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Found 3 results

  1. I'm sorry to say but what Shirna and Trent said yesterday "enjoy pre-awakening until you can because awakening is completely different game, different PvP etc" and reasoning behind it doesn't make sense to me unfortunately. We are simply being held back, once again. If this is the actual reason for not releasing the awakenings then it's against majority of people. I'm obviously not talking about players who don't know that awakening is cause they don't care and just want to cut trees or play an hour daily. I'm taking about players who are quite bored as they hit the wall (level 58, 59 even). Yes, there is still plenty to do while we wait for awakening but this is not a good enough explanation. My guess is that awakenings are still far away from being ready and this is just a smokescreen to cover this fact. Share your thoughts guys!
  2. Fury091014

    Character Awakening

    I don't have an xbox one yet but i have played for 3 years on the pc with my potato laptop, wanted to know when they are bringing awakening for the current classes? In my opinion the pre awaken skills for my warrior were never too much fun...
  3. I’m looking foward to awakenings very much does anyone have any information on when they are coming besides in the next 3 months like will they be coming after mediah info like that