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Found 3 results

  1. Cannibal_Fang

    Repeatable Black Spirit quest

    Hi, I accidentally forfeited a black spirit repeatable quest to kill harpies that ive been doing sometimes even if I'm 50+. I did not want to forfeit it and was an accident but cannot find it anymore nor something similar. It used to give me a black stone for armor as a reward. Thought I could pick it back up. I'm just at the point with the blacl spirit quest called A sense of urgency and would like to get my quest back or one like it that was repeatable. Thanks in advance for all the info and help.
  2. Ryojin01

    Black spirit menu won't close

    Ever since I got to level 50 the black spirit menu will not close. It only happens when the black spirit appears on its own to talk or give me a new quest. I can navigate the menu and accept quests or enhance items but pressing b to close the menu does nothing, the only way to return to gameplay is to close and restart the game. It does not happen if I summon the black spirit, then pressing b closes the menu as it should. I've had a look on forums but haven't found any mention of this. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Since last night (March 3rd) I've been stuck extracting my weapon to get the black stone. Every time i go to Granbill he gives me the weapon back for the stone but I'm not sure if there is something specifically that in have to do. I followed everything step by step and can not complete the mission. Please help