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  1. Hi guys does anyone else get screen tearing when playing. I get it very slightly and I'm using a 4k lg oled tv. I've tried adjusting setting after setting but it never goes away. Is this an issue with my tv or Xbox or is this just bdo?
  2. I totally agree. I love this game and play it a lot. But lately when I go to grab other players (I play warrior) I either completely miss because turns out they aren't actually anywhere near where I grab even though it looked like they were, or else I grab them and when I go to start my Combo their body is moved to a different location so my Combo misses. This was the case the last few node wars and Conquest. The lag and rendering really does need to fixed or it is gonna force people to quit. Me included and I Have sunk a lot of time into this game since launch. Can we get an update as to whether this is going to be resolved?
  3. So I started playing warrior from the start as it was my favourite out of what was there. I find in 1v1s if the other person is well geared, that because we don't have as much AP, without our 100% black spirit we take ages to kill people. Also our mobility is so bad. Literally we are the slowest and every other class is teleporting around me in pvp. In group pvp because I have to charge in, every ranged pounces at me from the distance so even if I kill one I am ccd to death and destroyed. For world bosses I use my shield if boss is doing a big attack and I have 3250 health and still get one shotted. Is any warrior out there a beast. Am I playing it wrong? I admit I don't know the full ins and outs yet but don't wanna be wasting time on a class that is just pure meh.
  4. I think youre right, with valencia so close its not worth put all the time and effort into getting tri all those diff accessories for a minor add to my dp. I think I'll just get all my asulas to tri and hold tight. I guess 166ap isn't that bad especially if I can get to 270/280 dp
  5. So I have full asulas. I'm a warrior and I have tri liverto ultimate longsword and tri ultimate vengartz shield but still only have 166 ap. I do have a lot of accuracy though. I see with upgrading my usals I only get extra dp. I need more ap really. What do you all recommend is best way to go for more ap with accessories? Keep in mind I'm all asulas right now. I have 246dp and will have more once all armor gets to duo so feel I need more ap really. Any suggestions?
  6. One thing I love about this game is the rng. And the fact that when I die I have a chance to lose crystals makes it fun and challenging. But as a warrior who needs to be close up to do damage to field bosses it's actually a joke. The bosses do damage that don't even make sense like red nose and I'm not even near him and I have my shield up and he one shots me and I have 3200 health. I think the fact the bosses can kill you is good but the players needs to have some method to prevent from dieing. Tonight I lost my black spirit crystal and 2 cobelinus crystals so that's about 12 millions silver. And I got 2 gold bars worth 200k and 5 hunter seals as the reward. What a joke. I'm better off just saving up and buying world boss gear if I'm gonna be dieing every world boss I fight. Not to mention all the portaling. I run to him and go to swing they are gone. Constantly. And because there are so many melee when the boss is doing a special attack I can't even get away cause there's about 50 other melee behind me stopping me from dodging or running away. Ranged classes are at a huge advantage for the bosses cause they don't need to get close up.
  7. But does your skill still work if you are cancelling it?
  8. I notice a lot of guides on classes, I play warrior, and they all talk about cancels. What does this actually mean? I'm trying to learn warrior for pvp so I can be good but don't understand this whole cancel thing?
  9. So if I'm a warrior with 200 DP or a Dark Knight or witch, and I HVe 200DP on all of them. When I get hit by mobs, players in pvp, World bosses and so on, because we all have 200DP do we all take the same amount of damage? I presumed a warrior was not as squishy as a witch but if they have same DP are they both the same?
  10. So I've noticed in Pvp with my warrior, other classes literally teleport and just move so fast around me and damage me and run. Warrior seems to dependant on its shield block which makes u like a statue. And if we don't use shield block and try dodge or charge, because I don't have my shield block up, they cc me in some form or other. Not to mention how long I am cc'd at one time. Does anyone else find their class isn't as powerful as others or am I just not playing warrior right? Also when I do my main spinning slash attack, if the opponent is well geared I do almost no damage. And no Im not typing this into the classes section because no one goes there and I want answers and to speak to others about it now, not in a week when someone goes in and reads it then. Appreciate some feedback.
  11. So I don't wanna be spending an hour making 2 million when there is in fact ways to earn 20 million an hour consistently. I just want a rough idea per hour what I should be making whether it's by grinding mobs or through life skills. Thanks
  12. So I am new to BDO but I am getting the hang of the game and all aspects of it. I am a warrior and have Yuira sword and vengeance shield , 2 x heeves armor and 2 x grunil, 1 witches earing and another blue one and rest of my rings and necklace are garbage. I am wondering if the Asula set for accessories is a good start? I was told it is but if I want to PvP it is not? Also I am wondering is their any better armor,weapons, accessories that can be grinded solo or is everything else from boss drops which you must do in groups or with guild?
  13. Because there is so much with this game its hard to decide which road to go for life skills. What's the best for making money? Am I better off just having works gathering and selling raw mats, or maybe processing or trade runs? My preference would be trade runs but it seems so complicated! Any tips for a new player?
  14. Wow man thanks so much for all your amazing feedback. Just what I was looking for. I really appreciate you taken the time. And thanks to all the others that followed with a response too. This clarified a lot for me in the game. Thanks guys. See you all on the battlefield
  15. So I have played mmos for over ten years, but bdo is like no other. Which is great cause I love the game. Of course it is over whelming cause it offers so much but that's great too. Firstly I notice people ignore all quests except story ones and just grind power level to 55 or whatever level they are now. Why so? Why not take time and do other quests to get more skill points and contribution points? I guess I'm wondering what they do once they get to level 55+, what does the game offer at this level that lower level doesn't? Secondly, if I do this, isn't it hard to track back and find any quests in the whole map as it's quite big and time consuming, aren't you better off doing every quest as you go from every npc u meet and pass by? Thirdly I understand this isn't like world of warcraft where raids give you the best gear etc. To clarify, does all the best gear come from random drops and so most likely I need to grind money to buy my gear from central marketplace? Fourthly, what is an amazing AP and DP to have on your class, just so I have an idea? Thanks all
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