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  1. ✅NA<PVX>⚔️PlusUltra Recruiting NA and AU New & Returning⚔️✅ Xbox I’ll keep this brief and get right to the point. First off by saying “Welcome to black desert Xbox.” We are a small guild still growing. Casual tight knit group of 15 very active players. We understand people who have a life outside this game and that’s why we are recruiting both casual and hardcore players. The casual players can focus on life skills while our hardcore pvp teams can take care of the nodewars and castle sieges once we get to that level. Besides nodes are limited to the number of ppl that can participate anyhow. What u can expect? Daily Payouts: You will be paid daily for being a part of our guild, and based on performance u can be paid a whole lot more. Weekly Payouts: Once sea monsters are available in game, u can expect very lucrative loot and pay. (Honestly it’s the best in the game). Discord: You do not need to speak on Discord, but it is required for organizational purposes! https://discord.gg/Y3xPRNQ Participation Requirements: You must participate in either Sea Monster hunting OR Nodewars/Siege at least once a week. Everyone chips in and the money acquired from these events will be your weekly payouts. Payouts range from 1mil to 100 mil per person. (1billion/person is only possible when Sea Monsters arrive). Experienced BDO Players: We have many PC veteran players that can give u the advice u need to get a rapid start. Stay ahead of the game. Join discord to receive a guild invite. Lifeskills: Sailing, fishing, horse breeding. PVP: War declarations, node wars, castle sieges. Code of Conduct (CoC): 1. Be polite, be professional, but kill whatever/whoever the hell you want. 2. Work as a team, we're all here to get the loot together. 3. Help on guild missions if you are on. This will increase your daily pay. 4. No Drama (being toxic) Guild Application: https://forms.gle/jJhsifmpjoAgbGqRA Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Y3xPRNQ
  2. Progression is a small growing guild with 19 members looking for more active members. We do Daily Bosses/Gear grinding/and Guild missions. We are also just starting to get into guild bosses, come join in and have some fun with us. We also have a discord that i just created that we will be using to keep guild members informed of whats going on within the guild. If you are interested leave me your GT below or message my GT at "Vengecide". No mic is required but a few of us talk in parties a lot. We are on Calpheon 2.
  3. [MVP] is a recruiting active members. We have years of mmo experience and ready to take on BDO. We're a chill group that likes to do quest, life skill and level other classes. We do multiple scroll runs a week and boss scroll fights on Saturday. If you wanna level and chill come join us! Most of us have families and jobs. We understand you can't be on all day. But would like you to be active as you can. Life always comes 1st. If you have any questions feel free to come and join our discord and ask. Jelly#0166 ⚔️ NA Guild ⚔️ New players and Veterans welcome ⚔️ 21+ ⚔️ Active ⚔️ Good attitude ⚔️PvX ⚔️ lvl 50+ GS 270 ⚔️ Guild Missions ⚔️ Life Skills ⚔️ Scroll runs/ Guild boss scrolls ⚔️ Guild Buffs ( AP +4 health + 60. Gathering +1 Fishing +1) ⚔️Daily Guild Payouts must be active ⚔️Main server is S-1 Join our discord and check out the rules to see if [MVP] is the guild for you. MvP Discord
  4. We are openly recruiting right now any levels or GS, no requirement. We currently have around 25 members and are growing fast. now is one of the best times to get into this Guild because there will be spots available for generals for people who have the skill and knowledge. we have a working Discord and we also use the Xbox Live party everyday so there is constant communication between all of us that is very family oriented. So if you like to chill and get all geeked up and get your GS up at the same time this is probably the best place for you you can contact me through Xbox Live @ORICHEEMARU or through the forum. Peace 😉
  5. Hey there, I've created a guild just for life skillers, wether you AFK or slam the game 24/7 you are welcome! Drop me a message on my char "LadyLife" or family name "The_Allfather". Skal!
  6. Ahoy aspiring sailors and marines look no further! Blackwater is recruiting and you are what we need! Ships and sea monsters will come in future updates and we can begin preparing now! As most of you BDO veterans know sea monster hunting is the MOST LUCRATIVE source of income in BDO. Burn and pillage for the booty! We understand real life is important and that this is a game, so we will be recruiting both casual and hardcore players. With the new siege mechanics only a certain amount of players can participate in wars anyway. This way we can have lifeskillers play casually while the more hardcore members can also play that type of content. I am here to make a team with you guys, and a community. We will cater to your needs as long as you help the guild grow as a whole in your own way be it lifeskilling, warring, or sea monster hunting. You do not need to speak on Discord, but it is required for organizational purposes! https://discord.gg/djgNhvt ----------------------------------------------------- Code of Conduct (CoC): 1. Be polite, be professional, but kill whatever/whoever the hell you want. 2. Work as a team, we're all here to get the loot together. 3. Help on guild missions if you are on. This will increase your daily pay. 4. You must participate in either Sea Monster hunting OR Nodewars/Siege at least once a week. Everyone chips in and the money acquired from these events will be your weekly payouts. Payouts range from 20m to 1b silver per person per week. (1billion/person is only possible when Sea Monster content arrives.) ------------------------------------------------------------------- TL:DR Guild Benefits: Daily Payouts: As we work together to increase our guild capacity and completing guild missions we will be able to renew contracts and pay each guild member more. Weekly Payouts: Once nodewars/siege and sea monsters come around we will also be doing weekly payouts which will become a LARGE portion of your income without you having to grind mindlessly for silver. Advice From BDO Veterans: We have many OG players and will provide you with all the information you need to grow at a rapid pace and stay ahead of the game. Please join our Discord to get invited into the guild. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/djgNhvt XBOX Club: BDONavy Lifeskills: Sailing, fishing, horse breeding. PVP: War declarations, node wars, castle sieges. Want payouts like this? Join Blackwater's Navy today! Would you like to know more? Fill out the form below and we will be in contact! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name(xbox/family/character: Level: Have you played PC BDO? Activity level and what kind of activities are you looking for? (Pvp pve lifeskill etc): Anything else we should know?: --------------------------------------Credentials--------------------------------------------- I have 3 years experience in top siege guilds (Blackrose, Vertex, Guilty, Bastion) on the PC version along with 2 characters at softcap. I have enough knowledge to help keep you guys above the meta and guide you to be the best you can be!
  7. Looking for some quality members to join the guild! Were pretty chill but have a core group of players that have been playing pretty much nonstop. Need some cool people to join up, but also take it semi-serious. Node wars are coming, World bosses have released, and we're beginning to prep for all of that. More details below: 30+ members at or around lvl 55+. Currently reaching 300 gs with multiple people. Many with 250+ gs 7 officers that are on daily lifeskilling, pvping, or farming. Good amount of other players playing daily (no surprise) Currently at 50 members but now looking to consolidate with quality members and removing individuals with low activity. Already preparing tons of resources for Node wars once they are released, as we look to be very active with it. Guild Passives are growing now that we've ceased from expanding the guild size. Have a discord channel and have now made it mandatory to join. Currently going through the process of gathering everyone in the discord. Refusal to join = boot. Plenty of collaboration and growing. Ideally looking for members above lvl 50 with higher gear scores, but not opposed to individuals claiming to hit those targets ASAP. Feel free to post, pm, msg or whatever. My gamertag is Poboy 40oz if you'd like to msg me that way.
  8. <Lifeskillers> -NA- PvE guild run by a PC vet Recruiting Active And Chill Players Active As In Stays Online Even If Its Afk Fishing!!! 2 Gathering / 1 AP Guild Missions Daily Pay Friendly Guild Happy To Help New Players. We Have A Discord And We Encourage You To Join It But Its Not Required Message Me On Here Or Join Our Discord Join our discord https://discord.gg/C3S36yM
  9. Hi everyone, Forsaken is an xbox based guild that is based in Calpheon 3 that is looking for new members. We are mainly a PVP and PVE guild that is focused on helping each other We have a discord that is building along with our guild. We are mainly a US east coast and central time zone guild. Requirements: 1) Active player 2) Gear score of at least 250 3) lvl 50+ If you would like to join, please feel free to join our discord and one of our officers will get you an invite to the guild and answer any further questions. Discord link
  10. [ House of Iron ] "Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war." - Seneca the Younger House of Iron a guild fresh to BDO, and is looking for new members. With 50+ members on ESO, House of Iron is now moving on to Black Desert. Our goal is to inspire leadership, teamwork, and spirit in our members in order to take control of the PvP scene. New players and veterans alike are welcome to join the guild, and member activity time will be flexible since the game is just about to release. In the end, we are looking for dedicated players to engage in mainly PvP content. This includes node wars, sieges, and tournaments. House of Iron will not have an overflow guild, if such a problem arises. Attitude is an important part of House of Iron, and will be considered throughout your membership to the guild. Toxic players will find that they will not last very long in this guild, and discrimination will not be tolerated anywhere. Each guild member will be expected to contribute towards the guild's progress, and those who are undedicated to the guild will be replaced. Once the guild grows, the most prominent members will be interviewed and selected for admin rolls for the guild. Most of all, House of Iron hopes to mantain a welcoming and cheerful feeling for each of its guild members, where communication is prioritized. Comment your XBOX gamertag and/or your discord if you want to be added to the guild. Members must be 16+, and have a mic in order to communicate. Feel free to ask me questions directly or here on the forums. By joining House of Iron, members will receive the following benefits: Daily wages according to how well a member performs in the guild, and what territory the guild owns General guild benefits such as guild skills & housing A PvP scene that keeps things exciting with constant guild wars and territorial combat Discord & XBOX groups to keep you up-to-date on the plans of the guild A welcoming, tactical guild that prioritizes communication A bit about Casxius: I've played many MMOs on both PC and XBOX, the most prominent being Elder Scrolls Online. I held a fairly successful Ebonheart guild by the same name of House of Iron. We often held keeps & resources in PvP, being on the forefront of the faction war. I hope to achieve the same thing on BDO, where House of Iron can rise once again. XBOX gamertag: Koathanger
  11. Make some friends. Have some allies. Do whatever you feel like with the perks of being in a guild. We run guild boss scrolls and are constantly doing other group activities such as: Red Battlefield, World Bosses, Exploration, Alt. Account Leveling, and even just scheduled PvP with other random guilds. If you have any questions needed to be answered add me on Discord. @Cason#3404
  12. Slav Nation EU we are recruiting dedicated players who are ready to be in a semi-hardcore PvP guild What we offer: Guild Pay-outs Guild Skills A strong community Weekly Guild Events Node wars once they are implemented Requirements: To join our discord you must be active we are seeking active members (we understanding to those who are busy) Discord: If you are interested in joining Slav Nation and want more info about us join are discord: https://discord.gg/xgRCf4 and fill in this application in are application channel Application: Name(xbox/family/character: Level+AP/DP: Class: MMO experience/past BDO experience: Extra info (optional)
  13. Royalty 👑 Guild is now Recruiting for players who love PVP/PVE and are ready to fight! We are a ACTIVE GUILD and looking for amazing people to play with. Please message if your looking to join! Qualifications: Gear Score 340+ (combine your ap and dp) Active Play Contributing to guild quests Perks for joining: We offer DAILY PAY , BOSS SCROLLS , PVP , NEVER PLAY ALONE AGAIN! , GUILD MISSIONS, DISCORD, GUILD EVENTS 😬 Gamertag - LishaBre
  14. “Walk the path of a Reaper” Soul Reaper is currently recruiting dedicated players to join us for the NA Xbox One Black Desert launch. Soul Reaper is a PVP focused guild with a growing community, comprised of knowledgeable, seasoned, veteran PC Black Desert players and a mix of new blood. We are seeking to build an elite society of dedicated Reapers to lead as one of the top PVP focused guilds on the server. The Reaper society is a loyal group and we oath to improve each individual member. MUST BE ACTIVE: We are seeking active members to add to the society (we are understanding to those who are busy). PVP FOCUSED: We are a PVP focused guild, you must be active in Node Wars/Sieges and show drive for improvement. We expect competitive spirits. We want to win. MIC & DISCORD: Communication is key. You are required to join Discord and you are required to have a mic in order to join the society. NO DRAMA: If you are one to cause drama or create rifts, this isn’t the guild for you. All issues are set to a vote or resolved by Arena PVP. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART: If you are easily offended, this isn’t the guild for you. RESPECT: If you are incapable of showing respect, this isn’t the guild for you. DEFEND THE REAPERS: If a reaper calls, be prepared to come to their aid. We never leave a member of the society alone. If you aren’t interested in defending the society, this isn’t the guild for you. We believe in fairness, all things must come to a vote or a PVP match. Payouts and rewards increase based on contribution and consistent activity. We offer each individual an opportunity to move up the ranks to become officers. Seasoned, Veteran PC players to provide you with knowledge and know how. Loyal Society Mentality, so no one gets left behind. Active Node Wars and Sieges once launched, we seek to dominate. We are consistently active and will help you improve. We’re all about competitive fun. We will hold in-guild tournaments and activities with rewards. If you're interested in joining, please complete an application here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AqMldPKLMl?i=54kZReXA You can also drop your GT, send a PM for details, or join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/PRGaxU7
  15. LETHEAN New NA guild recruiting newcomers and veterans alike. {Le·the·an /ˈlēTHēən/ adjective causing oblivion or forgetfulness of the past.} we started as a group of friends new to BDO, so get in on it in the beginning and help us grow and shape the guild. we need a few active officers and recruiters. we come from an extensive background of MMOs, so were no stranger to the genre. requirements: at this time, none.. just try and help push the guild forward. Have fun! respect and help guild members, lets grow as a guild into a gaming community over time. would like a balance between PVE and PVP. We will do guild activities weekly, and will be active in node wars and seiges when the time comes. hop in the newly created discord server and lets get going! https://discord.gg/2MJaUD
  16. Guild "Halo" is seeking active and dedicated PVP members whit no fear nor regret going negative. Witch & Wizard is given priority over DPS for now as the spots are limited. For now that is, we are working on extending the guild. Min Req.: L55 + MIC's a must. "Halo" is a War / up to no good EU guild with strong bloodthirst for PVP Link to our Discord We stand our ground and don't obey any one. JOIN US! And become one of the Most Wanted in across all of EU Servers.
  17. Our guild is currently trying to recruit fairly high-level players for our pvp guild. We welcome all new plays and though some of us are experienced with the pc version of Black Desert anyone who meets the requirement is welcome to join. 275 isn't the max gear score but we're looking to recruit players who are fairly good at the game but we still want to have fun along the way. Though this gear score is pretty easy to achieve at this point I don't want to make the requirements too hard for newer players. We'll start contracts off on the low side of around 40,000 but these become negotiable after we participate in our first node wars and look at overall contribution, we do everything that you could expect of a guild, run bosses, participate in pvp events and help our players to progress further in the game. We welcome anyone who truly wants to have fun and do well, we do however expect our members to be active as we will almost always have an officer online so we don't expect anyone to be truly inactive for a while. Send a reply if you want to join and we'll get back to you and invite you to the discord. All members must have working mics.
  18. Hello, everyone 7 players strong so far... No real leaders but myself message me if interested. Looking to have a fun and competitive experience in the near future with many more active members. GT on Xbox is DirtyWidit
  19. We are looking for active members of any kind we are still just starting out but dedicated. Message me or add on Xbox.
  20. Firmly Decreed N/A but EU welcome is recruiting lv 50+ For PvPvE, guild wars, and coming node wars. If your intrested whisper Andae in game or message GT Dummyapple488. Currently looking for warriors rangers wiz/witch and sorc for guild wars and boss scrolls. Zerks welcome We have 7 officers including the guild master who live in game and an active roster of 30+ players. If your looking for a new home in game or are about to hit 50 and are worried about grinding alone come join us at the XFirmlyXDecreedX Server Cal - 2.
  21. What do we offer? > Fun and Welcoming environment > Discord & Xbox Club Access > We Pay you daily and you get XP Bonuses > NA Server & No Requirements (Solo/Casual friendly) If you are a player that seeks fun and a good time than this is the guild for you! EDIT The guild operates in EST. But we will try and compensate different timezones. We have a discord! Feel free to join if you are interested https://discord.gg/mNY6pAD EDIT #2 We are also looking for an individual interested in PvP Leadership to help lead those of our members interested in PvP. Please DM for more info on this role or join our discord!
  22. Whether you like scenic speed running out of jail, making millions to turn the tide of a siege, zerging gankers, or slaying afk players for fun than <Trash Pandas> is for you. We'd like to formally invite you to join us for the open beta as well as game launch. If you are interested in becoming a dominating force in PvP content, learning all about BDO and enjoying your time online, please post your gamer tag or message me on Xbox (Brokenaz5) Did I mention we'll have boats? Discord; https://discord.gg/PpfSPS5 Xbox Club; Trash Pandas BDO ------------------------------------------- What to expect from Trash Pandas ------------------------------------------- High Activity - Whether defending guildies in the open world, sieging castles/nodes, groups for grinding bosses, or making bank doing mercenary work, there will be no shortage of excitement. Frequent Contract Promotions - As the game and guild progress, we will offer ever increasing rates for guild contracts. Flexibility - Although we will require participation, we understand life happens and can cause time away from BDO. As long as it is properly communicated we shouldn't have a problem. Tournaments and Prizes - We will regularly host dueling/3v3 tournaments, open world pvp contests, bounty kills for enemy guilds and much more. ------------------------------------------- What Trash Pandas expects from you ------------------------------------------- Loyalty - Guild first. There will be no other code of conduct beyond that. Progress - Guildies will need to push to reach 50+ as fast as possible, as well as getting decently geared quickly. Knowledge - BDO is an extremely in depth and detailed game. Players will be expected to be willing to learn and have a base level of information. There are tons of amazing guides and we are here to help. Commitment - Seiges, node wars, guild questing, worker contributions, etc will be required activities, and guildies will be judged heavily on dedication and contributions towards our goals. Communication - We dont expect everyone to use the Discord/club all the time, but when we are at war, sieging, etc microphones are mandatory. When a guild member asks for help or asks a question, responding is expected if you are available. Don't be a Care Bear; be a Trash Panda.
  23. Гильдия Red Rise ведет набор в свои ряды, как опытных игроков , так и новичков в мире Черной пустыни. Наше основное направление GVG (guild wars) не мене важно для нас PVE направление и развитие каждого участника гильдии, а так же PVP составляющая мира BDX. С нами можно связаться: VK https://vk.com/bdo.xbox Discord https://discord.gg/mRqFbc8
  24. So, I haven't made a clan/guild/society in quite a while. I have been waiting for this game for a while now, and I'm excited to embark on this journey with new friends from around the world. My goal is to create a strong foundation for casual players to grow, and become something that is not "traditional". I'm pretty good at managing groups, so I feel we will always have a great and organized time! This "whatever it is" is brand new, so the name, what we stand for, and motto is all up for grabs. I want this to be something everyone has a part in. The goal is to create a family, network with people from across the world, and take this to the highest level we can! Interested?
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