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Found 59 results

  1. https://youtu.be/D2UDKmLTqUg I found a way to bypass Sony glitch, i dunno if i can share this type of content here im sorry if i did something wrong, im just trying to help everyone play black desert And btw its not devs fault.. they are trying to help everyone and im reading stupid things like "im gonna refund my preorder" its not devs fault. Its Sony fault, think about refund your PS4 or not buy PS5. Hold tight devs. Sorry for my bad english its not my main leanguage :(
  2. Hello world, just wanted to let you guys know that we honestly enjoyed the EU Beta of BD on PS4 (Pro). My wife, two friends and I purchased the game after experiencing the "see you again" event your GM's and CM "Trent" performed for us. That's four copies at once. The event gave us the last "push" we needed to make the jump and investment. For this reason, above all, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone involved for the awesome virtual experience this event created for us console players. Further below are some screenshots of the short but fun Beta. I also recorded the entire event on video, if anyone is interested? This "remastered" version of the game takes the title to a new level, surpassing the competition in so many ways. Impressive for a game that launched all the way back in 2015. What took you so long to bring this baby to PS4? Graphics: The graphics are astounding for an open world sandbox MMORPG of this magnitude. Really liking the deep and rich colors and - especially - the awesome water effects (reminds me of the good ol' Wave Race 64 days). There are a few MMO's on PS4 already, but not one comes close to the beautiful rendered water seen in BD. There's really no comparison. That being said, I'd really like to have a maximum graphics mode for PS4 Pro users running the game on 1080p resolution. On the other had, a friend of mine would appreciate a 1080p 60 fps mode. We already have a 4k mode, which is great. Adding one or two more visual modes to choose from is a good thing in my humble opinion. Btw, anyone else noticed considerably less pop-in when using a SSD on PS4 Pro? Sound: Loving the soundtrack. Keep it coming! Gameplay: Hardcore, flexible, fast, easy to learn and hard to master type of combat system. Superb! My personal wishlist after experiencing the Beta (keep in mind though, I haven't seen much yet): More types of mounts (I actually hate horses, would prefer a lion, wolf or any type of sea creature for that matter) More classes available at launch; preferably I would like to choose one from the start and stick with that class all the way to the end The ability to choose different types of gender for most classes More sea adventures, creatures and life in general (dolphins, whales, rays etc.) More underwater ruins, caves, secrets and maybe even dungeons to find and explore tbc We shall explore this world in its entirety and everything it has to offer, including the great, great ocean and its wonderful adventures! This pretty much visualises what I expect to happen to my first ship: https://youtu.be/dvdrCPr3gDQ Thanks for reading. See you again in a couple of days! Greetings from Germany. Screenshots:
  3. Hello console black desert players. I recently submitted my first app, a black desert companion, to the Windows Store. It currently has in game timers and World boss notifications, for Xbox/PC in NA/EU. I plan on adding more features with cooking and alchemy recipes next on my mind. If you have any feedback, suggestion, issues, or bugs feel free message me here or in app or my discord: alannitro17#3450. I hope you all will check it out. 😊 Store Link
  4. Integra recruiting PvP driven players. Players who are willing to learn their class and improve over time. XBOX EU Prefered main classes: Zerks/Witches/Wizards Trails are required to join. 3 officers will be trailing you on your playstyle with your class Main requirements: 59Lvl + 400 GS+ = AP + AwakAP / 2 + DP = GS Contact us and write on our discord, we are people too so you can talk to us if you have questions JOIN US ON OUR DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FVb7tNR Check us out at www.twitch.tv/kingoriginalz
  5. Lost? Confused? Struggling with the effects of Alien Hand Syndrom? <Rain> understands, and we’re here if you need a hug. First one is free, the second one costs you your SOUL or a donut. Join today and enjoy. https://discord.gg/MxnJpfM
  6. So I've recently taken an interest in BDO and was wondering. Will it be region locked?? I'm currently playing from New Zealand so we're thrown under the bus into EU region/server by default (EU psn) and whenever I've played other mmo's like Tera,Skyforge and Defiance they've all been region locked based on the location your account is associated with. Which playing from New Zealand, I'm stuck in EU. Unless it's like ESO or FF14 where I get to freely choose what server region I get to play in? Playing in EU from New Zealand is quite the huge setback since we always have 320+ ping if we're forced to play on EU server which makes it close to impossible to play at 100% when you're rubber banding most of the time. Whereas playing on NA i have around 100 which is more than viable. Really dont want to purchase the game and realize that i cant freely choose between NA or EU. Or would i have to make an US PSN account just to play on NA server? Any insight or info would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  7. As they announced there is going to be a new class and it's a support it reignited for me the interest and provided a the motivation to finally come back to BDX. Now Im not great when it comes to Dps and PVP especially 1x1 as I specialise in mass scale PVP and battle grounds as a support and untill now there were not really a option given in terms of classes for such a role and now with the announcement of Shai I can finally enjoy the game the way I like it, being a true support and watching out for the front and them in need. I am a PC veteran but for the most part I really don't have anything to brag about or show off as for the most part I just leveled classes took them for a spin to find the once I liked and focus on, I didn't do anything whit life skills at all so that part of the game is still a complex mystery to me tho knowing well it's the one thing you got to do in order to gain silver and mats thus I always was short on silver but despite that I still managed to gear and enjoy the neet style of the game. With the introduction of the new class I decided to prep for it that be: gearing, life skills and silver gain for a easier transition for a class swap when the time comes. I have been part of Symphony so as Life guild from whom I had the best time playing the game was in the guild of Life. It was small but hax it was tense, exciting, confusing at times but so much fun to be in tho when they disbanded was the time I quit BDX as the thrill of being hunted, hated and more but knowing we got each others backs was ireplacebl by any other guild it was the same feeling when I plaited in Tera under Red Zerg a Russian hard core War guild but time flys and now I'm returng to BDX thus I seek a new guild. Main: Shai Alt: Lahn, Valk Style: Support Mic: Yes Forum: Astolti Xbox: Astolti Targets: Gear, Basic understanding on life skills, preparations for my main Guild: PVX [Casual War Guild] with a decent member count and activity. Voice is a must. Astolti
  8. <Virtue> guild is recruiting to expand its PvP rosta, We have an active friendly guild recruiting all types of players, in particular PvP players. Most members are 450+ but minimum gs req is 400, exceptions made for people showing progress and wanting to move forward quickly, We our players vary in experience ranging from a few months played on xbox to 3 years on pc, the Node War leaders all have extensive experience leading node wars from both pc and xbox. We currently have 70 members (subject to change as guild carries on progressing) we are looking to recruit in more PvP focused players to continue doing node wars and push higher teir nodes, eventually siege wars. Alongside nw and sw we host a variety of events including pvp arena tournaments where we pay pearls, hide and seek, daily guild missions, bosses for people wanting them, guild wars, and are always looking for wars to keep our members active, entertained and happy here. We can help players learn new classes, help with gear, give tutorials in fail stacking if struggling, run scrolls for money, were a community focused guild and will be taking the PvP scene by storm *Discord is mandatory* If you are interested please post below your character name, gs and xbox GT so we can contact you best of luck! ElysiveNovias GT Litchborn IGN
  9. KnightsOfSmaug Recuriting Members of any lvl and experience Plat: Xbox HQ:Mediah-1 Message For a Inv GT:DragoH2o
  10. Servus;) Hast du kein Glied?Dann werde Mitglied bei FallenAngels Wir suchen neue Kameraden für Gildenbosse , Postenkriege und Gildenkriege dabei ist uns das Lv und die Ausrüstung egal. Ihr solltet 18+ sein und Spaß am Game haben Ps. Wir haben Kekse und sind auf Calpheon 1 meistens unterwegs. Ihr könnt mich gerne Ingame anflüstern (Aborax) sollte ich nicht online sein fügt mich bei Xbox hinzu ExoAnimaZero Oder schreibt unten was hin Auf eine gute zusammenarbeit;)
  11. We are recruiting for our fresh new guild. We are a group of players who are constantly thriving to be better on BDO. We are a close Guild of friends who want the best experience possible out of the game! We are all about equality and believe that every member should be able to be heard in what they want to say, whether it be on how to improve the Guild or what they want from the Guild as its members are the backbone to any Guild. We see too many Guilds shun there lower members and even higher members for trying to better themselves and that pushes people away! We are looking for people with a Gear Score of at least 320+. All of our members currently are sitting at 350+ GS. We are mainly going to focus on PvP but PvE players also play a huge part of this so All are welcome to join! We can help you practice to PvP with you Character if this is something you would like to venture into. We have already established Allies that will help by setting up friendly wars to help both Guilds members learn how to PvP in preparation for Node Wars! We have top PvE players who are extremely knowledgeable in everything BDO. This includes knowing how to get the best out of the Nodes and how to get the best out of your Workers for maximum resource gain. Hope on over into our discord or DM myself for more information, I'm looking forward to meeting you all and making one of the best Guilds in EU! https://discord.gg/6SNx3hf
  12. Hello guys, So after a seemingly endless search for a decent LifeSkill Guild on EU, I decided to take initiative and set up my own. We are a LifeSkill focused & PVE guild , there will be no guild activities relating to PvP . It's only me now , but I hope to build a decent community of LifeSkillers! If you wish to join , pop Discord : https://discord.gg/tWGtwMs 🐛🐛
  13. PRÉSENTATION DE LA INSANE Une guilde soudée, l'entraide chez nous est instinctif, notre système de recrutement in-game est assez spécial mais fonctionnel certes nous réveillons les joueurs immatures qui nous insultent à cause de notre système de recrutement mais en les voyants parler cela nous donne le sourire ! NOS OBJECTIFS ? Nos objectifs sont de devenir une des meilleures guildes EU, nous voulons toujours viser le TOP, chez nous, nous recherchons toujours à nous améliorer! LES AVANTAGES CHEZ NOUS Énormément de PvP chez nous donc si vous recherchez de la compétition affronter les meilleures guildes cela se passera chez nous ! 6 nodewar par semaine ! Un peu de détente le soir de 20h à 22h. 60 boss de guilde par semaine ! Oui nous voulons aider un maximum de nos joueurs avec ces boss cela permettra aux membres de se faire pas mal d'argent ou de pierres noires ! Les salaires ! Les salaires de base sont de 30.000 pour les nouveaux joueurs et cela augmentera en fonction de vos heures de connexion et de votre participation, nodewar, quête de guilde etc et bien sûr si nous gagnons nos nodewar chaque soir cela fera beaucoup d'argent et nous pourrons faire des payouts. Comment rentrez chez nous ? Pour entrer chez nous, vous devez avoir ces prérequis citez ci-dessous! 440 GS+ LvL 58+ Discord Obligatoire (Écrit et vocal) Être disponible le soir pour les NodesWar qui sont de 20h à 22h Avoir un micro ! Nous acceptons Anglais (EN) et français (FR) ----------------------------------------------------------------- DISCORD INSANE : https://discord.gg/sQgBXuy Pour nous contacter voici les GT: Chef de guilde : Degeulass Officier : Max L FR - Dynasty Dob - Noooize
  14. This is a totally revamped Guild with new leadership and new officers. we currently have about 15 members and we are open to anybody joining us at the moment. no minimum requirements of anything. there is also a couple of spots open to a few select people with a high enough gear score or enough knowledge of the game as officers. most of us are at least 20 years of age and we act like it, there is no drama in this Guild. if this sounds like the place for you please contact me through this forum or you can message me directly on Xbox Live. My gamer tag is ORICHEEMARU. Can't wait to talk to you. Peace 🤗
  15. Hello everyone! Me(Wizard) and a friend(sorc), both Lvl 56 are currently looking for a PvP focused Guild on EU servers. We are looking for a Guild with experienced and skilled players who are both active and mature (we are in our twenties). We are no PC vets but over the past few weeks, have learned a lot by watching and reading guides and we continue to do so every day. We do have played MMOs before, Wow and especially ESO over the past few years. We are looking for a Guild that helps us to farther improve our skills and knowledge. We are both online - 8hours/day. My AP/DP is currently 154/172 and my friends is around the same. So if you are recruiting, we are always open for a talk to find out more about your guild. Of course, if you have any further questions, just let me know!
  16. Hi everyone, i know what you are all thinking "Another Apex guild?"- We are not related. This is obviously the better and much better looking EU Version! - .......Wait for it.😂 We are a small group of friends which have come together from multiple games (mostly FPS) over the years that just fancied a go at another RPG game. Not one of us has a clue what we are doing being new to BDO and are all in the process of learning the game which is great because it adds to the experience. All of us are aged 25-40+ and have commitments outside of the game which is why we appreciate anyone that is in the same boat. We do not have any strict playtime and participation rules. We are looking for more chilled experienced or non experienced members from EU that speak English to join us. We aim to get involved in some PVP and PVE activities and just overall have some fun & enjoy the game. The only rules we have are: 1) Do not be toxic! 2) Be over 21 years of age 3) have a Mic that works If you're interested and feel this is the guild suits you, feel free to send a message to my GT: AzzaSsiin or if its easier a DM on here @Azza Depending on how much interest there is we could eventually set up a discord channel purely for the guild. Thanks for reading!
  17. There's no place like HOME. That's the feeling of people in Renegades. Join our discord for full info!!! DISCORD LINK https://discord.gg/x8JQUEX
  18. After fishing, unequiping fishing rod, i am unable to access ring menu, have to change server or re-log for it to work.
  19. Ok i was extracting black stones from item, at blacksmith in Heidel. He decided to go off on one, stuck his sign up while he was removing stones. That resulted in me being unable to do anything, stuck in gui, no response from controller buttons. i had to power the xbox off and restart.
  20. Dear Experienced players, This rookie is in need of a mentor. One who can show me all the ropes that BDO has to offer. For example: Crafting Tips & Tricks Enhancing gear Best approaches for bosses tips about Game mechanics Musa class skill picks Preferences: Plays on the European Servers Speak English or Dutch Experienced player is also the class of Musa Knows all the in's and out's of the game who doesn't mind to help from time to time (when really necessary, this means if I'm stuck at a Quest) Mature Lend me unboundable gear, just that I lvl quicker. when I outgrown them, I will return them of course. I'm willing to hire gear aswell. Good Samiritan Are you interested and are you wiling to help this rookie out? Contact me by(Optional): Xbox One: Piwi2point0 IGN: Piwi BlackSand (BlackSand = Family name) Or respond here on this topic Thank you in advance for sharing your experience! Kind Regards, Piwi BlackSand (currently lvl 19)
  21. Greetings, The mature player base of bdx is a dominant one and as such its statistically correct to assume most of them work in a 9 to 5 job. Id like to suggest to move the Kzarka spawn time to 17:30 ish UTC on Mondays, Wednesday and fridays. The 16:00 UTC spawn as it is brought up a lot of complaining voices and imo should be addressed. You've already changed it from 15:00 UTC, we'd like you to make another small adjustment. What do you the player think? Should working people be left behind because of an 1 hour diff? Seems odd to me. Cheers.
  22. Hello myself and a friend are looking for an active chill guild of adult players who are looking to chill and enjoy the game we are PVE but will defend ourselves if necessary we would like to be active members of a guild doing any and all guild quests and bosses both have 300+ gear score mostly play on EU serendia 2 server
  23. Hi lvl 53 mage EvilEd GT Jon of the Dead looking for an active guild to join I mainly play of an evening till the early hours of morn so after a guild with members on at all hours. Msg me replies and feel free to add me on Xbox
  24. ReignOfCats is simply a small & relaxed guild with the intention to enjoy the game. We aim to partake in friendly PvP, Guild quests for growth and other events. I also originate from PC- free to ask me questions (member or not) by messaging "Ketchup Sachet" on Live or "Pikaboochu#0025" on Discord. Nothing is to be taken seriously- accepting of anyone with a friendly attitude. Current goals & passtimes: Grow the guild through missions, recruitment and practice. PvP duels friendly matches Grind and quest parties. Future goals: Node wars Whale / Sea Monster hunting parties Grinding parties. DIscord Link- PM Pikaboochu: https://discord.gg/m6gAbed
  25. Guild "Halo" is seeking active and dedicated PVP members whit no fear nor regret going negative. Witch & Wizard is given priority over DPS for now as the spots are limited. For now that is, we are working on extending the guild. Min Req.: L55 + MIC's a must. "Halo" is a War / up to no good EU guild with strong bloodthirst for PVP Link to our Discord We stand our ground and don't obey any one. JOIN US! And become one of the Most Wanted in across all of EU Servers.
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