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  1. There's no place like HOME. That's the feeling of people in Renegades. Join our discord for full info!!! DISCORD LINK https://discord.gg/x8JQUEX
  2. i like your post, i dont think of it as a bad post, i think as a good sugestion, i played BDO on pc since release and i saw changes all over the place, suggesting isnt wrong, i can see what you want is for the game to get better, everyone should be fine with you comment
  3. your a sad person arent you, you gonna PLAY a EA game and you say play a broken game when you played a beta... well your name says everything death angel, usually used by depressed people, i understand mate dont worry, theres a place for you in anthem, that game is more broken then any other EA game i ever played
  4. To be honest theres not really a exact detail of what will be available on CashShop but i would say will be minimal in the first days, regarding packages i would say aswell that the game pre orders would be already consider beginner packages aswell
  5. you forgot: BDM - Black desert mobile
  6. While i agree with part of your post, the game can be played in any ways that people want too, you can't take your own judgements on people just because you think something is right or wrong. Player being a dork or not, being opposite of what you say doesnt mean hes a bad player etc... like IRL, people make choices, some wrong some good, some neutral, is up to you to build your own reputation. i see you have knowledge, so do i, but its not because of that im gonna tell what is right or wrong. This is a game after all, and its up to the player to decide what type of person he wants to be. BAD or GOOD, its not your choice or opinion its theirs.
  7. Hello everyone, Been playing mmos for nearly 20years, i will be streaming BDO and doing guides and tutorials, for new and old players, In beggining of february, i will do some Let's talk streamings to prepare some people for the BDO and getting to know other players. i will release my Schedule soon. Hopefully i will produce some nice content for you all. Stay connected, cya soon
  8. Aradonaisan


    Welcome to all new members, Hope we see more of you joining and getting all together into this amazing guild, lets grow together and own everything we can in this game and EU server
  9. Anyone knows when download will be available
  10. Yeah I miss playing a mmorpg for long time, been a pc user and loving mmorpgs, playing in a console the black desert might be a progress, anyways hope we see each other in game
  11. Hiya I'm a mmo veteran player probably since 2000, I'm a old black desert PC player and BDO Korean mobile version, I plan to play as much hardcore as I can, counting now being father and job doesn't allow to be as hardcore as previous years, this game allows you to have your own pace and focus
  12. The biggest and 2nd most played mmo is FF div not elder Scrolls I'm on same situation as you but I can say BDO in Xbox is a amazing step in mmo industry after nearly 20 years I see my self as happy as when I played Ragnarok online for the first time looking forward to take this game serious
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