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Found 129 results

  1. Hey just looking for a hand. Bought the $80Cdn pearl box but i have not received my pearls nor can i link my account to submit a ticket due to that bug. Any solutions? Thanks! Edit: im an idiot. I have them
  2. Region: North America Server: All Bug description: After finishing the black spirit quest line, my quest tracker HUD has disappeared. I have tried logging out, and switching servers, but the issue still remains. From what i understand, this was an issue in Beta, and still seems to persist now. Have read postings of multiple people having this issue as well. I wouldn't call this game breaking, but it does severely limit my ability to quest without having to open the Quest menu multiple times during a quest, and to quickly see the status of a quest.
  3. Anyone else missing their quests onthe right hand side of the screen under the mini map. I can open my quest menu with Lt+Down D pad but it doesnt stay.
  4. So whenever you do a subjugation mission as a guild, the entire guild, atleast on the same server will receive and annoying UI bug. It will bring your selection to the first item in any menu. So for example when going to buy an item and you are entering how many you want it may "bounce" back to all. I don't know if being on a different server from the one the guild mission is active helps.
  5. Every time I log in I select a server and select my character when I do it lets me load and sometimes I can walk around for 5 minutes or 5 seconds and I will get kicked with the error message, "You have been disconnected from the black desert online servers please try again" and It does this over and over. I have had the game for 2 days now I just bought it to play with friends who have no problems but I cant even log in. If anyone has this problem and has fixed it would be great to hear how.
  6. So pretty sure this is a bug but things my workers store or I store cannot be withdrawn as it states that there is no item even though it's currently in the warehouse. I even tried storing silver and I cannot get it out at all; the problem for me is that I'm trying to feed my workers but now I can't even after traveling all the way from calpheon to Veila just to try and grab it out of the warehouse :(. Edit: Yup fixed it by moving servers twice so this is indeed a bug.
  7. Did the quest, can't make it to show gear. npc is weapon and armor master in calpheon
  8. Xbox, North American servers The stable keeper at Heidel city doesn’t have the quest for me and never has had the quest for me. I simply cannot tame a horse without being able to do the quest. I have tried restarting my game, switching servers, and disconnecting and reconnecting. I really don’t know what else i can do, can someone please help me?
  9. In the description in games says 15min before swap but we are free to change no time limit. Is this intended?
  10. So just like in beta Sorc's skills Absolute Darkness (Lv req 12) and Black Wave (Lv req 15) don't/can't be unlocked, I've asked several people in chat and they are having this same issue.
  11. It seems pet's don't currently auto pick up loot, I've asked in chat and others seem to have this problem. Actually upon further inspection the pets are looting it's just the low level mobs don't drop as much loot as beta, Mods can delete this thread.
  12. I'm going to add more if I find more bugs. Don't know if I'll find much, but hope this helps. 1. (FIXED) For Node Management I couldn't remove production nodes at Ancient Stone Chamber. (Upon linking Velia to my node chain I was able to Withdrawal Contribution.) 2. When accepting quests, or talking, sometimes dialogue will skip the following window. The game reacts as if you pressed "A" twice. 3. Upon accepting a quest the Amity circle, in the top left side of the screen, disappears until you leave and talk again, or refresh the tab by cycling through options with RB and LB. 4. World Map > Find a node that has a home for sale > Manage Crafting > Try to apply House Filters > House Filters don't work. 5. All of the Ranger skills that has a cooldown timers I can use like there's no cooldown; at least until I run out of MP.
  13. I have just completed the Org orc boss quest and i completed it but I did not receive a new quest? My friend is having the same problem but with another questline, they just completed the talk to lafi(?) quest and lafi or the black spirit didnt give hem a new quest either? we are really confused and would love some help, thanks! Region: NA Server: we have been playing on Calpheon-1
  14. Hi guys, a annoying issue I'm having is if you bring up the inventory in a combat area to use an item, I'm coming under attack from a mob, but when I'm exiting the inventory to deal with the mob my character is stuck and unresponsive for 30 -60 seconds.. this has caused me to die 3 times so far as you can't block evade or use any weapons or move . This issue isn't to big of an issue at low level areas but in some of the more intense grind spots the mobs hit quite hard and can do quite a vit of damage in a minuite
  15. Hello ! I just found out how the bug works for the servers. When you send an invite to a guild, when they accept they get disconnected. I just kicked one of my friends to see if the guilds are the issues and then everything is now working from him. Might be the new slots they added or something else. Hope they fix it !
  16. Greetings, We have multiple members reporting the same issue. Region: EU Server: Various Bug description: Disconnection immediately after being accepted to the guild. Followed by multiple disconnections when trying to get back to the same server, forcing them to join a different one. There are also reports of members diconnecting while trying to switch to a server where a guild quest is hosted or simply to group up with the rest. This exact phenomenon happened in the first beta on November 2018 - We simply weren't able to meet up and take a guild picture because of this. This creates a huge problem for everyone and we hope it'll be addressed appropriately.
  17. Some of the players, including me, can get on every servers except Balenos,Serendia for some reasons. It says : '' Can't connect to the server '' Some of my friends made it but I still can't manage to get in.
  18. i have cancel 3 time download, but it's stuck again, again...
  19. So i got stuck with [an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? quest, kill the red orcs already but i cant find the serendia's quatermaster idk if is npc or not can you help me?
  20. Game crashed when doing the quest, making the scroll disappear... I was informed in game that Support would send me a replacement. Pls halp ;-; In game Family Name: VanAzwick In game Character Name: Tizun
  21. When you are on the map, and you click on a city, you have several choices. The one concerned is the houses. Before buying your first house, you can see all the houses in the city. But after buying your first house, you only see the house you bought, by default. If you want to use the filters to display the other houses, you can not go to the sub filters. I tried with the D-pad, the Left Stick and the Right Stick. Can not go on the sub filter. I will try to join a screen.
  22. Family name: Crimzon Server: Glish Hello. So me and a friend noticed a bug with selling/buying and taking things out of bank and putting things in. Bank - the issue I've found is that when I sell good bars or silver to them, they take the item but not give the money for it. With items I've tested it multiple times and they say that they gave it to you but they don't and it's gone for ever. (I miss my trading items T_T). This issue is cleared up after you relog in but you still loose the items/money from the banker. Stores - buying and selling seems to have a issue where you sell something to him/her, they take it but you don't get any money for the item. Same goes for buying you buy a item don't get it but loose money for it. Issue is fixed once you reblog but still at a decrease of money. I so far I've only noticed it occurs at heidel city.
  23. Need the quest item, The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron to progress. Accidently used it before accepting the quest, and now Eileen isn't there to give me another one. Region: North America Server: Valencia Character name: Seversa Surname: Dawntide
  24. Region: NA Server: Calpheon Bug description: Eileen is nowhere to be found. Need "The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron" scroll. Gamertag: xMurderStarx Family Name: Sagittarius Character Name: Maiatria
  25. The quest A Memorial Service for the Fallen seems to be a bit broken. I need the item ‘The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron’ to complete the quest. I was told support could give us the item but this is the only way I’ve found to contact support
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