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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if its just me or does Wrath of Beast not cast when upgraded to Ire of beast? Everytime i try to use it, there is a notification pop-up that says cannot cast skill because the skill has been upgraded. Has anybody else tried this skill and is not having a problem with it?
  2. Berserker's really fun with his Smack Down grab, because it's so fast and easy to use, but his Corpse Storm and Rock Smash abilities, which are also grabs, have no default inputs. Having to use the Ring Slot Menu for attacks is really unintuitive and alien, and there is plenty of space for more inputs. For example; Corpse Storm = Left Stick Forward + X Rock Smash = Left Stick Backwards + X Pretty simple, right? I would greatly appreciate if you changed this.
  3. Grammaticus

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    Hello fellow Gore-Machines, Seeing that we dominate bottoms of the popularity Class charts i was hoping to get some love going and exchange few expectations in regards to the best looking class out there. What has personally got you convinced to give this magnificent bulk of muscle a shot? For me it's the combination of self-sufficiency with number of heals, high HP pool and lastly his glorious Awakening Skills. Nothing comes to the satisfaction of blasting a mini-nuke cannon. Zerk has many tools of trade and is dangerous both long and close range. Anyone ought to think twice before going 1v1 with this bad-boy. PVE is also a breeze with convenient AOE that's comparable to this of a Wizard, only with much faster cast speed.