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  1. <Crimson> is recruiting! Description: We are a PvE/Lifeskill/Social chill guild with an international community looking to expand our guild with new and veteran players of all skill levels. We have a chilled and friendly community and experienced officers from PC. Requirement: • PS4 Players Only (Sorry Xbox People 😁) We Offer: • Active & Stable Guild • Friendly Atmosphere • Maxed Buffs • Guild Missions • Guild Bosses • Game Help & Advice • Miru Groups • Scroll Parties • Active Discord Join our Discord now for an invite to the guild: https://discord.gg/cgUpNHv
  2. The BDO guild Eternal_Eclipse on PS4 is now recruiting new members. We currently have over fifteen members with a little less than a month to go until the game officially launches. The guild is expected to be highly diversified with the ability to focus on PVE, PVP, or life skills successfully within the guild. The guild is also expected to be highly democratic allowing all members to have a say in how the guild is run. All members are expected to have and use Discord for the guild, and the discord has already been setup. For those who have questions or are interested in joining you can message me personally or reply to this post. Thank you. Goal: As a guild our goal is to build a player base that can succeed in all areas of the game. Upon joining each member will be put into a squad under a lieutenant that best suits their interests and where they are believed to be most effective at improving the guild and themselves. Principles: As a guild we are built upon the principles of freedom and equality. Our guild allows individuals to do whatever they enjoy doing as a guild member whether that be PVP, PVE, or lifeskills and the freedom to switch at any time if things become boring to them. The goal is to keep everyone as entertained and happy as they can be to ensure maximum productivity and success as a guild. Event: As a guild we plan to do many events, for example upon launch we will have a leveling event with the winner receiving 40 dollars (in either pearls or PSN gift card) and the 2nd place getting 10. PVP events, gear events, and other events will take place each month with a chance for one or more guild members to win! Rules: The rules in Eternal_Eclipse are very few in number. People are expected to not PK other guild mates People are expected to not kill allied guild members Don't steal from the guild Don't scam other guild members BE ACTIVE
  3. Note: Please use this new post moving forward, thanks in advance. Rogues Gallery was founded in 2015 when Neverwinter launched on Xbox One. Since then, the guild has played many different MMO's; Neverwinter, ESO & DCUO. Through the years we have made many friends and enjoyed countless hours of gaming, experiencing nearly everything a game has to offer. We are looking to expand the guild, to find people who will commit to help fight Garmoth every week. We are defeating Garmoth every week for the foreseeable future! Life skillers, PvE enthusiasts and new players are all welcome. We are also willing to absorb smaller, like-minded guilds! If you want a chance at defeating Garmoth, don’t wait for PA to figure out their mistake, have your guild leader reach out to me. We ARE currently recruiting. If you would like to join, hop into our Discord, either myself or an officer will work with you. https://discord.gg/MNvncH4 The guild is currently extra large, with around 90 people. We are currently looking for ACTIVE players new or old. We have a guild Discord we utilize for most guild communication. We do Garmoth weekly, usually on Saturdays. We do Guild Missions frequently when decent ones are available. There are usually plenty of people willing to group up for memory fragment scrolls as well as regular and awakened boss scrolls. We are a fair mix of casual and hardcore. There is a home for everyone here, whether you have all day to play, or a couple hours here and there. We reside in many North American time zones. We play early in the morning, throughout the day, in the evening, time doesn't matter. 18+ oriented guild. We expect members to act mature, be a little more thick skinned and willing to take a joke. Minimal restrictions. We only really ask that you are over 18, active in the game and willing to fight Garmoth every week. You could be level 20 or level 60, there is a home here. We just ask that you are an ACTIVE player and try to help with guild missions as we activate them. Current Buffs you gain for joining us: All Accuracy +5 All AP +5 Max HP +100 Damage Reduction +5 Gathering Level +3 Fishing Level +3 Trade Item Protection +50% Siege Weapon Damage Reduction 50%
  4. <Wisdom> is a PVP | Node Wars COMMUNITY consisting of level headed and positive individuals who enjoy helping and playing the game with others. We have a highly knowledgable leadership team, all guild skills mastered, very active discord and voice chats, daily missions $, scroll runs and a fun ranking system with a lot of advancement opportunities. 500 GS+, 18 or older, everyone must join Discord and be an active team player. https://discord.gg/4pcARfm
  5. <Wisdom> is a PVP | Node Wars COMMUNITY consisting of level headed and positive individuals who enjoy helping and playing the game with others. We have a highly knowledgable leadership team, all guild skills mastered, very active discord and voice chats, daily missions $, scroll runs and a fun ranking system with a lot of advancement opportunities. 500 GS+, 18 or older, everyone must join Discord and be an active team player. https://discord.gg/4pcARfm
  6. Hello! RumPie is a PVX/Lifeskills guild who have recently started getting into node wars. We are mainly on Mediah 1and Arsha (though you can play on your own on any server). Guild memebers are are helpful both through guild chat and our discord. There is typically a ps voice chat available to join. Our main goal is to have a good time! Our current passive skills are all maxed except for trade and seige weapon damage (though they will be soon!). We recommend a 400+ gearscore to join, but are willing to help active players build their gearscore from lower. Join our discord and send a message in the general chat so we can figure out a time when you'll be on to send a contract! https://discord.gg/cNWbC7r
  7. Firstly, I had no part in making & do NOT take credit for any of the following information. Creators are attributed in the actual guides. Just trying to compile it in one place to help some aspiring Nins that may have not known about it. The Ninja/Kunoichi discord, full of a bunch of experienced people to answer questions across all platforms: https://discordapp.com/invite/ninjakuno This is a comprehensive Ninja guide (gear/build theories, skills/skill add-ons, small & large scale tactics, class matchups, etc.): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U3IoifRGUj88R58Vg3cDQl1ks7lj5ElPquBPUYrzRrA/edit This is a PS4 Ninja Combo guide (with button layouts to make it easier): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d1NK5oEF06Gt_x2aqoJTo4BPbqyBiCUZzeV24PMMSu4/edit
  8. Hi Welcome 《G A I J I N 》 We are a Pvx guild looking for more members wanting to join a family guild and progress in Pve/lifeskill/pvp . If you're a small/medium guild looking into something great swing me a DM and we can discuss terms. 《What we have to offer》 🔶️A good vibe where you will feel and are important in the guild instead of being a number. 🔶️Highly experienced leadership in nw’s and general. 🔶️All guild buffs/skills mastered. 🔶️Daily guild missions. 🔶️Once a week a big guild training, practicing pushes and strats. 🔶️Fully setup discord. 🔶️For most of the class a highly skilled class trainer. 🔶️24/7 psn party chats 🔶️ There is always a grind group . 🔶️ We do plvling . 🔶️ Trainer for lifeskilling . 《What we're looking for》 🔶️Must be active 🔶️Participate in NodeWars when able to, atleast once a week! 🔶️450+ gs 🔶️winning mentality 🔶️check discord atleast once a day 《If ur looking for family guild then gaijin is the place to be Real life is nr1 and we respect that 》 If you're after any more information, feel free to contact whit 《Ingame name》 Haylin Thedutch
  9. XBOX EU Fresh guild <BiS> is looking for strong, dedicated players to progress and build a top tier guild together. About us; We are a small breakaway guild with plans to become a top tier guild on the EU Server, we're looking for like-minded, skilled individuals to achieve this goal together. What we offer; • Our current members have ~530 Average GS • Experienced Players & Shotcaller • Dedicated Leadership • Fair Payout For Attending Nodewar • +5 AP/DR/Acc (working towards the rest) • Regular Mirumok grind groups and powerlevel groups What we require; • 480 gear score and must show you have an idea of how to use your class. • Discord for voice chat & node war sign up. • Frequent attendance of Node War and Siege, everyone must carry their own weight, no free rides will be given but you will be compensated fairly. • A respectful, non-tosic attitude, we're all for banter but salty, toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. If you aren't afraid to get yours hands dirty putting in some hard work to build something great together then this might just be the guild for you! To get involved or for more information, join our discord with this link; https://discord.gg/UUUCMt2
  10. We are a newly formed guild of ex siege guild members. This guild will be semi sweaty but with the intent to have fun so as we do start with a requirement of 400gs we are experienced players here to help you grow, we are looking for active players and will raise requirements but within reasonable limits and help you to achieve them. ALL CLASSES WELCOME. If you want to take a Castle in the future and are a like minded individual then post below. There will be a pvp test but only to see where your skill is as a player, we will train with you.
  11. TeamAlpha is currently looking for active players to join our guild. We are a growing guild looking to expand our numbers and possibly have other guilds/clans or small groups merge into our guild. We focus hard on PvP and PvE , including wars boss scrolls etc. We are looking to get into node wars but need more numbers of active players. Here at TeamAlpha we look after our members and always help one another out, we have a discord and ps community set up and prefer English speaking people with a gear score of 375+ but we are happy to welcome new players we can train you up no problem. If you want to be apart of a lovely community, My discord is Tenks#4732 PSN: Shotenketsu please feel free to contact me or any of the officers that you may see in game or simply post you’re name below and I’ll add you soon as possible ^^
  12. <Lowkey> is a new guild looking to get active 450+ GS players that are wanting to get into Node Wars/Guild vs Guild. As of now we are mainly focused on grinding to get that GS up, we do grinding, life skill, guild missions, BA practice, and would like to get into other things as well. We are 3 VERY active players that are wanting to get ppl and grow together to be one of the top guilds in bdo xbox! We are very chill laid back and expect the same, we don’t tolerate any type of racism or toxicity. If you’re interested in joining make sure to join the discord with the link down below and let myself or a admin know. Hope to hear from you guys soon! - Teq Discord: https://discord.gg/JWWmqA3
  13. ギルド「Tenko_Forest」ではメンバーを募集しています! 現在、メンバー数は20名弱、おじちゃん・おばちゃんを中心に構成されていてマナーを守れる分別のある大人の集まりです。 ログイン率やノルマ等一切ありません。 普段はバレノス2で活動しています。 主な活動は召喚書やギルミをたまにやるぐらいで拠点戦等は参加しておりません。休日などでインしてる人が多いときは、みんなでなにかしようかと集まることもあります。(航海に行ったり?) PS4から始めたメンバーばかりなので、全員初心者です。初心者の方も気軽にいらしてくださいなー! 基本的にDiscordでVCをしていますが、聞き専も可でゲーム内のギルドチャットを活用していきます。また、Discordへの参加も気が向いたときでも構わない感じでやっています。 PvPへの参加はしないつもりですが、完全に禁止というわけではないです。PKに関してもあまり推奨はしないという感じでしょうか(デメリットしかないので)PKKはOKです。 ご興味ある方は、こちらに返信いただくかGoogleで「ディスボード てんこの森」で検索して直接Discordのサーバーに入っていただければと思います。
  14. 生活PvE系ギルド«Sunaba» ギルドメンバー募集です˙꒳ ˙) どうしてもこのゲーム眠くなったり 放置でやることなくなったりしちゃうので 雑談しながらのんびりと遊んで 時には協力しあって解決していく そんな感じのギルドです 元々副隊長として中規模までギルドを育てたのですが そのギルドのマスターとクラッシャーが殆ど狂乱的に ギルドを閉じたので心機一転、志同じくした仲間を集めて 新ギルドとしてリスタートです_(:3 」∠)_ 昇給ももちろんあるので副隊長として 私を助けてくれる人も募集してます⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝⋆* 基本はdiscordを使って交流、情報交換をやってます 聞き専はもちろんおっけーだし聞き専に助かる読み上げ機能もあります みんなみんな自分のペースでのんびり遊んでるだけなので 遅れてるとか追いつかなきゃとか考えなくて良いです 新規だとかIN率がとかADがとか関係なしです あなたも自分のペースで遊んでいきましょう 砂場で遊ぶように自由にのんびりと。 ギルドの詳細はホムペから⤵︎ ︎ 生活PvE系ギルド«Sunaba»
  15. Hello, I am reaching out to the bdo community in hopes that those who are pro (or at the very least, no longer consider themselves to be a novice) at the game to share which guides on the net that they used to advance their skill levels. My idea behind this is that there really is no working USEFUL discord bot that could assist new players in terms of guides and where to find them on the net … all I am doing is compiling the guides I find and use and hopefully those that are shared with me into ONE single location. Right now my reaches only extend to xbox because that is the console I play on but in the future would like to share it with PS4 players as well, consoles in my opinion lacks something like this. So far I have listed a few guides from grumpygreencricket but I am sure there are better ones out there that could be added to the archive of guides that I am building. If anyone who plays consoles would like to write a guide I could share with the community via this app as well that would be awesome. material needed ranges from: regular PvE content lifeskills class guides PvP guides Any suggestions and ideas are always appreciated. 🙂
  16. MagicTavern GM: q Hephaestus p(SomeOneAwesome) Guild Members: 47+ members Guild Skills: All AP +5(Mastered) All Accuracy +1 Skilled Rider Trade Itm Prot. +10% Siege Weap. Dmg Res. +10% Max HP +80 Damage Reduction +5(Mastered) Gathering Level +3(Mastered) Fishing Level +3(Mastered) Social: Discord Mixer: mixer.com/Hephaestusx Instagram: qHephaestusp Twitter: qHephaestusxp Guild Style: We are mainly focused around PvE based gameplay. PvP when we need to or wanna have fun 😉. Life skillers are allowed in our Guild as well. Looking for New & Vet players to join our family there are no requirements to joining the Guild, if you wanna make money and enjoy the game give MagicTavern a try. Every weekend we do boss scroll runs & throughout the week Guild quests are active. We are a growing guild open to all players who are willing to play as a team or solo all types are welcomed here. We also have a Guild Discord, upon joining the Guild you can join our Discord to make communication easier. The Discord is used for everything Guild related so I encourage you to join the Guild+Discord 👀 *If Interested pm me on xbox(q Hephaestus p)*
  17. Die Zombies of Destruction rekrutieren wieder Streiter für ihre Armee der Untoten. In Black Desert sind die Zombies o(ingame ZoD) eine mittelgroße Gilde, die Alles von Neuling bis Veteran zu ihren Recken zählt. Wir spielen pvx und haben mehrere Boni freigeschaltet. Darunter z.B. Angeln +2, Sammeln +2 und momentan werden die PvP-Skills fertig ausgebaut. Bei uns wird keiner zu hartem progress gezwungen und jeder bei uns hat seine eigenen Vorlieben im Spiel. Wir legen allerdings Wert auf Beteiligung an Gildenquests, sowie Gildenkriegen. Du solltest über 18 sein und aktiv Black Desert spielen. Wenn du nun Teil dieser marodierenden Horde werden willst, trete einfach unserem Discord-Server bei und lerne und kennen. https://discord.gg/j6MRzk PS: Wir sind nicht nur eine Black Desert Gilde, sondern eine Gamingcommunity die gengreübergreifend so ziemlich alles angeht was die PS hergibt.
  18. Transcendent is looking to recruit active NA players! We are at around 65 active members and are looking to fill our ranks with valuable players such as yourself. We run a lot of guild quests through out the day, alongside doing guild bosses. We’re a mature and friendly guild looking for anyone with a 350+ GS and above the age of 18. We’re a PvP/E guild that partakes in various guild based events! If you are interested below is a link to our discord, or you can message me on here for details! Discord required! Look forward to playing with you!! https://discord.gg/QeuuMbc
  19. A group of us have left to make our own guild we have seen what works and what doesn't. We want to invite you all to join us in making an organised, drama free guild where people can enjoy and take part in events together. Mic is preferred for organisation and general banter.
  20. A group of us have left to make our own guild. After spending time in a few others we have seen what doesn't work and what does. We would like to offer all level and skill types to join us in making an organised guild for people who don't look for drama. Help each other and enjoy the game. Post your psn names here and I will send you a psn message
  21. <Misfits> [EU] Feel like no other guild wants you? Always feel a little bit out of place? Misfits could be the guild for you. We are a fairly new PVP driven guild. We are active, open and friendly. Always a party going for anyone that wants to drop in to chill. Keen on NW, GVG, missions and bossing. Currently participating in node wars 3 times a week, we are looking to increase that but we need your help to do so! If interested, we only ask a minimum of 400gs, we do offer help in areas of where to grind, how to build, fail stacking, etc. We do currently have the guild skills for ACC, AP, HP, DR, siege, gathering, and fishing maxed. If interested, add me - gamer tag is radioactiv mole.
  22. We are currently recruiting any and all types of players New or Vet. We have mastered gathering and fishing Guild Skills and if you wanna find out more?.. Just contact me 😁 ALL PLAYERS are welcomed!!
  23. MagicTavern MASTERED GUILD SKILLS: Gathering & Fishing We are a PvP & PvE guild. We have only 1 requirement when you join the guild and that is be active (login at least once/day) All are welcomed NEW or VET. If interested message me GT: q Hephaestus p
  24. We are currently recruiting any and all types of players New or Vet. We have mastered gathering and fishing Guild Skills and if you wanna find out more?.. Just contact me 😁 ALL PLAYERS are welcomed!!
  25. Integra recruiting dedicated PvP players 420+ gs| 59+ lvl for NW|GvG. We are active on XBOX[EU]. Write us a message on our discord if you are intrested. We are also very driven to teach people their class. Thanks! JOIN OUR DISCORD or talk to me personally throught XBOX GT : TECO ORIGINALZ https://discord.gg/FVb7tNR
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