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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so I spent days and days getting all the nodes... all the workers all the materials processing them and then I finally got everything ready to make my fishing boat.... so I then get a worker click on the shipyard then click start work on the fishing boat.... now my screen is stuck and I can't close the crafting menu and I can't do anything.... only way to get unstuck of the screen is to go to Xbox dashboard... and close the game.... ok so now I have to load the game back up and then I go to look at the shipyard... and nothing... I can't even click on it... now the wiki says I can assign multiple workers to build my boat.... I can't... I can't even click the shipyard.... ok so I wait.... hours for it to finish one section of building the fishing boat... I can only have one worker working on it at a time... by now I've spent 4 real life days upto this point... it's going so slow.... now one part is built I start on another part.... and the menu locks again... I can't escape it and again. I have to force close the game and return to dashboard.... over and over again on every pice of the boat.... it's been days now of crashing and crafting.... I finally get to the last stages and I'm happy after all this crashing and being stuck in the menu I go to craft my final part of the boat to be done..... and.... it's reset.... I have just lost days and days of hard work constant crashing... and resetting the game I have no materials no boat no nothing... I am so angry.... I have lost everything.... this has been the worst boat crafting ever it's been nothing but a constant hassle from the first moment I started it! please is there a GM who can just give me the fishing boat thing so I can just sail the ocean and finally have peace? I have proof of me getting the materials and almost finishing it before I lose everything.... also if you want to test this for yourself.... get materials for a fishing boat and get a worker to start crafting... your menu will lockup and you will be forced to close the game and go to Xbox dashboard.... I don't even feel like playing atm knowing all that hard work has gone...