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Found 16 results

  1. Captain Nicklas

    Another chance to test the game?

    Hello everyone, I didn't get an invite to the beta on Xbox and now i'm wondering if that was the last chance we get to try out and test the game. It's still a long way from here to march 4th. Is there any information about a final test session or anything? I'm a big MMORPG fan and BDO looks really awesome but i'm not used to this type of combat and the way the game works so i'm really curious to see how it feels to play.
  2. Enslar

    Beta Survival Kit

    Not pictured: Crackers, ranch dip, apples, plums, and a large bag of peanuts. I think I'm all set! What do you guys plan on snacking on while no-lifing the beta?
  3. Enjoying the Black Desert Finale! Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Lupexiss/comments/9wmvak/2_fish_watching_the_beta_finale_on_xbox/?utm_source=reddit-android for screenshot submission. #BlackDesertBeta
  4. angryps4gamer

    Official Launch Topic

    I have a question, Also this is a good Thread for chatting about the official launch of Black Desert on XBOX. Question, Since beta is about over and they need to go over all the data. Do they have a time frame for an official launch? Are they going to add value packs for 30 days in game? If so i think those are great items (like a sub) but you can remake your character as many times as you want which is awesome. Are Mystic, Striker, DK and Lahn going to come out with the launch? This will be a pretty big patch if they add kama region into the game as well. Also this would give me enough time to get an xbox 1 so i can play the game.
  5. Cloudkicker

    Skills Window

    Can we have the skill tree similar to PC? I really don't like having to scroll through a list with no visual map/relationship between things. Not sure how everyone else feels
  6. I'm currently stuck and have no idea how to proceed on the quest, I was talking to this beetle guy and he just disappeared. This is my quest log ATM, I have no active quests.
  7. I would like to know if my carachters and progression on game in the beta will be transferred by account cloud within the final released game as well or we will restart from zero? 🤔
  8. I'm super excited for this but I have no idea how to get it. I don't see anything about it on the xbox store. Thanks for all of your help. I know i'm dumb.
  9. Suzumiko

    The Beta

    I just found out about the beta being open in 2 days, are people still able to opt into it...? I've played it on my pc before but I've wanted to play with a few other friends who sadly don't have very good pcs for gaming and won't be getting one anytime soon... Thanks, Suzumiko
  10. Dr INF3NRO

    T8 horses in beta

    Hey @[CM] Simon, One of the main issues I had in pc BDO was the area loading times while traveling on my 20 skill Ferrari (i miss you girl 😭). Did the team test this in all 3 xbox variants? If so please tell us how each console performed. If not, please "gift" us the horses in the beta for testing and feedback. This is extremely important since im going to base my console purchase accordingly.
  11. OHHH SNAP. Just got THE mail. Its happening 08/11 guys, clear your calendars and take all the days off you can! Confirmed to be open beta so sharing content is available. See my theory below 😜
  12. " To gostando desse alpha agradeço por esta participando, possíveis datas no vídeo rápido abaixo valeu! ". DEV:
  13. I bought the game already on my computer, but my computer can't run it. So I'm really looking forward to the Xbox version. I'm wondering, though, if I'll have to rebuy the game to play on Xbox or will I just be able to sign in on my account that I already purchased? And will I have to pay extra for the beta?
  14. Hey everyone ! Sadly, I don't when or how It's going to be released. But I might want to hear your ideas about how It should be and when ! With the Dark Spirit ? Dev Notes ?News ? On the forum ? Be free to express your opinion.
  15. Enslar

    Beta stress testing

    For a majority of the community on here who have played on the PC version, I would imagine that performance is probably a huge concern in the upcoming console version of the game. On PC, players have experienced huge issues with optimization, with even the beefiest of computers having trouble handling the large groups of people present at world bosses and sieges. Some issues also come into play from the servers just not being able to handle the stress. In one of the interviews about the console version, I recall questions being asked about optimization and how large amounts of people in one place will be handled. It was said that the ability of the game to support a large amount of people in one area without performance issues is something they are working very hard on. I participated in the beta test for the PC version of the game, and from my experience with that beta test, it didn't seem like the game and servers were actually stress tested to see if they could handle the amount of people in game, and the amount of people who would be trying to log in at launch. At launch, I started with the 3 day head start, and even with the smaller amount of people at that time, there were issues with getting into the game. I think it's very important to work these issues out before the official launch this time around. A place where it was seeming to hang up on PC was the authentication process. The authentication servers were overloaded, unable to handle the amount of players trying to access the game at the same time. With all that being said, my actual suggestion is: During the beta, gather players in one place for an event. The event can be anything so long as it gathers at least about 200 people all in one place, to see how the game handles that amount of people. So that if it is still an issue, that issue can be addressed before official launch. As for the server part, the only way to really stress test that is to just allow a lot of players into the beta, or somehow simulate the server load by artificially increasing it.