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  1. Zapraszam wszystkich do gildii " Polska HUSARIA" Jesteś nowym graczem czy starym wyjadaczem postaramy sie pomoc w osiągnięciu celu bo stara legenda głosi "TYLKO RAZEM MOŻEMY WSZYSTKO" jako gildia stawiamy na dobra zabawę w towarzystwie 18+ jak i również wzajemna pomoc a co najważniejsze SZACUNEK!! bez tego nie ma co zaczynać ;]]Posiadamy dwie gildie jedna idąca w kierunku PvPvX i druga dla nowicjuszy jak i również graczy PvE/LifeSkill wiec jak szukasz gildi to zapraszam napisz mi wiadomość tutaj albo na PSN- the_killer666pl pozdrawiam serdecznie
  2. After the newest update you are only able to use auto run or auto path to nodes or quest locations but you are not able to mark a random location on map anymore. This needs to fix as soon as possible! Edit: Restart game and console didn't work.
  3. Hello! RumPie is a PVX/Lifeskills guild who have recently started getting into node wars. We are mainly on Mediah 1and Arsha (though you can play on your own on any server). Guild memebers are are helpful both through guild chat and our discord. There is typically a ps voice chat available to join. Our main goal is to have a good time! Our current passive skills are all maxed except for trade and seige weapon damage (though they will be soon!). We recommend a 400+ gearscore to join, but are willing to help active players build their gearscore from lower. Join our discord and send a message in the general chat so we can figure out a time when you'll be on to send a contract! https://discord.gg/cNWbC7r
  4. Servus und Hallo, wir suchen Verstärkung! Momentan sind wir ein kleiner Haufen von 12 Leuten, die grundsätzlich alles tun was mit PvP zu tun hat. Sei es Arena, RBF oder einfach nur open PvP - wir sind bei jedem Spaß dabei. Um jetzt endlich auch in die Nodewars einzusteigen suchen wir ambitionierte Leute! Das einzige was wir erwarten: - 18+ - Headset - freundlicher zivilisierter Umgang im Chat und in der PSN Party - GS 450 + zu UNS: - täglich aktiv - alle Gildenkampftalente max LvL - alle Lifeskilltalente auf max LvL - Alter von 20 - 40 Jahren im moment - ~ GS 500 Wir haben einen eigenen Discordserver voll mit Know-How und Guides (VC läuft über PSN) Bei Interesse einfach bei mir melden, hier über PM oder bei PSN: Lipty444
  5. Region: EU Server: Valencia Description: Not available to put a marker on the map. "Square" button doesn't work. "L2+square" doesn't work. How we will come to another town or world boss without a mark??
  6. Yo! o/ I'm a 21 year old aspiring streamer who's interested in anime, football & gaming. I plan on bringing all sorts of gameplays, from different types of genres. I mainly play on the console (PS4), and I hope you guys will enjoy the content I'm making! 😊
  7. Hello everyone I wanted to ask you if the Guardian event Quest is only available on a PC ? our on Xbox and Playstation because supposedly there is an ax in the Ancient Stone Chamber and where you can start a quest by interacting with the ax ...
  8. <Holy> is recruiting! | PvP Focused | Discord req. | Reply for more info
  9. Firstly, I had no part in making & do NOT take credit for any of the following information. Creators are attributed in the actual guides. Just trying to compile it in one place to help some aspiring Nins that may have not known about it. The Ninja/Kunoichi discord, full of a bunch of experienced people to answer questions across all platforms: https://discordapp.com/invite/ninjakuno This is a comprehensive Ninja guide (gear/build theories, skills/skill add-ons, small & large scale tactics, class matchups, etc.): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U3IoifRGUj88R58Vg3cDQl1ks7lj5ElPquBPUYrzRrA/edit This is a PS4 Ninja Combo guide (with button layouts to make it easier): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d1NK5oEF06Gt_x2aqoJTo4BPbqyBiCUZzeV24PMMSu4/edit
  10. First being said, we are not a hardcore PvP guild with gearscore requirements because tbh in this game PvP competitiveness is mainly revolving around cron stone abuse, and in estimation it takes about $800-$1200 per character in pearl shop items to be able to be PvP competative in a short time say 4-5 months. "All Natural" will take more than a year to gear up. That being said we do, do nodewars and get kills and lose with grace even though its a Witch/Wiz AoE spam and this point and the counters have been recently released in the last month and a half and the new characters are too new to counter them effectively. I have gotten some messages asking if we do LARPing and such but some of us have been in RP guilds before, but with the guild houses not in the game yet LARPing is rather difficult. We have a PSN chat group (convencience), and a 24/7 PSN Voice chat available. The guild does about 4-5 guild missions daily and we have high level buffs of luck, skill and combat exp, +3 fish +3 gather, AP, gathering, and about 800m in guild funds even though we haven't achieved conquering a node yet. Some of our guild members have 510-520 GS I am an officer I am more about 430-440 GS I just rerolled valk because I mained it on PC. We do a lot of lifeskilling it's a PvX guild and I am the lifeskill officer I can help people do all lifeskills, I have about 1.5 years playing the game and I have 4 artisan lifeskills and I am pretty good at the item database. There is daily drama at fogans so if you get to the desert we have had some World Guild Wars, but we don't war dec for stupid reasons because it hurts lifeskillers income generation in the world. We try to keep drama down, and we have had some problems with P2W bragging, wallet warrior bragging, and stuff like that is not good behavior to gloat about. We have 50 members currently, and room to grow, and we will accept players of any level, we care more about the people rather than DPS performance. If interested just send a PSN message to player : Ludiusvox
  11. Elion’s chosen warrior is making her way to Black Desert PS4 tomorrow, January 9! Learn the history of the Valkyrie as she prepares for battle. http://ow.ly/RHJq50xQwCH
  12. Adventurers are now free to try their hand at the Altar of Blood! Party up with 2 other Adventurers and take your shot at the Illusions. Be sure to read the patch notes for full details: http://ow.ly/H4mu50xKutm
  13. The most difficult challenge to hit Black Desert PS4 yet is upon us! Check out the Altar of Blood GM Note to find out more! http://ow.ly/fFN450xJM35
  14. I buy Black desert Ultimate Edition. I got the item. But not yet opened Box Shudad Outfit Today i will open it But it disappeared PSN Ton-Level5 Server Asia I have 2 character I purchase game on playstation store thailand
  15. Currently we have reached our max capacity and we are not recruiting any members at the moment. Current Guild Updates as of 10th December All classes welcome <Royal Guard> for parents, people who work too much or just have little bit of time to play. It's just the 32 of us and we are just focusing on having fun together while we are online. There is no level nor is there an activity level requirement. We are also looking for members with creative background skills, such as helping setup a guild website, graphics, art of story telling (We are looking to expand on our guild lore.) 1. We went from 17 members to 32 members. 2. Monthly Awaken Boss Scrolls, next scroll event 15th Jan. 2020 3. Guild Skills Current Guild Skills: - Furious Roar Level 5(Mastered) (All Accuracy +5%) - Battle Roar Level 5(Mastered) (All AP +5) - Flame of Life Level 3 (Max HP +60) - Flame of Protection 4 (Damage Reduction +4) - Nimble Fingers Level 3(Mastered) (Gathering +3) - Art of Fishing Level 3(Mastered) (Fishing Level +3) If that sounds good please, just message me on PSN: Pray-man. Original Guild Post on 30th Sept. 30 2019 Hi there!!! We created our Guild <Royal Guard> for parents, people who work too much or just have little bit of time to play. It's just the 11 of us and we are just focusing on having fun together while we are online. There is no level nor is there an activity level requirement. Guild Skills: - Furious Roar Level 2 (All Accuracy +2) - Battle Roar Level 1 (All AP +1) - Flame of Life Level 2 (Max HP +40) - Flame of Protection 2 (Damage Reduction +3) - Nimble Fingers Level 2 (Gathering +2) - Art of Fishing Level 1 (Fishing Level +1) If that sounds good please, just message me on PSN: Pray-man. Our Guild's Origins “The Royal Guard”, oldest and most senior infantry regiment in the Calpheon Army (Army of the Black Desert), having been formed under Lord Eddric. “The Guards” led the charge against the Valencia Army (Army of the Red Desert) during the “First Calpheon - Valencia War”. Upon his majesty’s death(Guy Seric - The Last King of Calpheon), the Royal Guard was said to be dissolved by Calpheon Council soon after and went underground, protecting from the shadows. Years later, once again the regiment is faced with the threat of the ever growing Red Army and the Calpheon Council, we are once again called upon to protect its people and region.
  16. Now this is a possible bug; according to several guides I have read and seen I have done every step but the quest that Abelin is suppose to give doesn’t show up. I am wondering if it’s Amity or maybe I am missing a step. Any assistance would be a great help.
  17. BvR

    New Item?

    Hello Guys! What kind of item is it and where can get it?
  18. Enjoy the winter festivities by building a snowman, collecting snowflakes and opening holiday presents that Grandpa Cron throws from his sleigh as he flies through the sky. http://ow.ly/c6wd50xCwWF
  19. Unleash the latent power of Alchemy Stones in the next #BlackDesert #PS4 update! Fire up those Alchemy Tools, throw in some Sinner's Blood, mix it together and you may just have some extra AP/DP or Life Skill buffs. Find out more: http://ow.ly/oEEE50xAN3z
  20. Shai discovers her talents and Mystic finally awakens in the latest update for #BlackDesert #PS4! Jump in and try your hand at Alchemy Stones to push past your limits! For more information, check out the patch notes: http://ow.ly/qYqQ50xBTqV
  21. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to get this quest done. It’s a straight forward quest Investigate Saunil Archers. I noticed PC is having this issues as well.
  22. When I go to the hunt nothing is there to investigate.
  23. FALLEN ANGELZ recluta jugadores de habla hispana!! PS4 - Servidor NA Somos una guild de +50 jugadores latinos, aceptamos personas de habla hispana. Ayudamos a cualquier jugador que tenga ganas de progresar. Requerimos para tu ingreso +350 GS. Nuestra idea es encontrar nuevos jugadores que tengan ganas de hacer actividades PVE, como: · Subyugaciones · leveleo de personajes desde 0 · grindeo · farmeo y muchas cosas más. ¡Claro que no nos falta el PVP! Las guerras de nodos son actividades permanentes en nuestra guild y contamos con varios nodos en nuestro poder. Mas jugadores con ganas de ir a la guerra significa que podremos expandir el territorio y generar dinero que se reparte entre los integrantes de la guild como pago semanal. Contamos con un canal de Discord con muchas guías del juego, novedades, expertos que te ayudarán y más. También puedes formar parte del grupo de Whatsapp si tu interés es estar pendiente de las novedades en todo momento. En nuestro sitio de Instagram podrás subir fotos de tus personajes, ¡capturas que tomes en las guerras, batallas y demás! Si eres Activo, hablas español, y tienes ganas de progresar ni lo dudes, FALLEN ANGELZ te está esperando. ¡De seguro, echaremos unas risas! CONTACTO GuildMaster - PsnID: Mephisto1711 REQUISITOS. - Ser activo - +350 GS (Si no cumplen el este requisito se pueden hacer excepciones) - Hablar español. - Poder seguir ordenes en una guerra - Ser respetuoso ACTIVIDADES - Subyugaciones (10 todos los días) - NodeWar (2 por semana mínimas) - Arena PVP (Para practicar nuestras skills antes de la guerra) - Level up (¡Subimos personajes nuevos desde 0 una vez por semana hasta nivel 56 en solo 1 hora!) - Worldbosses, Guildbosses - Pesca en conjunto con barcos propios - Diversas actividades grindeo BENEFICIOS - Skills de guild Masterizadas y subidas al máximo en su totalidad. - Pago semanal a todos los integrantes de la guild e incentivos por participación (Dependiendo de su actividad se puede ganar 40 millones semanalmente o más) - Protecciónen caso de que no puedan defenderse de otros jugadores más fuertes - Canal de Discord personalizado con un montón de utilidades. - Grupo de Whatsapp - Instagram: FallenAngelzBDO
  24. U looking for an Guild that is prevending inactive members look no further we are Phoenix we play 7 days 6 hours a intire week doning guild mission raids world bosses etc we wanted players how are new to in bdo to train there class within 5 hours we train u from a rookie to a adventure from lv 1 to lv 50 playing on mediah 1 Phoenix is the main Guild check for Xbox recruitment Guild Phoenix2 for more detail and info head up with PSN Id King-Of-Anebles
  25. Welcome to <TheNiceGuys> We are a pve/life skill guild. We focus on helping each other out and doing guild missions. If you have any questions ask TheNiceGuys we're always down to help. Guild Skills: MAX We Play On Valencia 1 Server 55 Members Weekly Guild Bonuses
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