://blackdesert.info/guides/pvp
  3. I see your point but in my opinion is more for player interaction by visiting the trading camp and see what they got, make it tax free and maybe make the prices more flexible compared to the CM, in the end is just for more player interaction, some might find it more fun to see camps and see what they got as they explore instead of just going to CM all the time, nothing necessary but I think fun and interactive, can make the world more lively.
  4. new people will definitely get lost though as the map is gone once you are in deep sea so the race will be for the true hardcore or the most daredevil but good luck to all lol
  5. I was thinking that once the margoria expansion is eventually released, I plan on making a event where traders will gather in one place like olivia port, from there to lema island and then from there we will take the massive boat toward port ratt together, some might die other might be lost drifting in the sea but I think it will be fun, challenging but good memories. You will need: 1) Trading crates you can carry on your back (Recommend upgrading strength/weight capacity ) 2) Courage as the trip can be dangerous with the sea monsters possibly attacking the ship.
  6. is it like this? https://youtu.be/9NF7vC0O7XM
  7. Here hoping the devs might consider otherwise but won't hold my breath. The pros of it can be that you can buy right away instead of sometimes pre-order things you want, maybe eliminate the tax fee and well for the devs some players might buy the pearl tent more for the benefits which issue more profit to hopefully keep improving the game. The cons can be that they might not have the items you are looking for, that way it doesn't make the central market pointless if people started trading all over. You will also have to travel around to see the deals from each player. Mostly likely won't happen but I can dream I suppose, I think it would make people enough love trading and such have more fun, possibly bringing more players.
  8. To pvp you can do the red battlefield, the battle arena, the arenas you can walk into in some cities, guild wars or even duel, the fact that some people actually got to hunt others who are grinding, trading or life skilling means that they enjoy killing what they consider weak or vulnerable, these people (not pvpers but the "vulnerable killers" in my opinion are people who have miserable lifes and take their negative feelings in the game to show others how meaningful and powerful their existence are and your rage will only give them satisfaction, in short psychopaths. OK maybe I am over doing it so any people who do this chill, don't start raging now but in all honest nothing will stop those people unless the devs make some changes, which they likely won't.
  9. I know there isn't direct player to player trading for certain reasons but I just wanted to add more function to the tent. So far it's only for people who grinds monsters, something I don't really like to do (I mostly life skill, explore for lore and locations and the story) I tried using it for fish then I remember you can't store fish so maybe we can add a little player trading store similar to the market but where players can stop by and shop, maybe have a limit of things you can bring to it and a limit and how much you can sell in a day. I think it wold be fun for some.
  10. Yeah that's what it seems, must suck for those who are having the problems but hopefully they fix it soon and get you guys back to enjoying the game.
  11. Got out of work and haven't lagged at all like the other 2 guys said above, so no problem over here which is odd some are though.
  12. I am at work atm can anybody confirm if this is also on the xbox one x? Does disabling 4k/hide other players,etc make it better if so? I also play wired.
  13. HunterX

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    *snaps fingers with infinity gauntlet and stones*
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