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Found 54 results

  1. If you're new or experienced and looking for a new Guild, Black Path is for you! We are an experienced guild looking to build back up. All life skills are maxed. We do group Boss summons and are always active with guild bosses. We are New Player friendly. Guild Discord mandatory. Reply for your spot today! Or join our discord https://discord.gg/3rqrMwH so we can get you in faster
  2. <Lowkey> is a new guild looking to get active 450+ GS players that are wanting to get into Node Wars/Guild vs Guild. As of now we are mainly focused on grinding to get that GS up, we do grinding, life skill, guild missions, BA practice, and would like to get into other things as well. We are 3 VERY active players that are wanting to get ppl and grow together to be one of the top guilds in bdo xbox! We are very chill laid back and expect the same, we don’t tolerate any type of racism or toxicity. If you’re interested in joining make sure to join the discord with the link down below and let myself or a admin know. Hope to hear from you guys soon! - Teq Discord: https://discord.gg/JWWmqA3
  3. The BDO guild Eternal_Eclipse on PS4 is now recruiting new members. We currently have over fifteen members with a little less than a month to go until the game officially launches. The guild is expected to be highly diversified with the ability to focus on PVE, PVP, or life skills successfully within the guild. The guild is also expected to be highly democratic allowing all members to have a say in how the guild is run. All members are expected to have and use Discord for the guild, and the discord has already been setup. For those who have questions or are interested in joining you can message me personally or reply to this post. Thank you. Goal: As a guild our goal is to build a player base that can succeed in all areas of the game. Upon joining each member will be put into a squad under a lieutenant that best suits their interests and where they are believed to be most effective at improving the guild and themselves. Principles: As a guild we are built upon the principles of freedom and equality. Our guild allows individuals to do whatever they enjoy doing as a guild member whether that be PVP, PVE, or lifeskills and the freedom to switch at any time if things become boring to them. The goal is to keep everyone as entertained and happy as they can be to ensure maximum productivity and success as a guild. Event: As a guild we plan to do many events, for example upon launch we will have a leveling event with the winner receiving 40 dollars (in either pearls or PSN gift card) and the 2nd place getting 10. PVP events, gear events, and other events will take place each month with a chance for one or more guild members to win! Rules: The rules in Eternal_Eclipse are very few in number. People are expected to not PK other guild mates People are expected to not kill allied guild members Don't steal from the guild Don't scam other guild members BE ACTIVE
  4. Heey BDO players, Obsidian is a new guild focusing on being a social guild. We want to get into pvp and pve! Our primary objective is to be a family. Everyone is welcome to apply to our recruitment process. Discord is required. If you are interested for the ins and outs add me on discord Melo/Leo#5652 or msg me ingame Azurith ( fam name) Thank you we hope to see you soon!
  5. AncientOnes was created as a home for the older, more mature BDO players out there who would like an easy going environment. We intend to have activities that we do together regularly ranging from guild missions, boss scrolls, questing and leveling. There is a little something for everyone. Of course, participation is NOT mandatory, everyone is free to game in the way they want. Guild has Fishing / Gathering / AP / Accuracy buffs Mastered. Based out of Mediah-3. Our philosophy BDO is a game for enjoying with nice, friendly people. Our emphasis is on having a mature, fun environment with a casual approach. We are a PVX guild, with members that enjoy all the content that the game has to offer. Social environment I am striving for a mature, friendly guild environment. While age isn’t always a sure indicator of maturity, it is a general guideline. To that end, I’d like applicants to at least be in their late-twenties or so. I want to develop it into a fun, friendly, easy going guild where people get to know each other. Your RL schedule does not matter to me, whether you can play all day or just a few hours, or even an hour. We do appreciate that if you won't be around for a length of time, to keep the officers or GM informed. Just to emphasize, we recruit nice people, not characters. So, whether you are new to BDO or you are a veteran, as long as you are a nice person and want a friendly, easy going guild, you are equally welcome. As far as rules go, we follow a very simple guideline: No rude, toxic people allowed (strictly enforced). This applies to conduct outside of guild chat as well (I.e Server, World chat, Open world) Guild requirements Be a nice person Late-twenties or older preferably Have a character of any class and level Enjoy having fun If this sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch with me on my XBL Gamertag: QuoteTaDaRaven
  6. Hello, i'm lf a guild but it need to be a voice chatting guild friendly behavior and playing the game also a guild that is using a discord for afk vaction etc i'm talker for me it more fun to chat in a party where enjoy and talk the day how amazing this game is i'm not a expert but i do my thing in the game enjoy the landscape and make progress message me on ps4 for a guild invite just 1 thing before inviting me to ur guild lets first talk about it King-Of-Anebles.
  7. Hello! RumPie is a PVX/Lifeskills guild who have recently started getting into node wars. We are mainly on Mediah 1and Arsha (though you can play on your own on any server). Guild memebers are are helpful both through guild chat and our discord. There is typically a ps voice chat available to join. Our main goal is to have a good time! Our current passive skills are all maxed except for trade and seige weapon damage (though they will be soon!). We recommend a 400+ gearscore to join, but are willing to help active players build their gearscore from lower. Join our discord and send a message in the general chat so we can figure out a time when you'll be on to send a contract! https://discord.gg/cNWbC7r
  8. Ragnarokkr is recruiting dedicated BDO players on xbox to join our ranks. We are friendly and welcome both vetran players and newcomers alike. We do guild missions and team up daily. We help teach each other the game and share our knowledge with newcomers as well. We have only one requirments and that is you must be at least 18 yrs old to join. For info or to join message TLP arsenal on xbox or reply here.
  9. Thx everyone how joined and hope for u all that u mind find an Guild Phoenix is at it end thx for playing
  10. 🔥 Sacred Souls is recruiting!🔥 💫 Very active discord community 🏹 Weekly/Daily events, guild dueling tournaments, giveaways and more ❤ Drama and toxicity free, zero tolerance for anything of the such ⚔ Optional Node Wars are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. With Mandatory Seige on Saturday. 🛡 Gear Score | 500+ Caster | 520+ Zerk and Striker | 540+ all others. Exceptions can be made ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ *Looking for players available for siege on Saturday.***⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Currently we are sitting north of 80 members and looking to start locking things down. With that being said, we have room for mature, dedicated, drama free players that want to compete at a high level without the stress of a typical 'top rated' guild! Stop by our Discord, say hi, see if we are good fit for you! https://discord.gg/SFxFEgN
  11. <Sequence> is a PVP nodewar guild that is active and recruiting active players with a GS of 420+. We do NW 3x a week and are looking to strengthen our numbers! We do weekly payouts too that is participation based! If interested reach out to me (Hexene) in-game or my PSN DynastyXCII, reply here on the forum or message Jinx01 or Pixie for invite or more information! We look forward to playing with you!
  12. Liebe Community, wir die Leute vom „Gremium“ suchen mal wieder neue Spielerinnen und Spieler. Eure Gegenstandsstufe oder das Level ist für uns anfänglich irrelevant, genauso ob Du Anfänger, 3. Schicht Arbeiter, Familienvater mit 4 Kindern oder Veteran bist. Für uns zählt ausschließlich Aktivität, ein kommunikatives Wesen und Humor, alles weitere wird sich dann zeigen. Was wird Euch bei uns geboten : • PVE/PVP Gilde • freundliche/hilfsbereite Spieler • strukturierte Gilde / Discord • aktives Gildenleben • 15 – 20 Gildenbosse die Woche ( je nach Aktivität der Mitglieder ) • Gildenbuffs • gut vernetzte Community • viele Guides im Discord • weitere interessante Belohnungen/Vergütungen Folgende Voraussetzungen haben wir an einen Bewerber : • Mindestens 18 Jahre oder älter • Humor • Freundlichkeit und ein hilfsbereites Wesen • Notewar ist Pflicht für jedes Gildenmitglied das Online ist (max. zwei die Woche) • Gildenkriege Pflicht für jedes online Mitglied ab Level 58 • Flame/Beleidigungen Ingame und/oder in sozialen Medien sind untersagt! Solltet Ihr jetzt Neugierig geworden sein, und habt Lust mit uns durchzustarten, dann zögert nicht und bewerbt Euch. Wir freuen uns schon, den einen oder anderen kennenlernen zu dürfen . Also lieben Gruß und bis später GREMIUM https://discord.gg/ZytU6p
  13. Hallo zusammen, die Gilde Blutmond sucht, wie der Titel bereits umreißt, weitere Mitspieler(innen) die Lust haben innerhalb einer Gemeinschaft Black Desert auf der Konsole zu erleben. Es spielt erstmal keine Rolle ob du BDO bereits kennst und ein alter Haudegen bist, oder noch Grün hinter den Ohren und vom Spiel keine große Ahnung hast. Wichtig ist, dass du Spaß daran hast was du tust und dich innerhalb einer Gemeinschaft wohlfühlst. Die Gilde wird u.a. aus Leuten bestehen die berufstätig sind oder gar Partner/Familien haben. Wir sind daher eher in Richtung Casual ausgerichtet. BDO ist ein eh schon zeitintensives Spiel. Wenn du mal keine Zeit hast ist das vollkommen okay. Blutmond ist im Aufbau. Das bedeutet kein gemachtes Nest für dich. Aber so hast du jede menge Möglichkeiten mitzuwirken, deine Erfahrung zu teilen und Blutmond zu dem zu machen was du dir vorstellst. Derzeit ist es erst einmal egal welche Klasse zu spielen möchtest oder ob du gar viele unterschiedliche Klassen ausprobieren willst. Wir versammeln uns bis zum Release im Xbox Club: Blutmond BDO Gilde Dort bist du herzlich willkommen. Wir hoffen dort bis zum Release nette und gesellige Mitspieler(innen) versammelt zu bekommen. Wir freuen uns jedenfalls auf dich. Wenn du irgendwelche Fragen hast dann schreib mir einfach eine PN oder schreib mich über XBLive direkt an (Aylian). Nun wünsche ich dir natürlich viel Spaß und Erfolg.
  14. Lipty

    Witch Combo

    Hey fellas, need some help with witch gameplay. Can you guys suggest me any skillrotation for PvE and PvP. lvl 59 Greets
  15. Die Zombies of Destruction rekrutieren wieder Streiter für ihre Armee der Untoten. In Black Desert sind die Zombies o(ingame ZoD) eine mittelgroße Gilde, die Alles von Neuling bis Veteran zu ihren Recken zählt. Wir spielen pvx und haben mehrere Boni freigeschaltet. Darunter z.B. Angeln +2, Sammeln +2 und momentan werden die PvP-Skills fertig ausgebaut. Bei uns wird keiner zu hartem progress gezwungen und jeder bei uns hat seine eigenen Vorlieben im Spiel. Wir legen allerdings Wert auf Beteiligung an Gildenquests, sowie Gildenkriegen. Du solltest über 18 sein und aktiv Black Desert spielen. Wenn du nun Teil dieser marodierenden Horde werden willst, trete einfach unserem Discord-Server bei und lerne und kennen. https://discord.gg/j6MRzk PS: Wir sind nicht nur eine Black Desert Gilde, sondern eine Gamingcommunity die gengreübergreifend so ziemlich alles angeht was die PS hergibt.
  16. IRS ‘Taxes or Blood.’ We are a guild to focused on open world PvP and Node Wars. We are looking for active members who will contribute to the guild by helping with guild missions and helping members fight over grind spot control. We are welcome the players who is interest in life skills, gathering, crafting, and such PVE for our daily guild activity. We are welcome to anyone. Requirement: Must have 50LVL+ one of your character. If you are new to game, welcome to our IRS we are willingly to help you to learning about the BDO. Must be over 250GS. It is ok if you are building GS, because GS doesn’t matter. Must be a mature. We are still looking a person who has a highest level crafting skills is qualified to our needs of quartermaster. To be qualified for quartermaster is to able to knowledge about the game and craftsman high end skills. Quartermaster will be responsibility for helping the players who is new to BDO and help to build IRS that include the siege war and node war. One of our leader or officers will be interviewing you to see if you are indeed qualify to the quartermaster. Quartermaster is earned 180 days term or 365 days term upon our contract agreement. Quartermaster is open up to 3. Might increase the number if we reach 100 members. Our rules are 1. The most important rule is to “Respect” other members in IRS. Mature is allowed, but please be limited such as discrimination. No crybaby, no sensitive to any case. Be a mature. We are not to babysitting immature. If you feel uncomfortable such as discriminated, please contact to the Leader or Officer(if available, but the Leader is strongly preferred.) 2. Daily guild activity REQUIRED because we will to be a part of the IRS and to build it together. Be able to participate to the Node Wars. Server Balenos 1 and 2 only. 3. If you intend to inactive, please leave. If you are going to be an inactive for temporary for ANY reason, be please put vacation in IRS no more than 2 week for vacation. We don’t need a waste slot. If you want to have a long vacation, be sure let the leader or officers know. Inactive must be less than 3 days. If without notice, you are banished from IRS, period. 4. If party then mic is preferred. If no mic, MUST be able to type in chat via keyboard or Discord. English only. 5. You agree to join IRS as you are stay with our Long Term Goals. Your term and our term is sealed upon the agreement. If you are interested to join IRS please contact at HumoLoco#6095 on discord or NukeRyu#4466 Or join to https://discord.gg/j67XwQz ** This post is subject to change.
  17. <Titans> are looking for new and old players to grow and have fun. No GS or level required just that you be active. Looking for members and officers.
  18. Titans are looking for new and old players. We are a PVX guild looking to grow and have fun. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  19. RECRUITMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED Rebirth - EU PvX guild is recruiting now! We welcome everyone who wants to taste all aspects of this game, including: guild missions, battlegrounds, node wars, xp & cash grind, life skill progression, social meet-ups on discord and more. And all that in drama free, fun and laid back environment. Requirements: age 18+, ability to communicate in English, common sense + emotional maturity, not being afraid to use discord 🙂, will to be a part of the guild and to build it together. We offer: friendly environment, guild progress attitude and help in understanding & expanding game knowledge. Join us today! https://discord.gg/rRjAtp3
  20. Hey you! Are you looking for a laid back guild? A close knit group that you can help grow? Most importantly, do you hate Fogans? Then <KuroNoBogyu> may be just the guild for you! We are a small PvX guild leaning towards PvE based in Mediah-2 that hopes to build ourselves up in order to take part in Node Wars. Currently we are in need of new members that are decently active and looking to have fun while growing as a player and a guild. With a no-filter Discord server we are open to all players!
  21. <BrokenBlades> Casual guild open to new and experienced players. Only requirements are you must be 18+, be chill, and participate if you are able. We joke around and help each other. We have a Discord channel so a mic is preferred. Message Schwifty Syler on Xbox if interested!
  22. If you're looking for a guild to grow with, look no further! We will help you grow and will be participating in future Node Wars. Message FoulerRap City 1 on xbox for more information!
  23. We are a laid back guild that likes to chill and have a good time playing the game. We have level 3 gathering and level 3 fishing unlocked. If your looking for a friendly, helpful, drama free, guild reply here or join our discord and we will get you into guild asap. Discord http://discord.gg/gGFRXs4
  24. Looking to recruit players to continually cap our current roster. We're well organized and continually getting stronger in the pursuit of more dominant Siege and Nodewar victories. We are an extra large guild and our current average GS: 490+ and lvl 60.23. We require a verbal interview either through discord or through an Xbox chat. A PvP tryout will also be required to join. Current Requirements: LVL 60 Required & 475+ GS Current PvP Schedule Every Saturday at 5PM PDT Why Join Us Panic has been one of the top guilds since BDX launch. We opened our doors to beginner Xbox players an PC veterans without any discrimination. We're very proud of being the only guild that was here on day one that is still considered to be a top guild. If you're looking for a guild that you can grow with as a player, consistent, stable, organized and longevity matters too you, then I invite you to contact any of the players below to set-up an interview. Feel free to leave a comment down below, or to reach out to the following people. Additionally you can direct join our discord by following the link provided (Discord is preferred): https://discord.gg/WZ7bQP XBL: I 3mPte C7ip I Discord: Xen#8465 InGame Family: Reliquinn XBL: Deadeyecation Discord: Tekkaden#1648 InGame Family: Medi
  25. Blackstone Mafia is a medium size guild with most passive buffs maxed, looking to add more active pvp & pve players. Some perks: -Members always come to your aid when you get player killed -Advice & guidance given when needed -Guild missions accepted via request -Pve members are warned of gvg so they can switch servers -Node wars weekly Requirements: 350+ gear score Discord Activity (log on and do stuff few times a week) Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/a3Jdawn Contact GT Mr J Marroquin, JibbsDaKing90
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