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Found 42 results

  1. First let me say this I had a great time playing the game and to discover that the class I disliked cuz of the control's on PC was the one that worked for me the best to play on the console for them wondering its a witch. Now to the issues I encountered: These are not bug's but thing's I'd like to have be reworked/upgraded and all of them are for the introduction of BDO's combat. 1st there was a quest trying out your skills and some of the rotas *basics of them, I found it hard to rap my head around despite pressing the right buttons but still not getting any wear as despite pressing the right things it did not accept it thus Id suggest getting a small animated controller showcasing the buttons you have to press that would help to understand what is you want me to do. It probably would be a 2 sided animated or recorded video of sorts showcasing top and front side of the key's to see clearly what would be needed to be pressed this is as well tho for a mouse and a keyboard on the PC version what does help a lot. *Keep in mind I'm a PC player coming to a Console and this was my very first experience playing a game on this platform. 2nd would be the lack of the info bar regarding your basic skill's + combo's on screen, now I dont know if that was intentional or if that would be a section for the UI as a optional change but the fact that it was missing made me almost each time fighting a higher tear mob or the summoned mini bosses to a oufluff situations what was my heal how to dodge or teleport fluff what is my biggest hitting skill, moments this is available on the PC version but but for some reason we did have how to do basic things to open menus what was hax not needed from me on them moments. I'd suggest to if you want to keep it to have a transition from one to another: none combat we have our how to access or do basic things on the controller, in combat that changes to our basic skill + basic combo guide. 3rd would be the confusion regarding skill tree, as far as I know many ware not satisfied how you made the choice for it to look and I'd agree even or me it was confusing and to this day I still didn't figure it out so suggestion for that would be to get the old layout that did have the animations and the corresponding keyguid's but this I'd prefer to leave for the more experienced players to debate on. And lastly as many pointed out the lack of graphic adjustments but as far as I understand that is being already taken care off. That would be all the issues I had withe the game's current state thus far, I'd liked if I would have had more time to play it as I really had a good time doing so but all good things come to a end and this was that. All in all I'm excited for the release. Thank you all for your work thus far. Regards Astolti
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a mobile app with the game to help with inventory management or managing workers or resources when your afk or offline? Seems like the game would benift from a mobile app
  3. I have a question, Also this is a good Thread for chatting about the official launch of Black Desert on XBOX. Question, Since beta is about over and they need to go over all the data. Do they have a time frame for an official launch? Are they going to add value packs for 30 days in game? If so i think those are great items (like a sub) but you can remake your character as many times as you want which is awesome. Are Mystic, Striker, DK and Lahn going to come out with the launch? This will be a pretty big patch if they add kama region into the game as well. Also this would give me enough time to get an xbox 1 so i can play the game.
  4. sQuartwox


    Hello dear developers, we really are really looking forward to localization of these games in Russian. I want to go into the game with my head and understand what the game itself wants from you not to worry about translating square meters. From you, no one asks for quick translation of the game, moreover, translation of the game is already there.
  5. I would like to know if my carachters and progression on game in the beta will be transferred by account cloud within the final released game as well or we will restart from zero? 🤔
  6. Hello, I ask dear help, please do not need insults and swearing. Please help me, I want the Russian language to be added to the game, because the game is in Russian and it is just on the computer, just not a lot of work should be added to the developers. I want to read assignments and explore the whole world. I beg to raise the topic. All good and good luck.
  7. sQuartwox


    Do you think that by the end of the year it will be possible to play BDO or will it officially be released in 2019?
  8. I live in Ukraine, and I'm really looking forward to BDO, tell me please, can I play? If not, can I change the region in the settings? Thank you so much.
  9. I would like to know when will be the launch of the official BDO for Xbox, but not the Beta, the game for all the players, the official date. If it hasn't a certain date, when you think it would be?
  10. Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if they are going to create a server for asian countries or sea?
  11. Hey Ho Leute :); habt Ihr keine lust mehr auf 0815 Streams? Ich auch nicht... Mein Streaming Kanal geht erst in kürze Online und ist daher noch nicht vorhanden. Mein Plan ist einen Community Stream aufzubauen wo wir die ganze Community einbeziehen. In Black Desert wird es so aussehen: Clan Events und Kriege Persöhnlich erstelle Events um einfach alles aus dem Spiel rauszukitzeln. Ihr möchtet in Mixer einen 4fach Stream? Lässt sich auch einrichten! Humor vorrausgesetzt. Homepage für das ganze befindet sich im aufbau! Xbox Club: Black Desert DE ( auch noch im aufbau ) Wir haben auch eine große überraschung für alle Leute die an der Entwicklung eines Spieles beteiligt sein wollen, aber das werdet Ihr jetzt noch nicht erfahren. 😀 Da der Black Desert start leider noch in der Ferne liegt starte ich vorerst mit Dark Souls bzw. Destiny, und alles was uns noch so bockt. Warnung: Ich spiele keine Battle Royal Spiele nur zwecks Viewer! Das ganze Projekt soll spaß machen für jeden der dabei ist. Freue mich schon auf unsere große Community die wir zusammen aufbauen. GT: meisterbjoern18 P.s. Start ist erst in den kommenden 2 Wochen.
  12. So i play on pc, and have been for a year now, but am really hype to play console with my friend who don't have a good enough laptop/desktop. The thing i like the most about the game, is the graphics. But when it comes to Xbox i feel like there is going a big difference. Like in the the trailers, it was played on an xbox one x, i believe. I was just wondering how much of a difference would there be if one were to play on an X and a standard edition, because in games like PUBG where the game looks lovely on the One X. In my opinion are not the good for normal consoles compared to the X. Would we be seeing a difference like that?
  13. Roughly the same 50 people frequent this forum and not much is being said about a game that is supposed to be launching in the next couple months. No comments on how the game will be monetized, limited footage of the game running, no official launch date and potentially the worst offender; little to no community engagement from the devs. or the community manager. The last thing we heard about this game regarding a release date was that it would be coming out in the first half of 2018 meaning the game is hypothetically supposed to launch in 1-3 months. Just seems like the window for release is getting smaller if you plan on actually generating some sort of interest for the game. This would not be an issue if you were engaging the community with things to be excited about that we could then relay to others within the larger xbox community, but that has not been the case. I want to be excited and encourage others to be excited, but the bits and pieces of information regarding this game and XB1 scattered across the internet are so scarce and few and far between that i honestly don't know what to expect anymore and dont feel appreciated as a consumer. The response is pretty much always "stay tuned and keep an eye on our facebook/social media" but no new information is ever posted and there is no community engagement taking place. I thought this forum/website would evolve the discussion but that has not been the case and no pertinent information can be found here other then "bdo coming to xbox...eventually". I honestly just hope that this is not a sign of things to come once the game has released. Additionally if the game is going to be delayed that is something you should mention sooner rather then later. If the second half of 2018 rolls around and BDO has still not launched on XBO without any word from the devs or community manager, gamers will feel lied to, and that is not a solid foundation to build a relationship on.
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/theguiido I plan on streaming PvP a lot. Perhaps even some PvE too! I love reading chat, answering questions and plan on having a great time with the BDO community! Tournaments, Premades, and a lot of fun await in my streams. I make people laugh and bring a one of a kind personality to the table. Just like my NW streams, I plan on bringing a lot of unique, fun, and entertaining people and ideas to the stream that hasn't been done before. I read chat always, and respond. Hope to see you guys there! I have been playing RPG's and MMO's basically since I was a little kid. Me and my friends are very interested in this game and I also plan on listening to your guys feedback on discussions and pod casts on this game. I am new to this game, but have been following it for months and did try it out on PC. I hope we can enjoy this launch, and even more so enjoy it with you guys!
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