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  1. We are openly recruiting right now any levels or GS, no requirement. We currently have around 25 members and are growing fast. now is one of the best times to get into this Guild because there will be spots available for generals for people who have the skill and knowledge. we have a working Discord and we also use the Xbox Live party everyday so there is constant communication between all of us that is very family oriented. So if you like to chill and get all geeked up and get your GS up at the same time this is probably the best place for you you can contact me through Xbox Live @ORICHEEMARU or through the forum. Peace 😉
  2. Art of War Legends Guild is now openly recruiting. We play on the North American server for Xbox, we currently have close to 20 members and are looking to expand our ranks. You should get in early now and establish yourself. If you have any questions and you would like to join, you can contact me through this forum or you can contact me directly . My username and gamertag are exactly the same ORICHEEMARU Get that GS up 😋
  3. We're a fairly new guild with a strong focus on PvP, although we also enjoy PvE. Casual, friendly, and laid-back. We don't require the need to constantly be social or anything. Mics are preferred for when we organize GBs and other events. PM NEMISlS that's a lowercase L replacing the last I. INSIDlOUS, or Exoduss. If interested. Our discord is: https://discord.gg/k7bGdPD
  4. Looking for some quality members to join the guild! Were pretty chill but have a core group of players that have been playing pretty much nonstop. Need some cool people to join up, but also take it semi-serious. Node wars are coming, World bosses have released, and we're beginning to prep for all of that. More details below: 30+ members at or around lvl 55+. Currently reaching 300 gs with multiple people. Many with 250+ gs 7 officers that are on daily lifeskilling, pvping, or farming. Good amount of other players playing daily (no surprise) Currently at 50 members but now looking to consolidate with quality members and removing individuals with low activity. Already preparing tons of resources for Node wars once they are released, as we look to be very active with it. Guild Passives are growing now that we've ceased from expanding the guild size. Have a discord channel and have now made it mandatory to join. Currently going through the process of gathering everyone in the discord. Refusal to join = boot. Plenty of collaboration and growing. Ideally looking for members above lvl 50 with higher gear scores, but not opposed to individuals claiming to hit those targets ASAP. Feel free to post, pm, msg or whatever. My gamertag is Poboy 40oz if you'd like to msg me that way.
  5. Polska gildia "Vanish" rekrutuje ! Jesteśmy nową gildią, która gra dla przyjemności. Gramy na luzie i mamy sporo pokładów dobrego humoru 😁 Każdy kto jest chętny może do nas dołączyć. Jedyny warunek to +18. Mamy zamiar grać PvP, PvE co kto lubi. Z chęcią pomożemy każdemu, ale dopiero co zaczynamy przygodę z tym tytułem, więc nie znamy odpowiedzi na wszystko 😁 Jeżeli ktoś z was jest chętny pograć na luzie, oraz pogadać na grupie to z chęcią zapraszamy. Możecie pisać do mnie GT: Matitychy 1990, lub do commanderów GT: JohnyWampirson, R3miDi. Pozdrawiam✌️
  6. Hello myself and a friend are looking for an active chill guild of adult players who are looking to chill and enjoy the game we are PVE but will defend ourselves if necessary we would like to be active members of a guild doing any and all guild quests and bosses both have 300+ gear score mostly play on EU serendia 2 server
  7. Hello, I'm not very good on posting onto forums or anything but bare with me please. I just wanted to start this report/discussion to see if anyone else is facing the same problem. The problem I'm referring to is not being able to fully connect to any servers or even to the game to be exact. While I start the game follow the instructions and so on, choose a server the game starts to load my friends see me as " logged in " but then out of the blue they tell me " I logged out " mind you while the game is still loading onto the server, this all happens on my end. The black spirit loading bar gets to the end then it stops! Doesn't fully go and then a black screen as if I'm loading into the game, then boom! A prompt saying " can't connect right now, try again please " no error code or anything for me to follow up on. 😓😟😟 I'll update this post with either videos or pictures. Later on. P.S I did filed a ticket as well.
  8. Hi lvl 53 mage EvilEd GT Jon of the Dead looking for an active guild to join I mainly play of an evening till the early hours of morn so after a guild with members on at all hours. Msg me replies and feel free to add me on Xbox
  9. The Chinese Defense League [ CDL ] is looking for more members! We are currently accepting all type of players. the guild is still small but we are looking to change this very soon. And to do this we need your help! So are you looking for friendly help, Good advice and ofcourse lots of fun? Stop searching you have found your place. We arent region bounded. We have players based everywhere so there will always be someone online ! Most of our communication happens in discord (because who doesn't hate typing in xbox) To apply , ask question or just drop by to see if we are what you are looking for; Join our discord server Join our discord to apply now!
  10. Recruiting for the FallenCrusade guild on xbox's NA server region. We are a roleplaying guild who accepts anybody 18 years or older and prefer our members to be roleplayers. Our rules are simple, and mostly involve us asking people to not micky off other guilds as well as to respect the leaders and each other. If interested in joining, please message this thread or message Darkheart170 on xbox! Aside from rp, we focus on helping people learnt he game with life skills, pve builds, and working the player market to get the items or outfits they want. So if you are new or want to help new players learn the game a bit more while roleplaying with a good group of people, hit us up!
  11. Hello, This is quite confusing and frustrating I haven't been able to connect to any servers for quite sometime now. I have no idea what's happening or what caused it but please CM or anyone who's facing the problem or frustration advise. A whole lot of grind and progress has been made, I don't want to loose them. Help! Please 😟😟 The last thing I did, bought some pearls from the Microsoft store then asked for a refund cause I bought one to many. Redeemed only one box of pearls the other is not opened then the update happened, can't login into any servers like I previously said.
  12. We are a low personnel Guild currently with the hopes of starting a larger roleplay group. We accept anybody and will help them level up further to help with Guild operations. Roleplay is a huge preference for us, if interested in joining, message your xbox Gamertag here to join! Our rules are 1. Respect the leader and Officers. 2. Your amount of contribution will dictate your pay and contract. 3. Everybody is to be confirmed by the leader before joining to avoid future problems. 4.The roleplay is not tied to the guild, however, the guild will have roleplays in it's future. 5. Do not try to incite wars with other guilds, we are not here to fight others. 6. Try to, at least daily, do a guild mission to improve your contribution to the guild. 7. Sexual harassment and racism will be dealt with severely, we are a very open guild who enjoys a good joke, but will not allow actions of this form to avoid complications among the guild members. 8. Lastly, we are trying to help others enjoy the game and enjoy it ourselves, if you impede another's enjoyment too many times, you will be spoken to and give a warning. 3 warnings is a kick from the guild.
  13. Wolfpack is a Fairly Decent Sized Guild, Sitting at about 60+ Members. We are a EST Based guild. We are looking for more 50+ Active Members to join the Pack! We enjoy PvP, we are not a Hardcore PvP Guild, We are more of a Defensive PvP Guild, We will fight when attacked by Flagged Players. We strive to be Good Players and are Looking to make a Name for ourselves on our Home Server! We will be Participating in Guild and Node Wars when they are Released. We also have a few PC Players who have come to Xbox always willing to lend a hand or some Info on this Vast Game! We actively do Guild Missions, Trying yo get the 5 a Day limit on Farm for Maximum Guild Experience! We could use more Sorcs, Wizards and Witches! Discord is a Must, Even if your not a Talkative person being able to hear during Wars or even typing in the chat is much easier then in game guild chat! Also makes for guild announcements and scheduling easier! Interested in Joining the Pack Msg me Or 1 of my officers on Xbox Wolfe oX - Leader
  14. Slav Nation EU we are recruiting dedicated players who are ready to be in a semi-hardcore PvP guild What we offer: Guild Pay-outs Guild Skills A strong community Weekly Guild Events Node wars once they are implemented Requirements: To join our discord you must be active we are seeking active members (we understanding to those who are busy) Discord: If you are interested in joining Slav Nation and want more info about us join are discord: https://discord.gg/xgRCf4 and fill in this application in are application channel Application: Name(xbox/family/character: Level+AP/DP: Class: MMO experience/past BDO experience: Extra info (optional)
  15. So i have been playing since game drop and i am honestly not pleased with this game. I've given it a pretty good run spent the entire time up to now none stop grinding. Learning everything i can from the pc version which honestly didn't help much and i am finally to the point to where i honestly just want a refund because the pain of playing this game actually out weights the enjoyment. Don't get me wrong i absolutely love the combat system it is much better than anything else that i have seen in MMOs but there are just to many things out weighing the fun to be had with this and the game is not even fully released yet. We still have roughly 4 expansions to go if i am not mistaken a huge amount of classes not released and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes the game sound great but really gets out weighted in the long run and unfortunately one major problem that was said would be immediately addressed after release and is still a freaking problem now. so lets go ahead and dive right into this and no this is not a rant this is honestly just a critique of the game from someone who has spent the entire life gaming. First up the biggest and most devastating problem in my opinion. The developers promised back when the beta was out that the screen safe zone would be addressed immidiately after launch. Here we are so many days later and a major expansion later and i still can't see the vast majority of my screen. Its not my tv because every other game works perfectly fine and those that don't have the option to adjust so that they fit appropriately. Not only did we get promised a very quick fix for this we are now after a major update that added massive amounts of quest lands, nodes and a whole slew of other content but we still didn't get the basic fix for quality of life we were promised. This really doesn't say great things about the developers as a whole as such a small fix should have been easy for them to do. Don't get me wrong programing isn't a cake walk but still this compared to what went into the game makes this fix a cake walk. So we have already been set up with the idea that the devs have a chase if not a habit of not making good on their word. This isn't the only thing that was promised to be fixed quickly either several major maintenance later there are still people complaining about not getting their silver for turning in their bars to the storage. This is the second thing that was promised a quick fix and has yet to be delivered on. Second, Now this is addressed by many a pc player to the devs and i am sure many an xbox player. The drop rates on this game are mind shatteringly low. Don't get me wrong RNG is RNG but having a .07 drop rate for an item that is a transitional item meant to be grabbed by the player so that they can grind for the great that will allow them to acquire the gear that they need to partake in late game content is mind boggling. I understand low drop rates, It makes the item more valuable and makes the person play the game more and want to purchase quality of life items from the cash store. However the way that the RNG is set up in this game and applied makes getting even the most basic gear require one to have absolutely no life or have and endless wellspring of money to throw at the game in addition to having very little of a life as lets face it a 20% increase to a .001 drop is laughable. You still have a near non existent chance of getting the item you are after not to mention the fact that many mobs where you farm such items that keep in mind aren't transitional items. Such mobs don't always drop something meaning that this .001 chance is actually lower because the creatures don't always drop something meaning there is yet another spinner to be spun to determine if there is loot. Again don't get me wrong i understand the devs wanting to make money but i have seen memes about this game being the home of the 0% drop chance, Memes about mark of shadows which is a low end item in all reality being a myth and these things are made by veteran pc players. Not only does spending your money on the game to try and get the item yourself seem fruitless its honestly inadvisable if you do the math. This game needs a serious revamp to the way that the drop system works anyone who has to balance a job and life is not going to have the time to endlessly grind for an item that they need to aquire to partake in end game content. They would be better off playing a game like World of warcraft which has become a shadow of its formerself but at least there drops are much higher and you can more readily get gear to progress your character. Thirdly. If the drop rate issues were not bad enough on th eir own the Player market is so screwed up at this point that it isn't even entirely worth using to attempt to make money to buy items other players have gotten and sell on there. I have seen that sale prices are static and pre ordering creates a wait list. There is no bid list meaning that the demand of an item affects its price there for driving the player economy forward and making it either more or less likely to find an item a player needs. Not only this the primary way of making money on the player market is selling items that players have bought from the cash store, Which is promptly limited to roughly 8 a week if i am not mistaken meaning that you can make X amount of money off of cash shop items. Don't get me wrong this is a good thing it reduces the pay to win aspect but unfortunately it is still the most viable way to make money on the market given that the prices of all items are static and most basic items sell for under 500k means that a player can buy 8 costumes for the most played class and make upward of 25 mil a pop per costume or the savy investor can sell the bits and possibly make more than the whole set is actually worth. Not only this but i have seen that when prices do go up through out the day for what ever reason they reset at a certain time going back down to their pace value this means people who preorder items only have a set frame of time that an item can be sold for that amount and actually get the item making the wait time on a wait listed item take even longer. This is an absolutely mind boggling th ing for an mmo to do. The players drive the economy in nearly all mmos meaning if the item has value it is determined by the players to have X value rather than the Devs. Sure this keeps the market from inflating but it also keeps money from being able to be properly made when you pair it with the drop rates. Trying to buy up all the items and sell them back at a profit you aren't making really any profit in doing so even when you buy an item in high demand such as a yuria's staff currently on the xbox version. This is due to the way that the tax system works. Players with the value pack can make a small modicum of money while players without it actually lose money attempting to do this further crippling the player market for those players. All in all these three things alone are enough to make me regret spending my money on this game and i know i have seen a lot of complaining about all of these things in general chat so i am sure that the rest of the community sees them as well and i am sure that those that read this and check the math will see that this is really a problem. This game is an absolute meatgrinder for a consumer. In its current state considering the fact that i haven't used any of my pre order items i would think a refund is in order but unfortunately due to microsofts rules of buying things from their store i cannot make such a move to gain back my money nor can i attempt to sell the vast majority of the items i have to try and make my life easier in game. So far this port has been an utter flop in my opinion and it needs some serious attention before i will ever be willing to spend another dime on the game itself. Anyone thats what i had that should be looked at. Honestly i doubt that anything will be done because of me putting this up here and all of these things have been talked about before but less in depth and nothing has been done about them on pc. To me this seems like another MMO console flop. Anyway to those of you that read this congratz on making it through. For t hose of you that are looking to see if this is the game for you and you notice this post i would highly suggest not going into this game unless your planning to spend endless amounts of actual money on it.
  16. <Apex> is a community driven guild looking for active players. We have an active Discord and are looking for more members who are interested in joining a well-established community on Xbox. Our goal is to be Competitive but to have fun doing whatever you enjoy inside and outside of the game. New and seasoned players are welcome! The guild is comprised of both veteran and new players alike! If you are a new player, we have the knowledge and resources to help you in achieving your goals. If you are a veteran player, we will be looking forward to having your hardened game knowledge and skill to aid us in node wars, guild progression, and more! We do not like mandatory tasks but we do have some simple rules in place to keep the guild afloat and to keep the guild running smoothly! Joining our guild Discord is unfortunately mandatory as it keeps us aware of who is in our guild and helps us give you updates on what weekly events are running, what guild quests we are doing, and also to provide assistance to all our members. We will do weekly guild events such as guild boss scrolls, PvP (Either Battle Arena training or Node Wars), and more. Guild Pay is strictly based on merit and contribution and will be rewarded via weekly bonuses and other methods. If you are interested, please contact Og King Smurf on xbox or on discord Smurf#1263
  17. UwU Nation recruiting members NA PvP/PvE/Lifeskillers on mediah 2 Daily guild missions No requirements needed Will get ranked up to guild officer if you are active enough
  18. Our guild is currently trying to recruit fairly high-level players for our pvp guild. We welcome all new plays and though some of us are experienced with the pc version of Black Desert anyone who meets the requirement is welcome to join. 275 isn't the max gear score but we're looking to recruit players who are fairly good at the game but we still want to have fun along the way. Though this gear score is pretty easy to achieve at this point I don't want to make the requirements too hard for newer players. We'll start contracts off on the low side of around 40,000 but these become negotiable after we participate in our first node wars and look at overall contribution, we do everything that you could expect of a guild, run bosses, participate in pvp events and help our players to progress further in the game. We welcome anyone who truly wants to have fun and do well, we do however expect our members to be active as we will almost always have an officer online so we don't expect anyone to be truly inactive for a while. Send a reply if you want to join and we'll get back to you and invite you to the discord. All members must have working mics.
  19. My guild is currently recruiting members in order to participate in events like node wars and conquest wars. We don't have many members right now but that is mostly due to the fact that we would like quality over quantity. The last guild that I was in was very keen on recruiting everyone who wanted to join and it made us very weak in a group fight, it's 275gsr which shouldn't be too difficult but if you're decent at pvp and will be a fairly active member I'm sure we could talk things over. We plan on participating in node wars asap and I would really appreciate any members who are willing to put in their time. We don't require you to be an adult but we would like you to take these pvp events seriously, plz contact me if you're interested in joining and we could work on inviting you. I hope to see you in the guild.
  20. A new Guild based on PVP, gearing, leveling and creating a bond between guild members. We are inviting you to join Aurora with a motivation of becoming one of the well known guilds. PVE aspects and guild quests will always be accompanied with other guild members. We are looking to make each and everyone strong while numbers in our guild is not the prioraty just yet. So if you're looking for an EU guild that is friendly, social, sometimes a little bit weird (heads up) you might be just the right fit! Level 50+ for experienced players or new players 50+ that are dedicated to get to know the game and become better. We are a helping hand, with experience and time, social and active. We own a discord channel that is mainly used for chat, not so much talk, just yet. If you are willing to join us please contact me by all means, we would appreciate having you with us (: -Luna. Guild name: Aurora PVP/PVE aspects.
  21. I'm getting disconnect from server about 2-5 minutes from in game, I'm on Xbox one (not 1X). I've tried clearing cache from xbox, reset router, reinstalled the game, called isp to see if it was on their end. All of my other games I can play fine. I'm also on a wired connection, I have the $9.99 standard edition if that helps, issue has been going on for two days now just at a complete loss on what other things I maybe able to do. any help would be appreciated.
  22. So i realize this us just the beta and is not the full game so it wouldn't surprise me if some of the settings are not currently present for xbox players. My current and only issue so far with this game is that i have a good 2inches of my screen cut off on the sides so i am missing out a good bit of the writing that is on the screen and it really bothers me. I've loked for the setting itself and could not find it to adjust it in game and i have adjusted it as much as possible on my tv but i still can't see everything. Can we get the addition of a setting to set the display size so this isn't a problem. It may seem rather trivial but it is a real pain for me.
  23. Alaet

    Items missing

    Hi, First i have to apologize for my bad english. I bought the deluxe edition yesterday on xbox store, and the game has downloaded and i can play, but i haven't anything of all the items that comes with deluxe edition, i can't find my horse, and i haven't any perls. Just the game has downloaded, i didn't have any other things, and i didn't buy it at 50€ to have a 10€ value. Thanks for reading and responding and sorry if i hurt your grammar or syntax rules.
  24. Wasn't there supposed to be a shudad LE and a Shudad for the ultimate edition?
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