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  1. I started my own guild the other day and decided to do our first guild mission today. The timer was still active for the quest, but my kills weren’t counting towards the mission. It kept saying “Contract expired. Unable to contribute to the guild mission.” So I forfeited the mission and tried another one, but again my kills weren’t counting and the same message appeared. I have no idea how to fix it. My guild mates are able to do it just fine, but for some reason I’m the only one having the problem. Any answers?
  2. In port epheria when i try to purchase a worker from the worker excahnge i am met with the message “not enough lodging”. this has occurred when i have had free lodging. And this has happened twice with professional level workers. When it first happened i assume it was because someone bought the worker before i did and the game did not have the appropriate message but however the second time i had freshly developed two additional worker lodging and it gave me the same message i backed out if the menu returned and found the worker still there so it seems to be a bug. Hopefully its fixed soon.
  3. So my guild and I participated in a node war yesterday (ps4) and none of us could damage the enemy fort or defense barriers. The fort was in our contested area and was the only other guide contesting that specific node. We spoke with another guild that was also in a different node war who said they had the exact same problem multiple times and that they found that only one of their members could actually damage the structures so they had to just protect him the entire war and let him do all the structure damage. We could kill the other guilds players but no building damage. This has to be a bug can anyone help us out here
  4. So when I go out of sight to make it look like I took care of the book and move to the area that the marker shows, nothing happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Logging out doesn’t fix the problem either.
  5. This wasnt a problem with slow horses. Howerver once you are in a fast moving horse, the game seems to not load the next area fast enough so my horse gets stucked running in place. Most of the times that this happens is when a new town is being loaded, and when I look directly below the "Invisible wall" sometimes there is a line on the floor. I image that is where the previous area and the new area im traveling to connect and glue together. I never experienced this with the PC version. Thanks for the time!
  6. While in a party I was killing mobs for an hour and a half with not a single loot drop. I had party leader change loot settings. We cycled through all of them, and still no loot dropped. Upon leaving the party, the first kill I made dropped vender trash loot. Party Loot system needs to be fixed. I can update post with video links if required as proof. If you have experienced this as well please post here.
  7. I have an Xbox one x and AOE skill animations aren't showing up in node war, guild vs guild, or battle arena fights. This has been like this at least since kama came out.
  8. Hi guys, I might be wrong here but I can't seem to open any ring menu when im inside my house. When you walk in you get the default - show/hide underwear and pets, place items and a forth one I cant remember. I managed to open the door and walk in while holding the ring menu to start processing inside. Didn't manage to do that any other way. Is this a bug or am I confused with the controller setup?
  9. Currently stuck on the quest ‘[Crossroad] Goblins at the ruins’. As seen on the pictures it says ‘To get started, check quest menu’ when I do there is no quest there, when I check the main quest page and click on the quest it loads up the black spirit but there is no quest available there. When I go the the quest giver, Grusha, there is no quest to be acceptable there. How do I progress through the story at this point? Am I missing something or is this bugged. Thank you.
  10. The sad part about almost 90% who read this won’t even care cause it didn’t happen to them I’m well aware of the 3000 pearl refund issues whay I want to know is how many other players have this problem how long did you have to wait to get a reply or it resolved also i want to keep talking about it until the entire user base gets an update from pearl abyss about this issue because this is a mistake on there part not ours
  11. Hello, I'm not able to continue this quest because I the option to steal from: Hervano Tito All I'm able to do is Greet and Converse, but no option to Steal to obtain the item I need to return to Isobelle I cannot continue my main quest-line because of this. Description: Branch Manager, Isobelle, asked you to use dried Fire Flake Flower's root powder to make Hervano Tito confused and search his back pocket. Look for anything that may be used to confront Bobby Lauren to get Bobby to pay his dues. I tried also looking for a dried Fire Flake Flower, there's no such thing as one in the game, so that can't be the issue.
  12. I have never encountered problems yet except when beta started. This error was present at beta but I have never seen it again. Today, I have changed my Xbox language settings to be able to share item names with people who I play with but when I attempted to login after that, I keep retrieving the BEC_000/800C000B error message. I don't understand why I'm having this and how to fix it. Thanks you very much for your help. My gamertag is : Troli King
  13. Hello, I dont know if anyone else is having this problem with making a guild, but the game states that guild/clan names must be between 3 and 16 characters. This is fine. The problem I am having is that the guild name I am trying to use, which is 16 characters long, as shown below. Is being rejected. And get this, it's rejected for apparently being too long? P***T***P******s Now, I know I can count but let's break it down just to make sure. P***, that's 4, right? T***, that's another 4? P******s, and that's 8? As shown above there are no spaces between each word, so let's do the math. 4+4=8 8+8=16 16= The maximum character count allowed in guild name! Can someone, please, tell me why, in the name of simple maths, am I having a problem here? Please note, I have used '*' to hide the name I am trying to use, with some of the letters shown. The name is made up of three words, I have used capitals to show each new word, I have used no spaces or special characters. I have also tried, without the 's' at the end, reducing the character count to 15, however, the problem persists! Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Prone
  14. Cant access the rest of her shop menu to complete the mission because I already owned the top set.wont let me get into the menu to scroll down for the rest of the knowledge she sells.
  15. After you create your character and wish to edit it using the beauty option in the menu, the camera is bugged. When attempting to use the sliders the character also rotates at the same time no matter what camera mode you are in. This makes character creation/editing very annoying and difficult due to the fact you can't clearly see the changes being made.
  16. Guild NPC in heidel,!says names can be between 3 and 16 characters my guilds name is 14 characters yet I get the “name too long” response. is the character limit different and the guild npc hasn’t been adjusted or the other way around?
  17. Region: EU Server: Serendia 2 Bug description: When I press the button “Start cooking” nothing happens.
  18. So I’m up to the part of curiosity becomes fear where you have to get out of her line of sight.. but no matter where I go it doesn’t show me either a wall to lean on to hide, or no matter how far I go I can’t seem to get out of her sight for some reason and can’t progress.. anyone else having trouble?
  19. I just switched to one of my characters to discover that his armor is no longer dyed. Yes, I had a value pack active, but the dyes I used were ones that I'd purchased in the pearl store prior and therefore shouldn't have disappeared from my character's gear when the pack timed out. To make this even weirder, the missing dyes were back in my inventory/color palette 🤨 Admittedly, I didn't lose any money/pearls since the missing dyes from my character's armor were back in my palette, but this is just a weird glitch 😳
  20. Been trying to fill out a bug ticket, but the new ticket system is broken. I've tried every variation on the time format but refuses to accept it. 08/18/19/5:00PM/-6CST - refuses to accept this format and every variation. When did it happen? Timezone (MM/DD/YY/Time/Timezone) When will I be able to file a bug report?
  21. EDIT: Please go down to the important update section for details. Original Post: The (Xbox One) awakening outfit for the Lahn has a glitch with its transparent parts. First off, they do not appear transparent outside of the store/appearance menu. Just solid color, I checked to see if was just the white but the problem is present with all colors it seems. The second part of the problem is that when I walk near any object while wearing the outfit, that object’s textures are put onto (what is supposed to be) the Transparent parts. (Pictures below) Will you please fix this soon... UPDATE: This problems seems to be persistent with all outfits with transparent parts. When I’m in pearl shop/character selection/beauty menu(s) the outfits look completely normal, transparent parts and all. But when in game (out of menu(s)) they are solid in color and have the bug/glitch listed above. Also try messing with the white balance, that didn’t help. Then completely changed my display to a different monitor, still didn’t work and the problem persists. I’m running the game on a 4K UHD/HDR monitor on Xbox One X. If anyone was wondering... If anyone else is having this issue please leave a comment below. Also, if you are NOT having this issue on Xbox One X with THIS outfits please let me know. I am trying to figure out if it is a isolated issue. “Important Update” So, I’m going layout/restate the situation for any CM’s/GM’s to read. The issue/bug that has been discovered has to do with many of the pearl shop outfits that contain transparent parts on them. Such as the Lahn’s (Sanguine Petal and Orchid Fall) outfits. When wearing one of these outfits, the transparent parts seem to be completely solid to their base color. When walking near things like NPCs and tall grasses, their textures are glitched onto what is supposed to be the transparent parts. As seen in the pictures below. (FYI: the outfits look normal in the menus like beauty/pearl shop/character selection.) But through many hours on trial and error and helpful comments from other players, we have discovered what is causing the problem. It is caused by the 4k UHD setting for the Xbox One X under the display settings. Region: All regions Server: All servers How to recreate the problem: 1. Using an Xbox One X (with a 4k monitor) 2. Put on a pearl shop outfit with transparent parts, such as the Lahn’s (Sanguine Petal and Orchid Fall) outfits. 3. Turn the 4k UDH setting on , then save it and restart the game to apply the new setting. 4. The outfit should now be experiencing the bug/glitch with its transparent parts. 5. If the 4k setting is turned off then saved and the game restarted the problem should go away. 6. In conclusion, the issue comes from the Xbox One X’s 4k UDH setting under the game’s display settings and needs some kind of patch to fix the problem.
  22. When going out of a menu like inventory or profile, there’s a 1 to 3 second delay in regaining back control of your character. This is a really crucial issue because, there was an instance where I defeated a few enemies in an area, then when to check on my inventory for items that I’ve picked up only for enemies to instantly spawn on me. I would’ve successfully escaped, but I couldn’t because of the delay in regaining control of my character. I essentially stood still and died.
  23. - When moving the character and camera around, the camera tends to suddenly drift upwards or to the sides. - It’s more noticeable when in combat, when you do attacks and that requires fast character and camera movement it messes up my aim. - My sensitivity’s at 90 horizontal and 55 vertical I have good control over the sensitivity so its not an issue on my part, but because of this bug it makes it tough to properly fight in fast situations.
  24. Trying to complete "Foreigners of Velia"; found *one* of what I thought was the last *two* I was missing, and the journal reported it as complete, listing it as 2/2. However, the section text is still white, not blue like the others under "People of Eastern Balenos". Checking that section, the first item in the list is still listed as all question marks. Best guess from information I can find elsewhere is that it should be Klau, who should be next to the Velia Inn behind the area with the double doors. However, going there (whether in-game time is day or night), he isn't there, and the map doesn't appear to show there might be someone there. Is this a bug, or something from desktop that hasn't (fully?) migrated to console yet?
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