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  1. It seems all my friends that play BDO in Xbox X don’t have this issues with lag and rendering that I have with my Xbox one Fat. So are you gonna fix this problem or are you forcing us to buy a new console? It’s impossible to keep playing this way.
  2. Hello so I was wondering if it's possible to bring back special deals? I used to play pc and farm with guildies. it made everything so much easier and more fun. (For those who dont know what special deals is) It's a party loot system where all loot that drops while near eachother as a party goes automatically to the market place and the silver gets split evenly between whoever is in the party!
  3. I have tried the quest on every single server on xbox and no luck with the npc Timor being there to complete the quest. I have also reset the quest as well as resetting the xbox. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a way to complete the quest? I have included a screenshot of where the game says he should be. Only ones there are protestors and a very confused ninja (me).
  4. Hi guys, So today im pondering about a tough question. If you haven't heard, PlayStation will be getting the mediah expansion, TRI enhancing and no lvl cap upon release. I'm not sure what else will be included in the release but it sure is a lot different from the vanilla version we had in the beginning with calpheon being the most difficult region, lvl 55 (if i recall correctly) max lvl and +15 enhancing. So, here's the question on my mind - why on earth isnt the release for the 2 consoles the same? We were fed many times that the devs want to control players growth (mainly due to ex PC players) so that everyone will be on equal grounds for future updates, avoiding a massive imbalance between the 2 groups. In my personal view, xbox is simply a testing ground for any future update PlayStation will receive and we should expect to see them on par with our own update in a short time while we were waiting painfully for certain updates for months to come. Thus dumping all our time by gated progress due to an inexperienced development team who wasn't able to meet content deadlines delivered to us by our CMs. Its an insult to my time and all of the other players as well. Another perspective would be that PA is robbing the PlayStation player base the vanilla experience that we got to enjoy (although I'd rather make progress and not be stuck on the same gs for weeks cause updates.) And also creating a massive imbalance between PC veterans and newbies which in turn will scare them away and damage the playerbase. So in short, no more "control progress" bullsh*t on xbox. Get the devs team working days and nights on releasing all the content we're missing up to Kamasylvia (alchemy stones, margoria etc). The Xbox playerbase has been milked plenty $$$ and now you're redirecting manpower to another console. This shouldn't happen and its disrespectful to us. Maybe that's why so many day 1 players who spent hundreds of dollars are leaving the game. Or maybe you know, BDO is a korean game and PlayStation is the dominant in the asian market so maybe PA thinks they can handle more advanced stuff? I dont know. Your opinion?
  5. New to the game and only play a few days a week but would like to join a guild. Preferably one with discord or similar to plan events. GT: H MaC Ok
  6. New player here (only level 20). Haven’t been playing for to long maybe 2-3 days so far. Just looking for a friendly guild that could maybe help me learn the game a bit easier, and give me some guidance.
  7. <BrokenBlades> Casual guild open to new and experienced players. Only requirements are you must be 18+, be chill, and participate if you are able. We joke around and help each other. We have a Discord channel so a mic is preferred. Message Schwifty Syler on Xbox if interested!
  8. Newly made guild now recruiting NO GS REQUIREMENTS!!! Maybe have requirements in the future but for now laid back guild just to have fun and to help people and beginners out! Looking for a first officer as I’m the only one in guild just created it! Need at least 3 members to start GMs to raise funds for node wars and all that. If you interested in a laid back guild just reply and be on S2 server as that’s my home server I’m a lvl 56 ninja and a lvl 59 striker both over 450 GS former ELITE member so let me know!! Have a good day!!
  9. (Havoc) is recruiting! Do you strive to be the best? Do you want to earn your spot on the top? We have a strong core of members that are active and driven. We have limited spots left so if you think you have what it takes apply today. Requirements: -Witch & Wizards: 480+ with 184 AAP -All others: 490+ with 205 AAP (AP offhand) OR 184 AAP accuracy offhand/Kutum -A GS picture and the passing of our Combat Trial is required before admittance into the guild. -Must be able to attend Saturday Sieges -Discord! -Active on game and with guild. Focuses: -Sieges -Node Wars -Competitive -Improvement of our members -Overall betterment of the guild Guild offers: -Highest level guild on BDO -Longest lasting guild on BDO -All buffs -Community -Skilled Trainers to help your progression -Xbox gift card giveaway events More about us: Our goal is to become the best guild in BDO, we seek to constantly improve and grow. If interested in joining please; send me a Direct Message and join our discord. (Advent Mortem#6794) https://discord.gg/r6sWJSC
  10. If you're looking for a guild to grow with, look no further! We will help you grow and will be participating in future Node Wars. Message FoulerRap City 1 on xbox for more information!
  11. I've tried using the Vype Cannons with the cannon balls that are bought at the same npc and I can't get the cannon loaded. I've seen the question asked in server chat, but no one answers. Can someone help explain how?
  12. Hello console black desert players. I recently submitted my first app, a black desert companion, to the Windows Store. It currently has in game timers and World boss notifications, for Xbox/PC in NA/EU. I plan on adding more features with cooking and alchemy recipes next on my mind. If you have any feedback, suggestion, issues, or bugs feel free message me here or in app or my discord: alannitro17#3450. I hope you all will check it out. 😊 Store Link
  13. I cannot place Jukeboxes in the Central Market. Can we pick to sell to our Guildmates, the set preorder price picking doesn't work. And with no Guild bank, I'm just wasting time. And disappointing my guildmates
  14. Blackstone Mafia is a medium size guild with most passive buffs maxed, looking to add more active pvp & pve players. Some perks: -Members always come to your aid when you get player killed -Advice & guidance given when needed -Guild missions accepted via request -Pve members are warned of gvg so they can switch servers -Node wars weekly Requirements: 350+ gear score Discord Activity (log on and do stuff few times a week) Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/a3Jdawn Contact GT Mr J Marroquin, JibbsDaKing90
  15. Were just a small guild of friends wanting to build up. Were willing to help new players.
  16. DracoCor meaning "Dragon heart" is recruiting!!! Were medium guild looking for Loyal & active players. We do guild activities and grind with every one. We do not have any requirements app we ask is that you work hard to get geared and that your active
  17. DracoCor meaning dragons heart in Latin, is a small PVX guild with 30 members. We are currently looking for any one that is active, helpfull, patient and will help with guild activities. If any one is interested messge me on xbox my GT is "Zero4659" 
  18. DracoCor is looking to recruit active and loyal members of any class with 350gs at least. We do guild guests all the time and try to do guild bosses ^_^. We do allow people to work up to officers, we give people an Increase in daily pay for participating in guild activities.
  19. Hi there, Came on this morning to fish and had a message pop up about incorrect server or update... So i close out and reopen it. Now I cant get back into game to play cause now it says : Sign in with the account that purchased the game or intstalled the app, or trial version of that has expired purchase the game from the microsoft store. I bought this game... Has this happened before
  20. DracoCor meaning dragons heart in Latin, is a small PVX guild with 30 members. We are currently looking for any one that is active, helpfull, patient and will help with guild activities. If any one is interested messge me on xbox my GT is "Zero4659" 
  21. PVX Guild Supremacy [NA] recruiting we are newbie friendly, veteran friendly, strategic, and event experts if you would like to join contact me on either Discord Bombboy67#3884 or Xbox bombboy67 and ill have one of my co leaders set you up for success if I’m not around. experienced and non experienced players wanted. We also supply guides on the game as well as tips and tricks to make your experience better. 😈Supremacy😈 -NA Guild (International Players Welcome) -Guild Missions Daily (Multiple Servers) -Active -Scroll Runs -World Bosses/ Field Bosses -Opportunity to rank up -Node War Strategists -Extensive Guides Requirements To Join -18+ -400+ GearScore -Discord & Mic -Level 56+ -Weekly Guild Activity -Social -All Members Required to Complete Registration Contact Bombboy67#3884 on Discord or TPS FlowRaw#4736 https://discord.gg/QzCm4m4
  22. DracoCor meaning dragons heart in Latin, is a small PVX guild with 30 members. We are currently looking for any one that is active, helpfull, patient and will help with guild activities. If any one is interested messge me on xbox my GT is "Zero4659"
  23. I'm looking for a new guild(NA) for myself and my partner. My gs is 471{ AP: 135 , DP: 228 , Awk.AP: 108} My partner 's gs is 330{AP:121 , DP:209} He works a lot , doesn't get out until 10 some nights but has weekends off . I have a Dark Knight, Sorcerer, and a Shai, dk is the only one at level 56. I'm working on the other ones here and there, I mainly play dk. My partner, plays a Musa, musa is only at level 55, wizard,and I think he wants to create a ninja when it comes out. And I guess he also wants to make a Shai( he's focus is gathering and cooking, on his musa his cooking is in professional) I'm looking for help in pvp , but its not my focus. I'm looking for a friendly, chill , but active guild. My gt is xThexDreadWolfX.
  24. "DracoCor" is a small PVX guild looking to build up. We are currently looking for active players of any class. We do guild quests, bosses, and some small guild wars. We offer to increase your daily pay as long as you help with quests and if you have a high activity lvl. You can become an officer just like every one else! Wanna become a part of the DracoCor messge me and well set somthing up.
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