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Found 166 results

  1. Additional events that 𝐏𝐒𝟒 players can partake in are completing a pumpkin event quest for a special reward, submit a screenshot with Spook for a chance at a PlayStation Gift Card, and attack Pearl Abyss GM’s for their Golden Bells! ow.ly/w9Pz50wN8db
  2. The Halloween season has crept upon Black Desert. Jump in game and subdue Isabella the Black Witch, exorcise the evil spirit Spook, partake in Halloween quests, and more! This holiday season is packed full of tricks and treats. 🎃 ow.ly/lckf50wMZ5K
  3. Crimson Luna is a friendly and active guild with members on every day. We do have a 400 gear score requirement this is to help advance the guild to node wars. We participate in many activities from bosses to scrolls to chatting while doing life skills we try and do it all please come check put our discord we would love to meet you just follow the link https://dicord.gg/M7kBdr3 We are gearing up for node wars, and we are looking for new members to join the fight. We currently do some training exercises to help get us in fighting shape We have active voice chat parties where anyone can join and if you cant find on simply start one and invite some of you guildies to it Guild Master Hephaestus1 Sajor lv 58 wizard First officer Grimori Ahriman lvl 60 wizard
  4. Jesteśmy NOWĄ Polską Gildią, która mierzy we WSZYSTKIE możliwości Gildii, czyli Node Wars, Field Wars, itp. itd. Uczymy się gry, ale staramy się robić to w profesjonalny sposób. POSIADAMY Discorda, do rozmowy poza gra na temat gry i problemów. Jest to jedna forma komunikacji po za gra. Wiekszosc czasu spędzamy na Imprezy na PS. Używać będziemy Discorda odnośnie WOJEN, zrobimy to od razu, na ten moment staramy się naszą GILDIĘ "Wyexpić". KAŻDY GRACZ KTÓRY CHCE DOŁĄCZYĆ LUB DOŁĄCZYŁ MA OBOWIĄZEK DODANIA DO ZNAJOMYCH LIDERÓW Czyli: - Exixei [PSN] - Gabi_no_name [PSN] - Linkin120289 [PSN] - wolanzg077 [PSN] Albo dołączyć do comunity na PSN AlphaPOLAND ZAPRASZAMY WSZYSTKIE OSOBY CHĘTNE DO GRY ORAZ UCZESTNICZENIE W ROZWOJU GILDII. Pozdrawiamy, Alpha ! slight_smile https://discord.gg/36M2kmR
  5. <FEAR> Face Everything And Rise, We are looking for new guild members 350 gs and above English PvP/PvE Casual Pm for more info.
  6. Dress up for the spooky season with the Pursuit of Darkness Pack! Available in the Pearl Shop for a limited time on both 𝐗𝐛𝐨𝐱 and 𝐏𝐒𝟒. http://ow.ly/L4Cb50wH46P
  7. Hi im BELLUM 400+GS Zerker level 59, looking for a fishing guild on PS4 EU! My fishing GS is OVER 9000! Got a big harpoon which i kill Mediah goats with sometimes for fun, sometimes just coz im an angry giant. My boat is a BMW E90 with 400HP and 19"BBS on the side (got em from pimp my ride last season free) My rod...my rod i`ll show it to you later if i decide to join your guild, (wink) It s thick and big (once i slayed kzarka with it). I am very strong and big with vast knowledge of the ocean and its depts coz i swem trough it few times due to glitches in the game, have about 1289301 hours of swimming the Mediah ocean (No boats and costumes, they are for pussies plus i look like a whale anyway). Need to find friendly, mature and chill people to fish with cause i have an unstable mental health and might stab you with the rod at some point. 🤓
  8. The cowl of the cartian premium outfit of the sorceress is weirdly flickering when you move. I already searched through google, and this was apparently already a problem back in 2016/17 on pc. I don't know if it ever got fixed there, but I wanted to report the bug in hopes that it gets fixed on consoles (too). Thanks for your attention! Region: EU Console: PS4 Server: All
  9. Die Zombies of Destruction rekrutieren wieder Streiter für ihre Armee der Untoten. In Black Desert sind die Zombies o(ingame ZoD) eine mittelgroße Gilde, die Alles von Neuling bis Veteran zu ihren Recken zählt. Wir spielen pvx und haben mehrere Boni freigeschaltet. Darunter z.B. Angeln +2, Sammeln +2 und momentan werden die PvP-Skills fertig ausgebaut. Bei uns wird keiner zu hartem progress gezwungen und jeder bei uns hat seine eigenen Vorlieben im Spiel. Wir legen allerdings Wert auf Beteiligung an Gildenquests, sowie Gildenkriegen. Du solltest über 18 sein und aktiv Black Desert spielen. Wenn du nun Teil dieser marodierenden Horde werden willst, trete einfach unserem Discord-Server bei und lerne und kennen. https://discord.gg/j6MRzk PS: Wir sind nicht nur eine Black Desert Gilde, sondern eine Gamingcommunity die gengreübergreifend so ziemlich alles angeht was die PS hergibt.
  10. A new world boss is encroaching upon the Valencian Desert on Black Desert 𝐏𝐒𝟒. Do you have what it takes to face off against Nouver, the Desert’s Wrath? Nouver will be landing in Black Desert 𝐏𝐒𝟒 on October 8. ow.ly/v1tu50wEZp1
  11. Transcendent is looking to recruit active NA players! We are at around 65 active members and are looking to fill our ranks with valuable players such as yourself. We run a lot of guild quests through out the day, alongside doing guild bosses. We’re a mature and friendly guild looking for anyone with a 350+ GS and above the age of 18. We’re a PvP/E guild that partakes in various guild based events! If you are interested below is a link to our discord, or you can message me on here for details! Discord required! Look forward to playing with you!! https://discord.gg/QeuuMbc
  12. To whom it may concern, We are a group of 8 people, some from Mexico, some from USA and some from EU (spain), we are a tight group, a small family that we usually play together ARK Survival, we have never had problems joining each other on Arks servers. When we all decided to purchase Black Desert for PS4, the idea was to have everyone group up again to take on a new challenge, sadly the challenge hasnt been the concent of the game, the challenge has been the ability to group up together, doing some research, we found out that Black Desert is not a World Wide Server cluster, but instead is locked per county/zone, when we purchase the game, there was no mention regarding this. The only observation during the transaction is a statement that says "IMPORTANT: The objects incluided in the packages will only be sent to the server corresponding to the region were the product was purchased" no were in that sentense states " you will be locked to your region of purchase, you wont be able to join other regions, say bye bye to playing with your friends from other countryes" that there qualifies as a class action lawsuit, for selling a product with out full detail or explanation of purchase. Now all we want to know is there something you can do about it, if not, can we have a refund, all 8 of us, (pluse who ever else reads this and is having the same issue) since this game wont let us group up together, ( with out prior notice of purchase ) update: i found this post on Black Desert twitter account "Just a quick PSA: If you purchase #BlackDesert for your region, and want to change to a different region (i.e Buy in Europe but want to play in America) you can do so, but your characters and any pre-order bonuses will be tied to the server you purchase the game for." What are the steps to doing this on our European Friends on their PS4? Thank you in advance Miguel Barrera
  13. This weekend Black Desert GM’s will ring Golden Bells across all servers on PS4 and Xbox. Be sure to log in during the event times to receive the 100% increased Combat EXP boost to help you on your adventures!
  14. New to the game and looking for people to play with and people who can teach me stuff about the game
  15. A group of us have left to make our own guild. After spending time in a few others we have seen what doesn't work and what does. We would like to offer all level and skill types to join us in making an organised guild for people who don't look for drama. Help each other and enjoy the game. Post your psn names here and I will send you a psn message
  16. Just curious on if anyone has tried to use a mappable controller like the sades c100 controller? Does the game recognize you have extra buttons/triggers and does the game actually let you bind spells/abilities to them?
  17. JacklesDen: a Den of Jackles, is a casual laid back Guild seeking new members to become an awesome and giant guild, we invite anyone and everyone to join our small family and increase our numbers. Contracts can be discussed, and we hope to be able to promote everyone as much as possible. Thank you for reading and please join soon. Guild leader is SilentSause, officer is onesilentwolf, general is Silent Forrestt. Please friend guild leader through Psn or send a message Join our discord for more information https://discord.gg/G6uQ4hR
  18. Haven't found a topic about this in search so I am hoping someone can help me. Thank you in advance and all the best!
  19. Здравейте, Това е БГ-Гилдия : Bulgaria Ще държа в течение за сървъра на който ще играем. Разполагаме с дискорд и Community : https://discord.gg/Kmxrxv “Bulgaria-Black Desert Гилдия” ============================================== Тези който искат да играят в гилдията може да напишат: Търся хора, които са играли с българи и искат да играят с българи. 1. Фамилия в играта: 2. Основен клас: 3. До колко сте запознати с Black Desert. (механика, крафт, pvp) 4. С PVP или PVE ориентация сте.
  20. We are looking for all types of members to join our small but very active guild. We are mostly in our 20s - 30s and based in the Uk. Accepting all people at all levels. Pvpers, life skillers, pve players. A mic is not essential but definitely preferred for those looking to participate in node wars. We have guild skills unlocked (gathering, accuracy, ap buffs) and are busy filling the guild bank for guild house and node wars! 30 day contracts, bonuses when available! We welcome all people and all nations though we all speak English as a main language. We like banter as long as your not racist or abusive! We will be busy grinding so unlikely to check here for replies. So just add my psn jay_wiggy or meet in serendia 1 and ask for Yorkshire and we’ll come meet you.
  21. Anyone interested in making a pvp guild with me drop me a message
  22. IRS ‘Taxes or Blood.’ We are a guild to focused on open world PvP and Node Wars. We are looking for active members who will contribute to the guild by helping with guild missions and helping members fight over grind spot control. We are welcome the players who is interest in life skills, gathering, crafting, and such PVE for our daily guild activity. We are welcome to anyone. Requirement: Must have 50LVL+ one of your character. If you are new to game, welcome to our IRS we are willingly to help you to learning about the BDO. Must be over 250GS. It is ok if you are building GS, because GS doesn’t matter. Must be a mature. We are still looking a person who has a highest level crafting skills is qualified to our needs of quartermaster. To be qualified for quartermaster is to able to knowledge about the game and craftsman high end skills. Quartermaster will be responsibility for helping the players who is new to BDO and help to build IRS that include the siege war and node war. One of our leader or officers will be interviewing you to see if you are indeed qualify to the quartermaster. Quartermaster is earned 180 days term or 365 days term upon our contract agreement. Quartermaster is open up to 3. Might increase the number if we reach 100 members. Our rules are 1. The most important rule is to “Respect” other members in IRS. Mature is allowed, but please be limited such as discrimination. No crybaby, no sensitive to any case. Be a mature. We are not to babysitting immature. If you feel uncomfortable such as discriminated, please contact to the Leader or Officer(if available, but the Leader is strongly preferred.) 2. Daily guild activity REQUIRED because we will to be a part of the IRS and to build it together. Be able to participate to the Node Wars. Server Balenos 1 and 2 only. 3. If you intend to inactive, please leave. If you are going to be an inactive for temporary for ANY reason, be please put vacation in IRS no more than 2 week for vacation. We don’t need a waste slot. If you want to have a long vacation, be sure let the leader or officers know. Inactive must be less than 3 days. If without notice, you are banished from IRS, period. 4. If party then mic is preferred. If no mic, MUST be able to type in chat via keyboard or Discord. English only. 5. You agree to join IRS as you are stay with our Long Term Goals. Your term and our term is sealed upon the agreement. If you are interested to join IRS please contact at HumoLoco#6095 on discord or NukeRyu#4466 Or join to https://discord.gg/j67XwQz ** This post is subject to change.
  23. Nederlandstalige mensen die van plan zijn een guild te maken/joinen? Lemme know! 😎
  24. CrimsonLuna is a quickly expanding guild. We are looking for good leadership to help make our guild the best it can be. We are looking for responsible and helpful individuals to help manage our guild and help it grow. Requirements A voice chat interview is required it can be through psn or discord. Must be knowledgeable about the game and yet still willing to learn Must be helpful and willing to answer the question members will have. Must be responsible and able to manage a division. Job description Our quarter masters will be the head of a division, crafting and gathering, PVE, and siege wars. We are looking for a couple of quartermasters for each category. Quartermasters will be able to choose which aspect of the game they enjoy most and based on that the category they division they wish to lead. Members will be able to choose which categories they are intrested in and then they can join that divisions chat on discord. Quartermasters will be in charge of answering members questions that are relevant to their specialty. They will also lead parties when members wish to group up. Those that are intrested in siege war and pvp will lead units into battle. About our guild and our ambitions We are a friendly and active guild that strives to offer a home to new and vetran players alike. We have 21 members and are growing daily. We are a PVX guild and we do life skills as well. Our guild master is a lvl 57 wizard and is active every day. Our ultimate goal is to offer players a place where they belong. We wish to create a place where our members can enjoy the many aspects of the game. You can contact me on discord Jobohobo#0746
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