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  1. Polska gildia "Vanish" rekrutuje ! Jesteśmy nową gildią, która gra dla przyjemności. Gramy na luzie i mamy sporo pokładów dobrego humoru 😁 Każdy kto jest chętny może do nas dołączyć. Jedyny warunek to +18. Mamy zamiar grać PvP, PvE co kto lubi. Z chęcią pomożemy każdemu, ale dopiero co zaczynamy przygodę z tym tytułem, więc nie znamy odpowiedzi na wszystko 😁 Jeżeli ktoś z was jest chętny pograć na luzie, oraz pogadać na grupie to z chęcią zapraszamy. Możecie pisać do mnie GT: Matitychy 1990, lub do commanderów GT: JohnyWampirson, R3miDi. Pozdrawiam✌️
  2. - About us - - White_Stag, we are very active, friendly, and knowledgable. We have 18 members at the moment. We have not done any active recruiting for the most part simply because of singular progression until, now! PvP is the main focus of the Guild but, PvE goes hand in hand with PvP simply because of the materials needed for progression (we all knew that). Currently, we have a boat we take out any chance we get for pirates. 2 of us have been stockpiling materials for the bigger boats when they launch. We are always down for group PvE/PvP activities. We are active on discord and XBL parties. - Requirements - - 250 GS for everything besides nodewars/sieges - 300 GS and a PvP trial for Nodewars/Sieges - Contact us - - https://discord.gg/t8CV5mr - Gamertags of Officials - - Sherazin (GM) - WizardBison (Officer) - TheCyclops1 (Officer) - Natraul Blaze (Officer) - Feral Man Child (Officer)
  3. Blood Knights Hi were a Strong NA PvP guild looking for the most dedicated of dedicated players to join our Stronghold. We have Pc Vets knowledgeable in Bdo, along with loyal dedicated players eilling to go all out to get far above and beyond in this game. We need players like so. We are a PvP based guild but also touch all aspects of the game Lifeskills and PVE. Im not going to make a list of benifits to joining the such as payouts and players to back you up discord and support blah blah blah. Because honestly all the real and strong guilds are foinf to have that and payouts is part of the guild system your going to get them regaurdless. No instead im offering a Strong Sincere Guild Family you can be apart of with all the perks every other real and strong guild has. Not as strict but still strict. Yes we expect you to participate in Node/Guild/Seige Wars, yes we expect you to participate in guild quests yes we expect you to help and support members and the guild and be active. After all why join a guild if your not going going to be apart of it??? Just we take a more laxed and friendly understanding approach and are not going to boot you because you didnt get to level and gear score by day 1. We have a discord server with much information and support along with members who are willing to support and help and grow. https://discord.gg/m7FxEkK Join Us! One of the Strongest
  4. One of the key reasons why newer players leave BDO is griefing. I constantly see my new player guildmates frustrated that they get killed back to back by the same person because there are almost no consequences to going negative in Karma. For long term success of this game, we must keep players in the game as long as possible, and in order to do that we must slow down griefing a little. Not all negative karma players are griefers, some just are defending grinding territory’s but at the same time, other players need a chance to grind too. Generally, if a person has negative karma, it means he has killed multiple players or a single player who wasn’t flagged at least a few time. It’s too easy to go red and karma doesn’t really even matter in the game if we consider what the consequences are. Now, I’m not suggesting a huge hurdle to negative karma players; I was one at some point and I still kill people attempting to take my grinding spot, but I am suggesting we throw a little risk into the pot for those negative karma players. Introducing a respawn time for negative karma players is one way to slow down the ability of these players to grief, while not making it overwhelmingly difficult and risky to function as a negative karma player. By putting on a 1 minute to 5 minute respawn timer based on the amount of negative karma a person has, we can throw a little reasonable punishment at those players and make them think a few seconds before killing somebody. Basically a rough draft of what can be done is this: 200001 to 300000Karma - 3% increase to drop rate 100001 to 200000 Karma - 2% increase to drop rate 0 to 100000 Karma - 1% increase to drop rate -1 to -100000 Karma - 30 second revive delay -100001 to -200000 Karma - 60 second revive delay -200001 to -300000 karma - 90 second delay And so on down to -1mil Karma. We can incentivize positive karma and lightly punish negative Karma to balance the game. We can even create Karma “tiers” with fancy titles to make people feel like it means more. As things stand, we will drop in player count due to the harshness of open world pvp, and without a counterbalance we will lose the casual players who just wanna play the game. If we don’t balance this Karma system then we should remove it completely as right now it holds no real weight. What do you all think? Constructive criticism please.
  5. ReignOfCats is simply a small & relaxed guild with the intention to enjoy the game. We aim to partake in friendly PvP, Guild quests for growth and other events. I also originate from PC- free to ask me questions (member or not) by messaging "Ketchup Sachet" on Live or "Pikaboochu#0025" on Discord. Nothing is to be taken seriously- accepting of anyone with a friendly attitude. Current goals & passtimes: Grow the guild through missions, recruitment and practice. PvP duels friendly matches Grind and quest parties. Future goals: Node wars Whale / Sea Monster hunting parties Grinding parties. DIscord Link- PM Pikaboochu: https://discord.gg/m6gAbed
  6. Wolfpack is a Fairly Decent Sized Guild, Sitting at about 60+ Members. We are a EST Based guild. We are looking for more 50+ Active Members to join the Pack! We enjoy PvP, we are not a Hardcore PvP Guild, We are more of a Defensive PvP Guild, We will fight when attacked by Flagged Players. We strive to be Good Players and are Looking to make a Name for ourselves on our Home Server! We will be Participating in Guild and Node Wars when they are Released. We also have a few PC Players who have come to Xbox always willing to lend a hand or some Info on this Vast Game! We actively do Guild Missions, Trying yo get the 5 a Day limit on Farm for Maximum Guild Experience! We could use more Sorcs, Wizards and Witches! Discord is a Must, Even if your not a Talkative person being able to hear during Wars or even typing in the chat is much easier then in game guild chat! Also makes for guild announcements and scheduling easier! Interested in Joining the Pack Msg me Or 1 of my officers on Xbox Wolfe oX - Leader
  7. Good day Prime is a growing active guild. we have fixed days for the guild quests Mo,Tue,Wed,Thu 19:30 ~ 20: 00/22: 00 ~ 23: 00 obliges to be there once a week, there is always an officer online to be able to do quests, this is all necessary for preparation node wars people with more activity will be rewarded! If this sounds like something to you, send a message quickly Send massage Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias See u ingame
  8. Goeie dag Prime is een groeiend actieve guild. we hebben vaste dagen voor de guild quests MA,DI,WO,DO 19:30~20:00/22:00~23:00 verplicht er eens per week te zijn verders is er altijd wel officier online om evt alsnog questen te kunnen doen dit is allemaal nodig voor de voorbereiding op node wars mensen met meer activiteit zullen beloond worden! Klinkt dit iets voor jou stuur dan snel een bericht. Stuur bericht naar Xbox ID:dennisie34 ingame: tensoldrasik /tensolias Zie jullie ingame
  9. Hey guys Blackwatch Brotherhood is now recruiting new and seasoned players. I would like to build this guild to grow and help others. I want to be able to teach people everything I know about the game and to have a well knit group to take down world bosses. We not only play this game but many others. Check us out here: https://www.blackwatchbrotherhood.com/ We have a discord available, if you are interested please leave a comment or shoot me a message on Xbox @ DinkytheClown
  10. Royalty 👑 Guild is now Recruiting for players who love PVP/PVE and are ready to fight! We are a ACTIVE GUILD and looking for amazing people to play with. Please message if your looking to join! Qualifications: Gear Score 340+ (combine your ap and dp) Active Play Contributing to guild quests Perks for joining: We offer DAILY PAY , BOSS SCROLLS , PVP , NEVER PLAY ALONE AGAIN! , GUILD MISSIONS, DISCORD, GUILD EVENTS 😬 Gamertag - LishaBre
  11. [NA] Sacred Souls is Recruiting! We're a guild who are looking to get together and play BDO. Teamwork is going to be very important in the guild. We are filled with new and knowledgeable players eager to dive into BDO. We are recruiting all new and veteran players. The end purpose of this guild is create a real family and eventually participate in major node and siege wars. Not looking for any drama just everyone getting better together and helping each other out. We will eventually be hosting dueling tournaments and the like. Let Sacred Souls be your first and last guild on BDO!
  12. “Walk the path of a Reaper” Soul Reaper is currently recruiting dedicated players to join us for the NA Xbox One Black Desert launch. Soul Reaper is a PVP focused guild with a growing community, comprised of knowledgeable, seasoned, veteran PC Black Desert players and a mix of new blood. We are seeking to build an elite society of dedicated Reapers to lead as one of the top PVP focused guilds on the server. The Reaper society is a loyal group and we oath to improve each individual member. MUST BE ACTIVE: We are seeking active members to add to the society (we are understanding to those who are busy). PVP FOCUSED: We are a PVP focused guild, you must be active in Node Wars/Sieges and show drive for improvement. We expect competitive spirits. We want to win. MIC & DISCORD: Communication is key. You are required to join Discord and you are required to have a mic in order to join the society. NO DRAMA: If you are one to cause drama or create rifts, this isn’t the guild for you. All issues are set to a vote or resolved by Arena PVP. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART: If you are easily offended, this isn’t the guild for you. RESPECT: If you are incapable of showing respect, this isn’t the guild for you. DEFEND THE REAPERS: If a reaper calls, be prepared to come to their aid. We never leave a member of the society alone. If you aren’t interested in defending the society, this isn’t the guild for you. We believe in fairness, all things must come to a vote or a PVP match. Payouts and rewards increase based on contribution and consistent activity. We offer each individual an opportunity to move up the ranks to become officers. Seasoned, Veteran PC players to provide you with knowledge and know how. Loyal Society Mentality, so no one gets left behind. Active Node Wars and Sieges once launched, we seek to dominate. We are consistently active and will help you improve. We’re all about competitive fun. We will hold in-guild tournaments and activities with rewards. If you're interested in joining, please complete an application here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AqMldPKLMl?i=54kZReXA You can also drop your GT, send a PM for details, or join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/PRGaxU7
  13. < MvP > is a recruiting new members. We have years of mmo experience and ready to take on BDO. We're trying to build a good team for node wars. Also please feel free to message me any questions you may have. GT is DreadWaffle ign Jelly_Bean McWaffles Discord Jelly#0166 → NA Guild → New players and Veterans welcome → Active → Good attitude → PvPvE → lvl 45+ → Guild Missions → Life Skills → Scroll runs → Node Wars when available → Guild Buffs → Daily Guild Payouts must be active → A Headset with working microphone is not requirement but it’s a plus → Good attitude Join our discord and check out the rules to see if <MVP> is the guild for you. <MVP> Discord Welcome/Rules
  14. RavenWraiths is looking for active members to join our guild! We are focused on gathering and fishing right now but we plan on branching out into PvP when we get enough members. We currently have 20 members with a few that are talkative and our levels range from 54 to 14. We are more then happy to help anyone who wants to join level up and gather materials. Message my GT:ChuckThaTeesta or my second in command GT:MagiKxRoostR for a invite to the guild!
  15. Guild "Halo" is seeking active and dedicated PVP members whit no fear nor regret going negative. Witch & Wizard is given priority over DPS for now as the spots are limited. For now that is, we are working on extending the guild. Min Req.: L55 + MIC's a must. "Halo" is a War / up to no good EU guild with strong bloodthirst for PVP Link to our Discord We stand our ground and don't obey any one. JOIN US! And become one of the Most Wanted in across all of EU Servers.
  16. UwU Nation recruiting members NA PvP/PvE/Lifeskillers on mediah 2 Daily guild missions No requirements needed Will get ranked up to guild officer if you are active enough
  17. Our guild is currently trying to recruit fairly high-level players for our pvp guild. We welcome all new plays and though some of us are experienced with the pc version of Black Desert anyone who meets the requirement is welcome to join. 275 isn't the max gear score but we're looking to recruit players who are fairly good at the game but we still want to have fun along the way. Though this gear score is pretty easy to achieve at this point I don't want to make the requirements too hard for newer players. We'll start contracts off on the low side of around 40,000 but these become negotiable after we participate in our first node wars and look at overall contribution, we do everything that you could expect of a guild, run bosses, participate in pvp events and help our players to progress further in the game. We welcome anyone who truly wants to have fun and do well, we do however expect our members to be active as we will almost always have an officer online so we don't expect anyone to be truly inactive for a while. Send a reply if you want to join and we'll get back to you and invite you to the discord. All members must have working mics.
  18. Sacred Souls is looking for new members! It doesn't matter if you're a new player or a veteran, we are looking for honest, positive, active gamers that are looking to be part of a community and not just a number! Regular guild events Fair contract offers A fun, welcoming environment PvP and PvE focused Active Discord server If you are looking for a medium sized guild that promotes a positive atmosphere, activity and supportive guild-mates helping one another, then Sacred Souls is for you. PM me or reply on here and I'll answer any questions you have!! You can join our discord to learn more; https://discord.gg/jAZzU64
  19. My guild is currently recruiting members in order to participate in events like node wars and conquest wars. We don't have many members right now but that is mostly due to the fact that we would like quality over quantity. The last guild that I was in was very keen on recruiting everyone who wanted to join and it made us very weak in a group fight, it's 275gsr which shouldn't be too difficult but if you're decent at pvp and will be a fairly active member I'm sure we could talk things over. We plan on participating in node wars asap and I would really appreciate any members who are willing to put in their time. We don't require you to be an adult but we would like you to take these pvp events seriously, plz contact me if you're interested in joining and we could work on inviting you. I hope to see you in the guild.
  20. Wake PVP | PVE | Lifeskills | Scroll Farm | Endgame Being part of Wake We strive in becoming one of the most renown guild that capitalize on node wars, lifeskills and market trade. We don’t plan to PVP like crazy but when it comes to defending ourselves we will fight back. We’ll stand neutral until game opens up We have players who have played on the PC version and are willing to help anyone with questions. We tend to stand by on our perks, confident, trust, loyalty and friendship. If you need friends and are alone in the game we're here! We basically invite anyone. We will do our best to keep BDO a fun and social environment for those players who are new to the game. Who we are looking for We're looking for active members who are willing to help the guild grow and become one of the top guilds in the game. We will be focusing on Node Wars, Lifeskills and endgame. So if you’re someone who likes to be in a PVP environment you are welcome here. We will be participating in as many node wars as we can. If you’re someone who just like to craft and do lifeskills we can use people like you. We are also looking for people who care for progression. Always improving to be better at what they do with their class. Perks Guild Payout Guild Skills Weekly Boss Guild Events Scrolls Node Wars Experienced players with knowledge Requirements Discord *Online & Offline by offline just socialize, lol. Willing to join Xbox Live Chat Participate in Node Wars Guild Missions Working Headset Purge inactive after 7 days How to Join PM Vanille Serendia-3
  21. Im a sorceress and im level 50. Every time I try to play pvp I spawn into the battlefield falling through the ground and cant move or get out and have to leave servers or quit. And ive already uninstalled and reinstalled, but the glitch is still occuring
  22. Firmly Decreed N/A but EU welcome is recruiting lv 50+ For PvPvE, guild wars, and coming node wars. If your intrested whisper Andae in game or message GT Dummyapple488. Currently looking for warriors rangers wiz/witch and sorc for guild wars and boss scrolls. Zerks welcome We have 7 officers including the guild master who live in game and an active roster of 30+ players. If your looking for a new home in game or are about to hit 50 and are worried about grinding alone come join us at the XFirmlyXDecreedX Server Cal - 2.
  23. What do we offer? > Fun and Welcoming environment > Discord & Xbox Club Access > We Pay you daily and you get XP Bonuses > NA Server & No Requirements (Solo/Casual friendly) If you are a player that seeks fun and a good time than this is the guild for you! EDIT The guild operates in EST. But we will try and compensate different timezones. We have a discord! Feel free to join if you are interested https://discord.gg/mNY6pAD EDIT #2 We are also looking for an individual interested in PvP Leadership to help lead those of our members interested in PvP. Please DM for more info on this role or join our discord!
  24. Hello everyone we are a growing guild looking for members who are willing to participate! Will be here daily and help out guildies when need be. We will be completing missions, pvp and so much more. We are hoping to in the future own a guild hall and continue to grow. But we cant do it unless people are willing to join. I will review all applications. Please place as the following below: Gamertag: Level: Interest: Participation level: Why do you wanna be in this guild? In order for me to contact you, you must place your gamertag. We look foward to see you on the battlefield 😊
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