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  1. Hello world, just wanted to let you guys know that we honestly enjoyed the EU Beta of BD on PS4 (Pro). My wife, two friends and I purchased the game after experiencing the "see you again" event your GM's and CM "Trent" performed for us. That's four copies at once. The event gave us the last "push" we needed to make the jump and investment. For this reason, above all, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone involved for the awesome virtual experience this event created for us console players. Further below are some screenshots of the short but fun Beta. I also recorded the entire event on video, if anyone is interested? This "remastered" version of the game takes the title to a new level, surpassing the competition in so many ways. Impressive for a game that launched all the way back in 2015. What took you so long to bring this baby to PS4? Graphics: The graphics are astounding for an open world sandbox MMORPG of this magnitude. Really liking the deep and rich colors and - especially - the awesome water effects (reminds me of the good ol' Wave Race 64 days). There are a few MMO's on PS4 already, but not one comes close to the beautiful rendered water seen in BD. There's really no comparison. That being said, I'd really like to have a maximum graphics mode for PS4 Pro users running the game on 1080p resolution. On the other had, a friend of mine would appreciate a 1080p 60 fps mode. We already have a 4k mode, which is great. Adding one or two more visual modes to choose from is a good thing in my humble opinion. Btw, anyone else noticed considerably less pop-in when using a SSD on PS4 Pro? Sound: Loving the soundtrack. Keep it coming! Gameplay: Hardcore, flexible, fast, easy to learn and hard to master type of combat system. Superb! My personal wishlist after experiencing the Beta (keep in mind though, I haven't seen much yet): More types of mounts (I actually hate horses, would prefer a lion, wolf or any type of sea creature for that matter) More classes available at launch; preferably I would like to choose one from the start and stick with that class all the way to the end The ability to choose different types of gender for most classes More sea adventures, creatures and life in general (dolphins, whales, rays etc.) More underwater ruins, caves, secrets and maybe even dungeons to find and explore tbc We shall explore this world in its entirety and everything it has to offer, including the great, great ocean and its wonderful adventures! This pretty much visualises what I expect to happen to my first ship: https://youtu.be/dvdrCPr3gDQ Thanks for reading. See you again in a couple of days! Greetings from Germany. Screenshots:
  2. I’m not sure if this is an issue on other platforms or not but I will explain anyways. Character movement feels pretty stiff, moving side to side or diagonally just doesn’t feel right and feels rough and off. I wish to see this get checked or a slight overhaul to make it feel smooth.
  3. https://youtu.be/D2UDKmLTqUg I found a way to bypass Sony glitch, i dunno if i can share this type of content here im sorry if i did something wrong, im just trying to help everyone play black desert And btw its not devs fault.. they are trying to help everyone and im reading stupid things like "im gonna refund my preorder" its not devs fault. Its Sony fault, think about refund your PS4 or not buy PS5. Hold tight devs. Sorry for my bad english its not my main leanguage :(
  4. Seriously. If I'm not gonna get an status update for EU, I'll seriously cancel my pre-order. I feckin hate how they don't communicate even tho they said they'll update us if they can't resolve these problems before beta start. Now I'm sitting here almost 2 hours, waiting for them to get their **** together.  Error ce-34632-8 aswell, check for updates but if you do - u have the latest version. 
  5. Whenever I walk, sprint or ride a horse I feel like I'm fighting the camera the whole time because it constantly auto-centres to the horizon could we please get an option to disable this? (In the gif I'm not centring the camera it's the silly auto centre)
  6. Hey everyone the xbox Beta is coming to a close today and i know a lot of people have played the game so i figured making an easy to find thread of all out feedback would be rather helpful. My biggest problem with the game and the only thing that is making it something i don't want to buy is that the size ratio on my tv cannot be adjusted to make the game properly fit my screen. It is one of very few games that i have this problem with and one of very few games that does not have an ingame method to fix this issue. For me i have nearly an inch on all sides cut off and when you think about it thats alot. I can hardly see my xp bar, and minimap is cut off along with the bottom of my screen and a large chunk of the text from the quest helper. These things compiled make a fairly large issue for me. If this issue is fixed which is should be able to be fixed pretty easily if i am not mistaken. This is certainly a game i would play and drop a bit of money on for cosmetics and stuff. What other feedback does everyone else have?
  7. So far the beta is going well, as a PC player I'm a little awkward with the game still but it feels familiar. With this post here are things I find that need to be addressed either for quality of life or for performance/function. Everything here is already in the PC version of Black Desert, these are just things that make BDO better on PC. We have auto pathing on BDX, but no auto looping functions. This was added some time after launch on PC, but was a major QoL changed. You have weight to train, stamina to train on your characters, Horses take a very long time to level higher levels ( all be it T5/6 isn't that bad but T7/8/Dream do) On PC it's just a simple button to press once you selected you path. This will infinite loop till you stop it or you DC. @Aradonaisan Showed it is LT+X but it's written as "Move To" should be named Auto Loop. Red Nose quest scroll, needs to be instanced like other boss scrolls, or relic scrolls so you do not see 20-50 other players trying to do the same thing at launch. Last thing you want to see is the wrong red circle on the ground. Enhancement Rates, PC players just got this, as a 3 year vet, it was nice to see how bad my chances really were. My suggestion comes for the new players, when they see the fail they need to understand why. While yes we now have charts, and google docs showing this for the most part, new players wont know to look for these. Skip enhancement, this is a big deal to us tin-foilers on PC. While I do notice you have it by double tapping the "x" button later on this could be a very bad way to accidentally degrade your newly found TRI piece of gear. This could be a toggle button so when fail stacking you can just rip stones like we do on PC. Looting with Y/Interacting, you should have no delay in the time I hit Y to the time it loots. On pc we just double tap R and its looted or R and it reads/skips. [CM]Shirna gave good response to this. Plus I noticed it auto loots once the button has been pressed. Party/Guild Pinging - As a retired PvPer and node waring player on PC, Pings were an important part of moving or organizing assaults. Also very helpful when trying to explain to your friends where certain things are or where you can be found to as simple as showing your friend where you park your horse. [ for players who have never played BDO, this a ping that can ONE set your auto path or two can be used to show a Red line in the open world where you are. ] Guild quest funds, This was also just added to PC not too long ago this was a BIG QoL change for questing. Helps make a little silver per quest and rewards players who actually do quests. Everyone gets silver per mob or fish or log or rock collected. Pet Groups, Now i haven't messed with this too much to see if i'm overlooking this, on PC we have 3 buttons to assign pets to 1-2-3, and it will pull out that group of pets. While most won't have this issue right away, From a PC player Stand point we have 3 types of pets: Life, Knowledge, Combat pet groups we use most. Special Deals, I THINK this isn't in the beta because no one has money to really buy anything. On PC this is where you split loot with your friends as you grind and it sells with no market taxes but it divided equally between the amount of players in the party at the time. This may also be something to do with the new Market coming to PC on the 20th (next Wednesday) so cant say for sure if Special deals will be removed till then. As the Market released today (20th of Feb), We can party and get the special deals to show up. Will have to wait for launch to see if this makes it in game. So my running theory, is they didn't put this in for beta due to lack silver in game. Alchemy/Cooking History, We have a function that lets us recall the last use ingredients down to the number which is helpful when spam cooking the same things over and over. This appears to only put the ingredients in, and not the amounts. Ingredients quantity, It feels like double work to select the ingredients put them in the station then select quantities. PC we just select the item, tell how much we want to put in, and it fills a slot. Node workers, while the system is different and will take some getting use too, I think one small QoL could be made here too. The menu is cool, but if I want to add a worker on a node you should just let me click the potato node and get to the same menu. ^ Edit 03-05-19 The more I use the worker system the more cumbersome it appears to become. PC's version is way more streamlined and this actually needs a overhaul. Things like Sort by town, accessing workers right off the node without having to shuffle through a menu just click on a node and put a worker on it, Show WHAT THE NODES actually are. This needs some SERIOUS help "Screen Shake" , I like to feel a little epic from time to time, its just over done for a general setting. If you cannon provide a slider to dial in the amount you want like PC, then you need to give 2-3 options like: None, Little, Some, All. Before I cross this off while it is toned down from the final beta I still want more control over this. I know you the company want a certain look, but this isn't your call its the players, the viewers on streams call, if it makes them sick, let them adjust how much they want. Yes it makes skills look great but after a few minutes it gets annoying. Other players effects, Just going to put this in because i know the days coming where siege will be slide show like PC. You will need a setting to turn on and off other players effects. Edit - Before I mark out Other players effects I personally want to see larger scale battles on my personal xbox before I cross out. [CM]Shirna stated this is set to do just that but I haven't had to much come up were things got super bad. I just know this is still a pretty big issue on PC, so we turn our effects off before large fights. Black Stone drop rate, Not sure if its just the beta or a bug, but these guys are abysmal to get right now. Maybe I'm use to how things are on PC, but these could use a boost in the drop rate. Worker Cancelations from nodes, Just a small thing that is a big QoL. Having this ability to cancel nodes as you manager you worker empire is big, verses having to go to the worker menu to stop work. No Screenshot function? Not sure i'm missing something but I don't see a way to screen shot, or hide UI for special screen shots. Is this just not in Beta or is this not in BDX yet? (on PC its CTRL+U hides UI) then print screen takes your screenshot [CM]Shirna pointed this out below how to do our "Hide UI" function - Photo Mode with ring menus Long Delay from closing Inventory and not being able to move - Not sure if this is a bug or if you have some weird timer on it. I should be able to instantly go in and out of my inventory. Edit ^ - I have been able to replicate this multiple times coming out of inventory and not being able to move for 3-5 seconds after, nothing seems to work right away. So i think this can be called a bug, this doesn't seem intended. ^Edit 03-02-19 - Yesterday I cannot tell you how many times this almost killed me where I get stuck and cannot move after I open my inventory (intentional or by accident) this really needs to be address soon. As i continue the beta I will add things below this line of additional things i find or think of. New form Original Post: Pop up Alerts, On PC these are VERY annoying. I have everything turned off expect workers, and horses market registrations (T8s/Dream). We really need to be able to turn off other peoples looting, life skills, resets, enhancement fails, Market registrations, guild wars. While we aren't experiencing this during the beta, come launch this will be a common occurrence. ^ Edit 02/21/19 - With Central Market being release we have no more market registrations, in chat, or above as a header. Once PRI - PEN comes This will be the dominate header coming up for people failing TRI and TETs. ^Edit 03/01/19 - Pearl items still pop up i want to have an option to turn these off its annoying. If you wont get rid of them turn off the "boop" noise they have. Chat Filter for Names, I sent a ticket (got a response just saying sorry for the inconvenience) on this and made a independent post (to see what other players were getting) but I want to see a response that something has been changed before launch on the 1st of march or it's going to suck for a lot of players who cant use their desired family or character names. Chat Filter is overly sensitive to names, that are harmless but do contain some words that aren't appropriate out of context. They have fixed this on release and is way more lax now! Thanks Pearl Abyss. Cleansing +15 gear, Please do not make us go through the cancer of making a low level red alt to downgrade gear for fail stacking. Please add the simple NPC already in the PC version, and in the BDX version, just without the cleansing menu. Camera View, This would be nice to be able to zoom out a bit more than the default PoV. This would come in handy for PvP as well as being helpful for some classes as they grind. ^ edit - further than what max is at launch. Dish of Poorly Prepared Ingredients - You made a post talking about these not being in game at launch, yet your road map shows Kamasylve in the first "half" of 2019. These need to be in early on so people will have the contribution to do anything in Valencia let alone Kamasylve. ***POST LAUNCH FINDS*** There is no item bug - I have had this to me a few times now in 24 hours where I have items in different town storage and I go to pull an item(or items) out and it says "There is no item" when I clearly see the item. It fixes when I go to the character select menu. Skill menu - It is stupid I cannot access the skill menu during Auto running/riding to anywhere, cooking or any other activity. On PC I can't tell you how many times I pull up my skill menu to think about things, help friends with skills, see what add-ons I have, change a few skills around while I auto path to my destination, process, cook, fish or anything i'm doing "passively". Locking your 100% - I do not mean locking the actual skill just the ability to toggle it on and off (using the normal skill not the Black Spirit Rage). This was a major QoL change when it came to PC and shouldn't be the hard to bring to BDX. ^ side note 03-07-19 : This is really getting annoying having to watch my BSR like a hawk in the game. I can never just zone out and wait for when i need to absorb it (like in PvP or an elite i need to nuke) I either have to blow it and absorb it or wast it on my 100% skill. Market Place Registration notification bug - It appears when some one lists an item, the notification pops up 3-6 times. I noticed this when i saw 6 Shudad costumes for the same class get posted within seconds of each other. Then check and only 1 is listed. Cannot see what items prices are listed at - This is highly annoying when you are trying to look for an item and it says it is available but you have to put a buy order for max or guess and try each price to find where it is listed at. Please find away to show each price and what it is listed for like on PC. (say a Steel Dagger is listed at 3 different prices ranging from 90k - 160k we have to guess at each increase to find where the 3 Steel Daggers are located) Sorting Bank Storage - Self explanatory really. We need the option to sort the storage like we can our inventory. Things are going to become such a headache in a few weeks. ^ side note - 5 days in already a nightmare. Items Not Stacking In Storage - If you have say 30 carrots and you put some items in your storage and later add 20 more carrots they do not go into the same sack. This happens when inventory de-syncs. Has happened several times to me today. This is a bug and needs to be addressed soon. Character Transport - This is not currently in our version but it was so helpful on PC to move characters around where needed. Processing Outfit not working from storage - this is bugged and needs to be fixed ASAP Cannot see exact quantities in Storage - while to the masses who have items less than 999 in one stack will see all the digits, it is very annoying as a professional cook/alchemist to NOT see exactly how much I have of an item. I plan things down to the exact station. This is especially true later when I have to physically go out an gather and rarer drop to make an item. I assume you did this for "clutter" reasons but maybe have it expose the full number when you hover over it or just show them at all times. Cannot access ring menus while in House - This is annoying when i got to try to feed workers while i'm cooking, or want to reach for my maid because i forgot something and don't want to run all the way back. Could be at least get the option to add the LT rings in so we have limited access? Side note while I do have a work around for the worker menu, it's still awkward to have to think of click on the beer to get to the worker menu. Auto Fishing Trash items - PC has the option to throw away all trash while fishing, this is just QoL for AFK fishing. Horses Abysmal speed in towns - I know this was your fix for some peoples rendering issues, but holy crap I HATE going into towns with my horse because I slow down more than people auto running. Can you at lease let us auto run with our normal speed, and maybe not the active run or sprint?
  8. Whether you like scenic speed running out of jail, making millions to turn the tide of a siege, zerging gankers, or slaying afk players for fun than <Trash Pandas> is for you. We'd like to formally invite you to join us for the open beta as well as game launch. If you are interested in becoming a dominating force in PvP content, learning all about BDO and enjoying your time online, please post your gamer tag or message me on Xbox (Brokenaz5) Did I mention we'll have boats? Discord; https://discord.gg/PpfSPS5 Xbox Club; Trash Pandas BDO ------------------------------------------- What to expect from Trash Pandas ------------------------------------------- High Activity - Whether defending guildies in the open world, sieging castles/nodes, groups for grinding bosses, or making bank doing mercenary work, there will be no shortage of excitement. Frequent Contract Promotions - As the game and guild progress, we will offer ever increasing rates for guild contracts. Flexibility - Although we will require participation, we understand life happens and can cause time away from BDO. As long as it is properly communicated we shouldn't have a problem. Tournaments and Prizes - We will regularly host dueling/3v3 tournaments, open world pvp contests, bounty kills for enemy guilds and much more. ------------------------------------------- What Trash Pandas expects from you ------------------------------------------- Loyalty - Guild first. There will be no other code of conduct beyond that. Progress - Guildies will need to push to reach 50+ as fast as possible, as well as getting decently geared quickly. Knowledge - BDO is an extremely in depth and detailed game. Players will be expected to be willing to learn and have a base level of information. There are tons of amazing guides and we are here to help. Commitment - Seiges, node wars, guild questing, worker contributions, etc will be required activities, and guildies will be judged heavily on dedication and contributions towards our goals. Communication - We dont expect everyone to use the Discord/club all the time, but when we are at war, sieging, etc microphones are mandatory. When a guild member asks for help or asks a question, responding is expected if you are available. Don't be a Care Bear; be a Trash Panda.
  9. Hello everyone, I didn't get an invite to the beta on Xbox and now i'm wondering if that was the last chance we get to try out and test the game. It's still a long way from here to march 4th. Is there any information about a final test session or anything? I'm a big MMORPG fan and BDO looks really awesome but i'm not used to this type of combat and the way the game works so i'm really curious to see how it feels to play.
  10. Enjoying the Black Desert Finale! Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Lupexiss/comments/9wmvak/2_fish_watching_the_beta_finale_on_xbox/?utm_source=reddit-android for screenshot submission. #BlackDesertBeta
  11. I have a question, Also this is a good Thread for chatting about the official launch of Black Desert on XBOX. Question, Since beta is about over and they need to go over all the data. Do they have a time frame for an official launch? Are they going to add value packs for 30 days in game? If so i think those are great items (like a sub) but you can remake your character as many times as you want which is awesome. Are Mystic, Striker, DK and Lahn going to come out with the launch? This will be a pretty big patch if they add kama region into the game as well. Also this would give me enough time to get an xbox 1 so i can play the game.
  12. I would like to know if my carachters and progression on game in the beta will be transferred by account cloud within the final released game as well or we will restart from zero? 🤔
  13. Can we have the skill tree similar to PC? I really don't like having to scroll through a list with no visual map/relationship between things. Not sure how everyone else feels
  14. I'm currently stuck and have no idea how to proceed on the quest, I was talking to this beetle guy and he just disappeared. This is my quest log ATM, I have no active quests.
  15. I'm super excited for this but I have no idea how to get it. I don't see anything about it on the xbox store. Thanks for all of your help. I know i'm dumb.
  16. Not pictured: Crackers, ranch dip, apples, plums, and a large bag of peanuts. I think I'm all set! What do you guys plan on snacking on while no-lifing the beta?
  17. Suzumiko

    The Beta

    I just found out about the beta being open in 2 days, are people still able to opt into it...? I've played it on my pc before but I've wanted to play with a few other friends who sadly don't have very good pcs for gaming and won't be getting one anytime soon... Thanks, Suzumiko
  18. Hey @[CM] Simon, One of the main issues I had in pc BDO was the area loading times while traveling on my 20 skill Ferrari (i miss you girl 😭). Did the team test this in all 3 xbox variants? If so please tell us how each console performed. If not, please "gift" us the horses in the beta for testing and feedback. This is extremely important since im going to base my console purchase accordingly.
  19. OHHH SNAP. Just got THE mail. Its happening 08/11 guys, clear your calendars and take all the days off you can! Confirmed to be open beta so sharing content is available. See my theory below 😜
  20. " To gostando desse alpha agradeço por esta participando, possíveis datas no vídeo rápido abaixo valeu! ". DEV:
  21. I bought the game already on my computer, but my computer can't run it. So I'm really looking forward to the Xbox version. I'm wondering, though, if I'll have to rebuy the game to play on Xbox or will I just be able to sign in on my account that I already purchased? And will I have to pay extra for the beta?
  22. Hey everyone ! Sadly, I don't when or how It's going to be released. But I might want to hear your ideas about how It should be and when ! With the Dark Spirit ? Dev Notes ?News ? On the forum ? Be free to express your opinion.
  23. For a majority of the community on here who have played on the PC version, I would imagine that performance is probably a huge concern in the upcoming console version of the game. On PC, players have experienced huge issues with optimization, with even the beefiest of computers having trouble handling the large groups of people present at world bosses and sieges. Some issues also come into play from the servers just not being able to handle the stress. In one of the interviews about the console version, I recall questions being asked about optimization and how large amounts of people in one place will be handled. It was said that the ability of the game to support a large amount of people in one area without performance issues is something they are working very hard on. I participated in the beta test for the PC version of the game, and from my experience with that beta test, it didn't seem like the game and servers were actually stress tested to see if they could handle the amount of people in game, and the amount of people who would be trying to log in at launch. At launch, I started with the 3 day head start, and even with the smaller amount of people at that time, there were issues with getting into the game. I think it's very important to work these issues out before the official launch this time around. A place where it was seeming to hang up on PC was the authentication process. The authentication servers were overloaded, unable to handle the amount of players trying to access the game at the same time. With all that being said, my actual suggestion is: During the beta, gather players in one place for an event. The event can be anything so long as it gathers at least about 200 people all in one place, to see how the game handles that amount of people. So that if it is still an issue, that issue can be addressed before official launch. As for the server part, the only way to really stress test that is to just allow a lot of players into the beta, or somehow simulate the server load by artificially increasing it.
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