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  1. Dakota_603

    We Are Live!

    Same here stuck at 99 percent.
  2. Dakota_603

    Launch Plan?

    I've watched tons of guides on YouTube through out the time I've been waiting, and this game seems super overwhelming. I don't even know where to start, probably with the main quest. I'm brand new to bdo and really MMOs in general. Only played ff xiv and never got to end game. So I'm really excited to get started on my first MMO.
  3. Dakota_603

    What class will you be playing

    Ranger all the way for me baby.
  4. Dakota_603

    8.11 Beta info

    I honestly had goose bumbs when i opened the email.
  5. Yeah no matter how long i wait im still going to have the same level of hype. But watching guides and what not has cushioned the wait a little.
  6. I've tried im just really bad with money. But when i saw the trailer for it back in 2017 man was i hyped beyond belief.
  7. It feels like I've been waiting for like 5 years for this, i seriously think im going to die before i have a chance to play.