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  1. wasn't the failing. it was the losing my progress. 1. Fail stacking is a stupid concept that should not be necessary. 2. "you just want everything handed to you" is a childish defense of an absolutely ridiculous gameplay mechanic. 3. as I said above, I don't mind failing and repairing my gear and blowing through Black Stones until I succeed. What I did mind was failing hundreds of times, succeeding once, and then losing all my progress the first time I fail again. what's the point then? 4. I'm not at all anywhere close to being a "wallet warrior". I'm just an average casual player. with that said, I've said my piece and I'm leaving now. I don't wanna be that guy who continually bashes a game even though he doesn't play anymore. So I will just say, enjoy the game ya'll. Everything else about it is pretty fun,. but Enhancing gear(which is absolutely required to compete) sucks all the fun out of it, *for me*. I speak only for myself. YMMV.
  2. A couple weeks ago, not long after I made this thread. I successfully enhanced my Yuria Blade to Duo. I was incredibly happy. YEAH BOY! Finally had a decent weapon to replace my Black Abyssal. I kept going, trying for Tri just like any normal enhance. fail, fail,fail,fail. At which point I said oh well, at least I got a Duo, that'll do for now, I can repair my weapon and try again later. bought a buncha green Yurias from the CM to repair my weapon. Opened my Inventory....My Yuria is a PRI. I ask WTF in Guild Discord, and they inform me that every single time you fail an enhance at that level, not only does your durability go down, but your weapon goes back to Pri. 100% chance to downgrade upon failing. I promptly logged out, Green Yurias still in my inventory, weapon unrepaired. I played the Bless Unleashed Beta or a weekend. it was decent but not spectacular. I logged into BDX a few days later, played for about an hour. Logged off, didn't have the will to play anymore. I logged in a couple of days later solely to leave my Guild and then immediately logged back out. haven't logged back in since. Congratulations, PA. I know my money doesn't mean anything to you in the grand scheme of whaling Pay2Win, but congratulations. I'm now playing The Division 2 and praying that Square Enix announces FFXIV to Xbox at E3. just popped in here on a whim cause I was bored at work.
  3. seriously, just give me the option to completely turn off Server chat. I miss stuff in my Guild Chat because I am unwilling to deal with the racism and overall childish F**ckery of Server Chat so I keep it permanently hidden. Give us the option to turn Server Chat completely off, asap.
  4. well, regardless of how many PVP and PVE games exist on the Xbox, this one was designed and built as a PVP game, Open World PVP is a core tenet of the game's basic design, PVP is the endgame, and literally every system the game has exists to feed the PVP Endgame. we all knew what this game was before we started playing it. I sincerely doubt that they will change this just because it's on Xbox. if they were going to get rid of Forced PVP, they would have done it on PC long before Xbox Launch. As I continually say, PA will not develop and maintain two completely separate games no matter how much Deaths Angel and all his alt accounts want them to. the Xbox playerbase isn't special. the PC and Xbox versions of the game will continue to be the same. The game is what it is and it's not changing. at this point, Deaths Angel is just trolling and he knows it.
  5. You're such a child. it's hilarious. PVP's not going anywhere. that's just the way it is.
  6. he's really being more toxic than the so-called "pvp cancer" he's supposedly complaining about.
  7. this, would be a nice idea. sometimes you just need to tweak one skill, or maybe you accidentally hit A one too many times, and you don't need to totally redo your build from scratch.
  8. too bad. it's a core tenet of the game design and it's not going away. sorry if that hurts your feelings.
  9. JayMadIV

    Wich offhand?

    Ultimate White Horn Bow is what I am using for now.
  10. you keep saying this and what actually happens..is nothing. as you've been told, repeatedly. Bless Unleashed is having a closed beta for xbox insiders this weekend. there's your PVE game.
  11. It's going to be exactly like PC. they are not making and maintaining two completely separate games. The only differences will be in the control scheme, to acommodate Controllers vs Mouse/Keyboard. Beyond that, we are getting everything that PC has, and once we get caught up to that, both versions of the game will be the exact same. Period.
  12. No. but it is childish to constantly try to force a game to be changed into something it was not designed to be. This is not a new game. It's been out for 3 years on PC. The game is what it has always been. It is not going to be drastically different in core game design just because it got ported to Xbox. It will still always be the same style of game. NBA 2k is not going to become a football game just because some dudes on PC demand it. People like you love to tell PVPers to "go play something else, why are you being so toxic, this game is for PVE not PVP" and then rain down all sorts of insults at them when they go on the forums for your PVE-centric game and demand that the game be changed to open PVP when it was not designed that way, just because "I said so." so again, everybody grow up. If you truly hate "PVP cancer" you have hundreds of different non-PVP games to pick from. This game is 1 out of hundreds that is not PVE-Centric, and that's fine. Ya'll sound selfish and entitled. btw, I'm not a heavy PKer. I'm much more of a PVE player. and none of that changes my original point. the "Forced PVP" in this game is way overblown. Most PVP in this game is Guild and Node Wars, and people specifically looking for PVP.
  13. Everybody grow up. I've had pvp "forced on me" a grand total of twice, between 3 50+ characters and countless hours of playing. every single other time I have ever taken part in PVP, it was because I was actively looking to do so. It's not nearly the horrible terrible cancer that ya'll are making it out to be.
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