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Found 166 results

  1. So I’ve heard that this coming Wednesday some new classes will be released for ps4 we don’t know how many or which ones my guess is - DARK KNIGHT and STRIKER. What do you guys think ???
  2. V-DRO

    Node bug ps4

    I have invested contribution points into most of the land around velia on ps4 but when I was playing on Xbox one I did the same thing I did on ps4 and on Xbox I get money increases regularly cause my fame went up and I put contribution points in loggia farm and I don’t remember the name of the other farm but it has chicken and potatoe farming which I invested in and on ps4 I get 400k every 48 hours like real life days not in game and sometimes it’s like 3 days so I really don’t know what I did wrong on the ps4 compared to the Xbox one versions of black desert. Please investigate
  3. We are a friendly guild that is devoted to helping our members. We do not have any stat or level requirements. Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for all our members. Future Plans We are actively working to get a guild hall. We plan to participate in node wars though it is not required for all members. Those who do not enjoy the pvp aspect of the game are not required to join. We plan on building ourselves up to the point where we can all enjoy many of the aspects this game has to offer. Expectations of our members We expect our members to maintain our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We are a no drama guild all issues can be talked out. New members will start off with a base pay. By participating and earning contribution points members will be able to earn raises. What our members can expect from us Our members can expect our help and support. We will aid our members to the best of our abilities. You will be able to contact our guild master who is a lvl 56 wizard and our senior staff in game and through discord. You can expect fair pay for the work you do and look forward to building an awesome guild together.
  4. eXile is a 'Hardcore' PvP guild based on the NA Region of Black Desert PS4. The Leadership team has years of BDO experience, playing from launch across PC and Xbox, we're moving back to our preferred console and will be playing from day one of the PS4 release. Based in the EU the leaders have been a part of the top guilds both on PC and Xbox, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our members. The Choice to play on NA comes from a desire to be a part of the largest player base Black Desert PS4 has to offer and due to work schedules the NA siege and node wars times fit perfectly. ------------------------------------------------------------ ::.. eXile is a great fit for PvP focused players who want to learn from experienced Black Desert players and have a competitive mindset and are looking for like minded players to join. ::.. We have ZERO tolerance for Toxic behaviour from our members in any chat channels related to the game and expect all applications to be aware of this before applying and fully read the rules on discord. ::.. Siege/Node war attendance will be required so please be aware of the times these events will take place (8pm NA/1am EU). ::.. To fit in with the eXile player base you will need to be the kind of person who goes above and beyond to progress your class knowledge and gear, who can accept constructive criticism and is wanting to join a guild they can help shape and grow with. ::.. Our doors are open to all applications and are based of your attitude towards the game and our members, as a result previous experience although always considered is not a dominant factor in the application process. We encourage all applicants to be active in the open lobby on discord as this will help us to establish if you fit well with us and also gives you a chance to see if we are a good fit for you. Apply To Join eXile
  5. Hi there!!! We created our Guild <Royal Guard> for parents, people who work too much or just have little bit of time to play. It's just the two of us and we are just focusing on having fun together while we are on. There is no level requirement nor is there an activity level requirement. We are hoping to have players who are new to the game, so that we can enjoy the game as we play along and explore the world. If that sounds good please, just message me on PSN: Pray-man
  6. Hello all, I have put up a bug report about this, but was wondering if one of you lovely people here may be able to help me! The guild NPC states that clan/guild names have to be between 3 and 16 character long, does anyone know if this is incorrect? The c/g name I want to use is exactly 16 characters long, uses no spaces, special characters or numbers. Does anyone know the actual max character count for a c/g name? Is it less than it states? I have also tried 15 characters and the game says that's also too long to use? If you require more info please feel free to take a quick look at my bug report. Thanks in advance! Prone.
  7. If you have ps4 pro, turn off the 4k mode in your ingame setting of black desert. I started to see effects again. On non ps4 pro, I would guess you turn on character optimization and turn down to 10 or 20.(cant test, but might help)
  8. So, I have just a normal PS4 (not pro). Is it okay to leave it on overnight to AFK fish or ride horses? I ask because my PS4 gets really loud and already works hard when playing BDO, the fans being louder than I have really ever heard them in other games. Is it safe/ healthy for my PS4 to leave it on overnight? Do you guys have any tips that would make it more efficient to do this? For example, on the PC you can minimize the BDO process and that would make it use less resources when left on.
  9. <GameOver> welcomes both NEW players determined to rise to the top and EXPERIENCED players looking to be in the top! With all of our PvP experience and General Knowledge, we’re looking to have fun and work hard as a TEAM to progress in Black Desert. We ARE in it for the long run. Requirements to join: Gear Score 310+ Level 55+ Tryout Trial What we are looking for: Heavy Life Skillers (looking to PvP) Hardcore PvP’ers Team Players Loyal & Active Members Cool People 👌🏼 We promise the following upon joining us: Active Guild Perks Well-Constructed Roster Experienced players (from PC & Xbox) that will teach you the class that catches your attention On-going Guild Missions Active Leader and Officers Knowledge on Gear Progression A Guild with Long Term Goals Node Wars + Siege!!! Don’t be shy, and don’t miss out on something big! If interested you can contact any of us and ask for Discord invitation: Guild Leader - Legend#6427 Guild Officers - Cpt.Koga#7526, Keeks#8015, Harli#5488
  10. Hello so I was wondering if it's possible to bring back special deals? I used to play pc and farm with guildies. it made everything so much easier and more fun. (For those who dont know what special deals is) It's a party loot system where all loot that drops while near eachother as a party goes automatically to the market place and the silver gets split evenly between whoever is in the party!
  11. I have problem with disconnects when afk. When i go to afk training or fishing after near 1 hour i have dc. When i'm not afk i don't have any dc. Im looking for game options or ps4 options, its fine. I have options never turn off etc. Someone know how to fix it?
  12. Titans are looking for new and old players. We are a PVX guild looking to grow and have fun. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  13. The BDO guild Eternal_Eclipse on PS4 is now recruiting new members. We currently have over fifteen members with a little less than a month to go until the game officially launches. The guild is expected to be highly diversified with the ability to focus on PVE, PVP, or life skills successfully within the guild. The guild is also expected to be highly democratic allowing all members to have a say in how the guild is run. All members are expected to have and use Discord for the guild, and the discord has already been setup. For those who have questions or are interested in joining you can message me personally or reply to this post. Thank you. Goal: As a guild our goal is to build a player base that can succeed in all areas of the game. Upon joining each member will be put into a squad under a lieutenant that best suits their interests and where they are believed to be most effective at improving the guild and themselves. Principles: As a guild we are built upon the principles of freedom and equality. Our guild allows individuals to do whatever they enjoy doing as a guild member whether that be PVP, PVE, or lifeskills and the freedom to switch at any time if things become boring to them. The goal is to keep everyone as entertained and happy as they can be to ensure maximum productivity and success as a guild. Event: As a guild we plan to do many events, for example upon launch we will have a leveling event with the winner receiving 40 dollars (in either pearls or PSN gift card) and the 2nd place getting 10. PVP events, gear events, and other events will take place each month with a chance for one or more guild members to win! Rules: The rules in Eternal_Eclipse are very few in number. People are expected to not PK other guild mates People are expected to not kill allied guild members Don't steal from the guild Don't scam other guild members BE ACTIVE
  14. Bula(Hello), I am looking for fun, no drama, casual, mature(18+) players that would be keen on starting a very casual guild. For people who do not have alot of play time and the parents out there. Please no veteran PC/XBox players, i really want to explore and discover the game as we go along.
  15. Guild NPC in heidel,!says names can be between 3 and 16 characters my guilds name is 14 characters yet I get the “name too long” response. is the character limit different and the guild npc hasn’t been adjusted or the other way around?
  16. [NA]{Carnage} is now openly recruiting dedicated members for the PS4 launch of BDO. We will be a top tier Node and Siege war guild as PvP is our top focus. We have experienced veterans willing and able to help guide all new incoming players in all things BDO. We have class trainers that can help you master everything there is to know about your class to ensure you’re an elite asset to the guild. As of right now we're trying to build a strong core.if you are interested add me on discord. AnbuBlackOps#4312
  17. Screen too zoomed in cant see things on top or bottom, there is a bug when playing in a party and cant summon red nose boss, the game graphics makes it hard to make out words, also the game is a bit confusing as it doesn't show how to choose items and weapons and how to use skills and skill point or too set them like how dragon age or elder scrolls online is. So Ps4 needs a fix and update and if anyone is going through same please them dev's to make a big fix overall I wanna play more just need those things fixed and make game more smooth when it comes to playing with friends online
  18. I am on the "The message from Bobby Lauren" quest and I have no idea how to do it, i've been sat here for an hour trying to figure it out but there is no guidance. EDIT: Found out im dumb and had to wait an hour for enough energy to steal it.
  19. Wassup, i play on a ps4 pro for ~ 20HRS and overall loving the game, but texture / character pop in, npc loading character model loading and fame freezing for a few seconds on : level up, discover new area or basically any alert that shows at top screen causes a slow down or even standstill for 1-3 seconds all these things deff kill the vibe and flow, but im getting an SSD for my pro as i hear it helps tremendously and i deff see myself playing this long term game plays great, liking the lifeskills and it looks great when its not loading something iron out technical issues and this game will be stellar
  20. We are looking for people to put time into grinding up in levels and are open to working with others and growing strong together.
  21. ☆ Hi guys! I'm BBMT from Asia server. ☆ If you have any question about life skill, I'll help as much as I can. 😘 Here is my youtube channel ♡--->Click Here<---♡ Sorry that entire video before, I speak Thai.(some of my friends and my follower can't speak English) But in the next live stream I'll answer in English if you have any qustion. 🏇 Taming Horse 🏇 🎣 Fishing 🎣 Don't foget to subscribe and 🔔 for my next Llive stream. \(0w0)/
  22. Hola buenas, estoy desde la play 4 y me sale una mision de HACIA EL NIVEL 50 SUPERANDO TUS LIMITES, bien he estado buscando y bueno abandone la mision para ver si me daban de nuevo el recuerdo nitido que anteriormente tampoco tenía y ahora ya no puedo ni aceptar la mision, pero me sale la notificacion, si algun GM me puede ayudar? Gracias.
  23. Al entrar en Playstation Store y buscar black desert online es imposible realizar la compra de la version estandar del juego
  24. Can only customize the back hair and not the front.
  25. Un nouveau jeu (pour la PS4), un monde vierge, un monde ou nous sommes les premiers a y poser le pied, Et pourquoi ne serait-ce pas pas nous qui y laisserai l'une des premières traces de pas ?! En effet, se monde est neuf, c'est le moment le plus propice a essayer de nouvelle choses, créer de nouvelles choses, se démarquer des autres ! Et pourquoi pas... ? Et oui, pourquoi ne pas créer une guilde pour les plus déterminé(e)s, pour ceux qui veulent laisser leurs traces sur se jeu magnifique, sur ces nouvelles terres ! Et oui! Dès que possible mon ami et moi même avons comme objectif de créer une guilde, une guilde qui va grandir: avec VOTRE aide Une nouvelle guilde pour de nouveaux joueurs, peut être des vétérans sur pc voudrons aussi nous rejoindre pour nous servir de mentor ?! Son nom: Grimgar Donner le meilleur de vous même pour être les meilleurs ! Il ne faut pas avoir honte d'être faible, mais de le rester: si ! Rejoignez nous, créons une communauté et grandissons ensemble ! Nouveau ? Améliorez vous, Ancien? Apprécier reprendre le jeu et peut être aider les plus novices ? Pour tous: amusez vous ! Plus qu'une guilde, nous voulons créer un groupe de jeu pour l'entre-aide ! Rejoignez Grimgar !
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