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  1. JayMadIV

    Class update?

  2. JayMadIV

    Karma Should Be Removed

    you that dude that was spamming this in Server Chat the other day? You can ask all you like, but the game was built and designed with a focus on PVP. They are not going to change it specifically for you. this is the game. it is what it is, and it works how it works. You can either accept it, or play any of the other 44656578937364674874646 MMOs and Looter Shooters that do not have Open PVP. that's really all there is to it. and I say this as someone who isn't really a fan of Open PVP in general. Devs won't change a PVE-focused game into a Forced PVP game, why would you expect the devs of a PVP game to make such a change? The entitlement is strong with you. This is a port of the PC version. The game is not going to be drastically different.
  3. JayMadIV

    pvp channel!

    on PC there is a server channel that has no Karma penalties. this is what he is referring to.
  4. JayMadIV

    Congrats on the hdr update.

    Yeah, I play on 4k HDR, and I was never sure what he was actually complaining about.
  5. JayMadIV

    Karma Should Be Removed

    OP, after some more research, from what I can find, there IS a server channel on PC that has no Karma, but we don't have it yet. It's the least-populated server in the game. So maybe we'll get that Server over here as well, and then you'll be able to walk around with the other 20 people who want no Karma and fight each other.
  6. JayMadIV

    Karma Should Be Removed

    not gonna happen. I'm pretty sure that this has been argued ad nauseum on the PC Version and they've refused to change it for years. if it were, it would have been done on the PC Version already. as I understand it, the Karma system is in place in order to discourage griefing while still allowing Open World PVP.
  7. Got Discord? I'm interested in a Casual Guild where I won't be subjected to edgy 20 year olds spamming racial slurs and other stupid crap cause they think it's funny. (looking at you, Server Chat on every server) I got a Wizard at 50, and a Zerker at 48, haven't decided which will be my main, but leaning towards Wiz. Gamertag is JayMadIV
  8. Honestly, I'd like to hide my own pets and just let them loot in the background. Kinda breaks immersion to be followed around by an army of furballs when you are killing cultists lol.
  9. JayMadIV

    How many pets you guys have ?

    are there any pets you an get that are not adorable little furballs? I kinda feel bad bringing my fluffy cat to a combat zone full of skeletons.
  10. JayMadIV

    3/20 Scheduled Maintenance talk

    They fixed the annoying clicking in the last update, so all I really want now is for them to give us the option to permanently Leave Server Chat.
  11. JayMadIV

    How many pets you guys have ?

    I got 4 so far. The Wolf Dog and Cat from the Ultimate Edition, and then I spent my 3k pearls from the UE on 2 Dogs and a Penguin. I sold the Penguin for 8mill and kept the Dogs.
  12. Question in the title. Could we get a sub-forum specifically to discuss Lore and Story? the Knowledge sub-forum is basically just full of Guides.
  13. JayMadIV

    Toggle Armor

    is the Beginners Serendian Soldier outfit, the only non-Pearl Store outfit there is?
  14. So to piggyback on this thread. I pretty much skipped most of those sidequests, and planned to go back for them later, since quests don't give XP in this game. shouldn't be much of a issue to go back and complete these right? It'll mostly be for Contribution Points and knowledge/story/lore, yes?
  15. that actually kinda sucks. you shouldn't be restricted from PVPing somewhere else if you aren't actually at the World Boss.