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  1. The BDO guild Eternal_Eclipse on PS4 is now recruiting new members. We currently have over fifteen members with a little less than a month to go until the game officially launches. The guild is expected to be highly diversified with the ability to focus on PVE, PVP, or life skills successfully within the guild. The guild is also expected to be highly democratic allowing all members to have a say in how the guild is run. All members are expected to have and use Discord for the guild, and the discord has already been setup. For those who have questions or are interested in joining you can message me personally or reply to this post. Thank you. Goal: As a guild our goal is to build a player base that can succeed in all areas of the game. Upon joining each member will be put into a squad under a lieutenant that best suits their interests and where they are believed to be most effective at improving the guild and themselves. Principles: As a guild we are built upon the principles of freedom and equality. Our guild allows individuals to do whatever they enjoy doing as a guild member whether that be PVP, PVE, or lifeskills and the freedom to switch at any time if things become boring to them. The goal is to keep everyone as entertained and happy as they can be to ensure maximum productivity and success as a guild. Event: As a guild we plan to do many events, for example upon launch we will have a leveling event with the winner receiving 40 dollars (in either pearls or PSN gift card) and the 2nd place getting 10. PVP events, gear events, and other events will take place each month with a chance for one or more guild members to win! Rules: The rules in Eternal_Eclipse are very few in number. People are expected to not PK other guild mates People are expected to not kill allied guild members Don't steal from the guild Don't scam other guild members BE ACTIVE
  2. Nuisance We are a relaxed Xbox/PS4 PVE Guild. The guild was created August 13th 2019.We are looking for like minded adventurers to join our guild. We are a large guild currently with 70 players. If you’re a new player or veteran, life skiller or PVE, we have a place for you in Nuisance. We can provide new or experienced players help with setting up nodes, gear, class builds, cooking, processing, etc. We have tons easy to read guides for help with every part of the game. What we offer: -Salaries up to 1 mil based on participation. -Daily Guild quests -Guild events -Power leveling -New player friendly (gear score doesn’t matter) -Scroll runs -Experienced and friendly officers -Hot spot fishing -Extensive discord with something for everyone -Altar of Blood -Max buffs: combat, skill, luck and life guild buffs activated daily Our only requirements are over 18, log on the game a few times every 14 days and don't be toxic towards members and other guilds 😁 https://discord.gg/tecAu35
  3. Note: Please use this new post moving forward, thanks in advance. Rogues Gallery was founded in 2015 when Neverwinter launched on Xbox One. Since then, the guild has played many different MMO's; Neverwinter, ESO & DCUO. Through the years we have made many friends and enjoyed countless hours of gaming, experiencing nearly everything a game has to offer. We are looking to expand the guild, to find people who will commit to help fight Garmoth every week. We are defeating Garmoth every week for the foreseeable future! Life skillers, PvE enthusiasts and new players are all welcome. We are also willing to absorb smaller, like-minded guilds! If you want a chance at defeating Garmoth, don’t wait for PA to figure out their mistake, have your guild leader reach out to me. We ARE currently recruiting. If you would like to join, hop into our Discord, either myself or an officer will work with you. https://discord.gg/MNvncH4 The guild is currently extra large, with around 90 people. We are currently looking for ACTIVE players new or old. We have a guild Discord we utilize for most guild communication. We do Garmoth weekly, usually on Saturdays. We do Guild Missions frequently when decent ones are available. There are usually plenty of people willing to group up for memory fragment scrolls as well as regular and awakened boss scrolls. We are a fair mix of casual and hardcore. There is a home for everyone here, whether you have all day to play, or a couple hours here and there. We reside in many North American time zones. We play early in the morning, throughout the day, in the evening, time doesn't matter. 18+ oriented guild. We expect members to act mature, be a little more thick skinned and willing to take a joke. Minimal restrictions. We only really ask that you are over 18, active in the game and willing to fight Garmoth every week. You could be level 20 or level 60, there is a home here. We just ask that you are an ACTIVE player and try to help with guild missions as we activate them. Current Buffs you gain for joining us: All Accuracy +5 All AP +5 Max HP +100 Damage Reduction +5 Gathering Level +3 Fishing Level +3 Trade Item Protection +50% Siege Weapon Damage Reduction 50%
  4. {Elementals} Over here at Elementals we are a community based guild. A friendly, relaxed guild designed with new players and old players in mind. We run as a pvx guild so we try to cater for every players needs. If we want anything its for you to have a nice time as we all learn and get strong together. Grow, learn and have fun 😄 As we grow our little community of players we will host the following Guild missions Guild bosses PVP practice Node wars While you as a member continue to get comfy and stick around we are firm in that we reward our members with up to 5mill daily pay contracts. We also have full guild buffs and perks to top it off. We are a EU with crossplay. I have a zero tolerance for drama in the guild and we have some small rules to keep the game fun for all players of BDO. For more information please hop on over to our discord and get to know us or speak to me directly. We look forward to your visit https://discord.gg/6nQGjRv We also have a facebook group for you guys to join as well if you would like. https://www.facebook.com/groups/244275230256844/?ref=share
  5. This is a learning guild for everyone involved. We are new to guilds, and hope for a fun and safe environment to enjoy BDO's guild system. https://discord.gg/tkmcQ6f If you follow the link, just pm a mod and wait, they'll get to you eventually. We can't wait to meet you and thanks!
  6. This is a learning guild for everyone involved. We are new to guilds, and hope for a fun and safe environment to enjoy BDO's guild system. https://discord.gg/tkmcQ6f If you follow the link, just pm a mod and wait, they'll get to you eventually. We can't wait to meet you and thanks!
  7. I, Primus, run a small guild on the European continental server and we're slowly getting bigger. We run bosses and/or guild missions a lot, so leveling up your character with us is a piece of fish. PvE means Player versus Enemy, Computer generated non-player-characters ("NPC") which we attack for quest completion. PvP means Player versus Player. This is the art of battle between two actual human beings rather than NPC enemies. We're PvE only. We do not have any interest in PvP. As a rule, PvP is for party defense only. We don't want complaints or drama resulting from our guild killing people unfairly. We will defend ourselves and we have made alliances, however. We are also being used, happily, as a training guild. Some PvP guilds want their friends, as a personal choice, to get good with boss fights, and other aspects of the game before getting good at PvP with their own guild with references from us. That's fine. This strengthens our presence and ensures a place for all in the game. If you join, you would get paid daily wages in addition to your loot. Also, you'd enjoy passive boosts to AP, accuracy, health and more every day that you're with us. We don't keep lazy moochers though. Do your bit with guild missions whenever you can, this makes sure everyone gets a wage and extra boosts when available. A Microphone headset would be essential for working with us; we need to be able to communicate efficiently during heavy action. Tactics, heals and location requests are frequent and take too long to type, Xbox Party voice ("vox") is much faster and social. Don't worry if you're shy, we just need to know that you're listening and acting as part of the team. We also have a Facebook page and group to help facilitate communication between larger membership later on, and a few of our members are using it as a great photo album too. It's brought the guild closer as a team and friends already. We have formed a daily group of friends and we always welcome more. If this sounds like the guild for you, post below and either me or my guild officers will get something sorted. Thank you for considering us. - Primus
  8. Wisdom is a PVP | Node Wars COMMUNITY consisting of 21+ level headed and positive individuals who enjoy helping and playing the game with others. We have a highly knowledgeable leadership team, all guild skills mastered, very active discord and voice chats, daily missions $, scroll runs, and a fun ranking system with a lot of advancement opportunities. We are a console guild, ps4 and xbox welcome. 500 GS+, everyone must join Discord and be an active team player. We are a PVP focused guild but we all would be able to do as we wish in terms of other in-game game styles. If you're interested, just comment below.
  9. What's your Opinion on this Topic?
  10. Merhaba ben Eray. 21 yaşındayım,ps4 üzerinden oynuyorum 56 level sorc var 1 aydan fazladır oynuyorum çoğu şeyi biliyorum gs 400+ +18 olup dc olsun ps4 grup chat olsun muhabbetle birlikte takılacak kişiler veya guilder arıyorum.
  11. Приглашаем в русскоязычную ПВЕ гильдию без варов и осад для комфортного фарма, рыбалки, коневодства итп в компании взрослых адекватных тиммейтов. Ежедневная ЗП, награды за выполнение гильд. квестов. Изучены все гильд. скилы. Общение в Discord, т.к. в гильдии есть игроки с обоих платформ. С вопросами можно в ЛС Bacardi (фамилия)
  12. Приглашаем в русскоязычную ПВЕ гильдию без варов и осад для комфортного фарма, рыбалки, коневодства итп в компании взрослых адекватных тиммейтов. Ежедневная ЗП, награды за выполнение гильд. квестов. Изучены все гильд. скилы. С вопросами можно в ЛС Bacardi (фамилия)
  13. I’ve been playing Dark Knight on PS4 since it came out along with my Wizard and i can say Dk is one of the weakest classes in the game right now (if not the weakest). their PVE is “decent” but PVP wise it’s terrible. It just doesn’t make sense to me that my wizard with 180 AP does more damage than my dk that has 245 AP both in PVE and PVP. The most common problem the DK has in PVP (besides their LOW damage and SLOW animations) is how vulnerable they are in awakening form. Most of their abilities don’t even have ANY kind of protection, spirit blaze and twilight dash need super armor or at least frontal guard badly. The AOE and ranged moves like shattering darkness, spirit legacy and seed of catastrophe don’t do a lot of damage and don’t cover a lot of area compared to other classes either ( Seed of catastrophe 200% area is a joke too), not to mention their cooldowns are way too long. My wizard can do 2 cataclysms or aqua jails before my dk’s seed of catastrophe cooldown is over... its that bad. Ohh and one more thing, Grip of grudge... why? Why have such a useless skill? Please for the love of GOD get rid of it!
  14. New guild CRONOS recruting new players Open Guild for players who play Black Desert Online on PS4. the Guild is aimed at newcomers , but players with experience of the game will also be happy. for newcomers, our clan can offer help and advice on the game , for players with experience in the game, we can offer a place as an officer. let's create a new Guild together, and we will develop our community together, and together we will grow into a good and friendly company.
  15. Открытое гильдия для игроков которые играют в Black Desert Online на PS4. гильдия ориентирован на новичков, но игроки с опытом игры мы тоже будем рады. для новичков наш клан может предложить, помощь и советы по игре, для игроков с опытом в игре, мы можем предложить место офицера. давайте вместе создадим новую гильдию, и мы будем развивать нашу сообщество вместе, и вместе будем расти в хорошую и дружную компанию. Можете зайти в наше сообщество на ВК. https://vk.com/club192813277
  16. UWU has been around since prelaunch day 1 on ps4. We currently have alot of empty seats in the guild and would like to fill it. We are a blended group of adventurers where some are new to bdo and some from pc/xb. We enjoy all aspects of the game so if ur looking to find a bdo family feel free to let us know. We mostly play on the calpheon 2 server. We are a medium guild with guild passives. We enjoy everything bdo has to offer whether its pve one day lifeskilling the next. We currently do not pvp/node/conquest but are interested in doing it at a later time. The only requirement is being an active player. You dont have to be on daily we get that ppl have lives outside of gaming. Feel free to contact us here or ingame. Guild Leader: Sakika, Glissa, Satina, Gwendlynn of the Sunseeker family Officers: Lukraith, Raith of the Lukrath family Jisoo of the BLACK_PINK family Mx1 of the Hawaii3000 family
  17. <ShadowZodiac> is an active guild, which was founded by two of the coolest nerds you'll ever meet. Now under new leadership with a team of dedicated officers ready to help you when needed. Our focus is PVE and Lifeskilling. This is not a PVP guild. We’re looking for like-minded individuals that want to enjoy all the game has to offer. Whether it is horse breeding, fishing, creating a node empire, trading or grinding right now all are welcome if you’re cool and active. We have players from all NA time zones with an active discord. Stop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/vp8N2GK Large Guild | Size: 57/70 Daily pay with weekly guild bonuses. Guild Skills: Acc + 5, AP + 5, DP + 3, Max HP +100, Gathering + 3, Fishing + 3 All Levels welcome, No GS requirement Guild Master: Swiftwind Officers: Thorgart, Phyrewing, Brenholland, Stormedragon, Onyxninja Guild Founders/Discord Moderators: Valdori and Asinqua Grimnoir We can usually be found out and about on S2 We often attend bosses as a group for fun We run guild quests alone or in teams We will take pleasure defending our lifeskiller fam from Reds Expectations: Be an active player. Not expected daily but if you’re just not gonna play at all then this isn’t the right guild for you. Be open to contributing to the guild. We’re probably going to dabble in a variety of things and while you aren’t expected to do all of them, if you just intend to only solo this isn’t the right guild for you. If you have ideas share them, if you have strategies on how to make silver quick, bring them! We love meta-gaming and will do the same for you. Be respectful of other members, and just people in general. Nothing against PKing or other forms of PVP but be classy about it. No level or class requirements Have fun with the game! Goals: Create a self sufficient community of players able to rely on each other Maintain a positive atmosphere that is new player friendly World Boss group attendance for those who want to do PVE While general chat is fairly rampant with trolls, this type of behavior wouldn't be tolerated within the guild. Be courteous. Thanks for checking out the post! If you're interested in joining, reply here with your info or join our Discord.
  18. Guild: EastIndiaCo GM: Korpova P.O.C.: Korpova, FadedDivine, FadedSins, Robinblack, DevoidCorpse, Faerieshai Size: 90+ Discord: w6ckCBY Server: C3, C2 Focus: PVE/Trading/Fishing/Hunting/Lifeskills Preparing for Deep Sea content Passive Buffs: +3 Gather +3 Fishing (Maxed for Both), Skilled Rider +3 (Trade Good Protection +50% Mastered), Battle Roar Lv5 (All AP +5, Mastered), Flame of Protection +5 (Damage Reduction +5, Mastered), Furious Roar Lvl5 ( Mastered All Accuracy +5) Active Buffs: Experienced Cry (Combat XP and Life Skill XP Gain +10%) 60 minutes Call to Battle (Combat and Technical XP Gain +10%) 60 Minutes Now Whaling (Leveling Hunters in the guild) Welcome to the Company, East India Company, that is! We are a PVE focused Lifeskill guild, prepping for the Deep Sea expansions. GM is a Master 21 Fisher and Master 2 Trader. If you are a Trader, Fisher, or Lifeskiller, and want an enjoyable place to play BDO, then give us a shout. No GS requirements.
  19. First being said, we are not a hardcore PvP guild with gearscore requirements because tbh in this game PvP competitiveness is mainly revolving around cron stone abuse, and in estimation it takes about $800-$1200 per character in pearl shop items to be able to be PvP competative in a short time say 4-5 months. "All Natural" will take more than a year to gear up. That being said we do, do nodewars and get kills and lose with grace even though its a Witch/Wiz AoE spam and this point and the counters have been recently released in the last month and a half and the new characters are too new to counter them effectively. I have gotten some messages asking if we do LARPing and such but some of us have been in RP guilds before, but with the guild houses not in the game yet LARPing is rather difficult. We have a PSN chat group (convencience), and a 24/7 PSN Voice chat available. The guild does about 4-5 guild missions daily and we have high level buffs of luck, skill and combat exp, +3 fish +3 gather, AP, gathering, and about 800m in guild funds even though we haven't achieved conquering a node yet. Some of our guild members have 510-520 GS I am an officer I am more about 430-440 GS I just rerolled valk because I mained it on PC. We do a lot of lifeskilling it's a PvX guild and I am the lifeskill officer I can help people do all lifeskills, I have about 1.5 years playing the game and I have 4 artisan lifeskills and I am pretty good at the item database. There is daily drama at fogans so if you get to the desert we have had some World Guild Wars, but we don't war dec for stupid reasons because it hurts lifeskillers income generation in the world. We try to keep drama down, and we have had some problems with P2W bragging, wallet warrior bragging, and stuff like that is not good behavior to gloat about. We have 50 members currently, and room to grow, and we will accept players of any level, we care more about the people rather than DPS performance. If interested just send a PSN message to player : Ludiusvox
  20. Hi, Wie es im Topic bereits steht, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Gilde auf der XBox. Ich spielte BDO bereits rund 2000 Stunden via Steam auf dem PC. Da ich aber ein Xbox-Jung war und bin, wechselte ich natürlich von PC zur One und hab dort jetzt schon runde 700 Stunden Spielzeit angesammelt. Derzeit bin ich Lvl59 (48%) und Lifeskille mehr, als ins Gefecht zu ziehen. Bevorzugt gehe ich PVE ins Getümmel. Da ich 2-facher Familienvater bin und im Schichtdienst arbeite, sollte man mich nicht auf irgendwelche Zeiten festnageln. Bin i.d.R. aber im erfass- und erreichbar. Gruß Andi
  21. Harvest99

    PvE Only?

    Idea for PvE only server. 50% less exp 50% less drop rate/chance Removal of Marni stones I don't need to explain why it's needed and you don't need to flex why it's not.
  22. <CrazyStar>🌟 PvE Lifeskills guild - Looking for active new members all are welcome new and experience and crazy fun people. *helpful discord. Link is https://discord.gg/4Y8Zvhj *5 max buffs = Fishing, Gathering, Ap, Accuracy, Damage resist. (soon Hp will be max) *Future node wars- Just for fun! - Not going go insane about it if we win yay! If we loose then no big deal. *Scrolls, Guild Bonus, World Boss call outs in guild chat *We more of a text in game chat and discord kinda of guild, we do have a PlayStation community set up for people who want to voice chat though. We fun and laid back group, If you like to be part of our group just join the discord link is above and me or one of the officers will set up a time and place to shoot out the invite in the game!
  23. Hi Welcome 《G A I J I N 》 We are a Pvx guild looking for more members wanting to join a family guild and progress in Pve/lifeskill/pvp . If you're a small/medium guild looking into something great swing me a DM and we can discuss terms. 《What we have to offer》 🔶️A good vibe where you will feel and are important in the guild instead of being a number. 🔶️Highly experienced leadership in nw’s and general. 🔶️All guild buffs/skills mastered. 🔶️Daily guild missions. 🔶️Once a week a big guild training, practicing pushes and strats. 🔶️Fully setup discord. 🔶️For most of the class a highly skilled class trainer. 🔶️24/7 psn party chats 🔶️ There is always a grind group . 🔶️ We do plvling . 🔶️ Trainer for lifeskilling . 《What we're looking for》 🔶️Must be active 🔶️Participate in NodeWars when able to, atleast once a week! 🔶️450+ gs 🔶️winning mentality 🔶️check discord atleast once a day 《If ur looking for family guild then gaijin is the place to be Real life is nr1 and we respect that 》 If you're after any more information, feel free to contact whit 《Ingame name》 Haylin Thedutch
  24. Buenas, estamos reclutando nuevos miembros en nuestra hermandad, pvx, nodewar, etc. Se requiere ser mayores de edad y un GS mínimo de 400. ( El GS es la suma del PA y PD ). Para más información Wisp Ariandell / XwKATARAwX. Saludos
  25. Why not have Flagging up work like other games and have it be the only way to start PvP. Then there will be no need for negative Karma. Players who want PvP will go to Red Battlefield and Arsha servers. Which are never filled, even with incentives. And the Hostility pets not only working in town, will be a problem anymore.
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