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Found 89 results

  1. Hyrule Devil


    No matter how many times I’ve tried I cannot advance this questline. First off, when I start the mission, there is no timer. None shows up whatsoever. I found out the proper time after a quick internet search, and even though I would finish the quest AND turn it in within that allotted time (I used a stopwatch) it STILL says the mission timer has expired and cannot be completed. I forfeit, do it again, tried again after every new update, and I still cannot finish this hunting questline because of this bug. NA region on Xbox server. Please help!
  2. Swapped server re spawned in different place, now have long run to horse that's on other side of map.
  3. Grimicle

    Remote collecting

    Remote collecting randomly doesn't collector to stable you are at instead it goes to closest stable had to run all the way from velia to port epheria after grinding at pirates
  4. UNSC Jon 117

    Foreigners of Velia/Klau?

    Trying to complete "Foreigners of Velia"; found *one* of what I thought was the last *two* I was missing, and the journal reported it as complete, listing it as 2/2. However, the section text is still white, not blue like the others under "People of Eastern Balenos". Checking that section, the first item in the list is still listed as all question marks. Best guess from information I can find elsewhere is that it should be Klau, who should be next to the Velia Inn behind the area with the double doors. However, going there (whether in-game time is day or night), he isn't there, and the map doesn't appear to show there might be someone there. Is this a bug, or something from desktop that hasn't (fully?) migrated to console yet?
  5. R4GE0fW4R

    Processing issue

    There is an serious issue with processing/sieve going on! Normally when you press the A button you get access to the inventory and choose the item you want process, but in the sieve section the A button icon is gone and it let me not acces the inventory to process feathers and so on!!! Please look into this, server EU thx
  6. So i am not really sure how this happened i was opening my path to power boxes for my musa and now i can't open like half of my inventory slots! It just keeps telling me "Your are trying to expend the slot beyond that of the maximum capacity." OR that "Invalid slot!" I can't sell the items. I can't put the items in my bank and they are time limited along with everything else down there i can't even use them.... What the heck is going on!
  7. EDIT: Please go down to the important update section for details. Original Post: The (Xbox One) awakening outfit for the Lahn has a glitch with its transparent parts. First off, they do not appear transparent outside of the store/appearance menu. Just solid color, I checked to see if was just the white but the problem is present with all colors it seems. The second part of the problem is that when I walk near any object while wearing the outfit, that object’s textures are put onto (what is supposed to be) the Transparent parts. (Pictures below) Will you please fix this soon... UPDATE: This problems seems to be persistent with all outfits with transparent parts. When I’m in pearl shop/character selection/beauty menu(s) the outfits look completely normal, transparent parts and all. But when in game (out of menu(s)) they are solid in color and have the bug/glitch listed above. Also try messing with the white balance, that didn’t help. Then completely changed my display to a different monitor, still didn’t work and the problem persists. I’m running the game on a 4K UHD/HDR monitor on Xbox One X. If anyone was wondering... If anyone else is having this issue please leave a comment below. Also, if you are NOT having this issue on Xbox One X with THIS outfits please let me know. I am trying to figure out if it is a isolated issue. “Important Update” So, I’m going layout/restate the situation for any CM’s/GM’s to read. The issue/bug that has been discovered has to do with many of the pearl shop outfits that contain transparent parts on them. Such as the Lahn’s (Sanguine Petal and Orchid Fall) outfits. When wearing one of these outfits, the transparent parts seem to be completely solid to their base color. When walking near things like NPCs and tall grasses, their textures are glitched onto what is supposed to be the transparent parts. As seen in the pictures below. (FYI: the outfits look normal in the menus like beauty/pearl shop/character selection.) But through many hours on trial and error and helpful comments from other players, we have discovered what is causing the problem. It is caused by the 4k UHD setting for the Xbox One X under the display settings. Region: All regions Server: All servers How to recreate the problem: 1. Using an Xbox One X (with a 4k monitor) 2. Put on a pearl shop outfit with transparent parts, such as the Lahn’s (Sanguine Petal and Orchid Fall) outfits. 3. Turn the 4k UDH setting on , then save it and restart the game to apply the new setting. 4. The outfit should now be experiencing the bug/glitch with its transparent parts. 5. If the 4k setting is turned off then saved and the game restarted the problem should go away. 6. In conclusion, the issue comes from the Xbox One X’s 4k UDH setting under the game’s display settings and needs some kind of patch to fix the problem.
  8. Novaxfrostx

    Central Market issue

    The central market deleted everything u had in the storage, all my yuria kriegsmesser, saiyer ornamental knots and the seeds I purchased. And keeps saying that the time cannot be registered in the central market. I was trying to collect my seeds and it made everything vanish and keeps popping the message up when away from the cm. Wasn’t attempting to register anything. NA,
  9. The Guiido

    Skill Point Bug

    So I bought the special deal 950 pearl shop 30 day skill guide so I can keep resetting since I pvp and pve a lot. I simply dont have the sp on Zerk to enjoy as it is very sp relaint. Anyways, I was streaming this whole ordeal and pretty much skill points are either double dipping into each skill like you have to press it twice for it to go through, or a 3 point skill like Seizing Fear (Zerk Passive) costs like 50 points instead of 3. This is huge. I havent been playing the game or grinding because of this nonsense. https://www.twitch.tv/theguiido/clip/AuspiciousBashfulKoupreyBlargNaut?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time I even got it again here today: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/the-guiido/video/75443029 THANK YOU
  10. robottrex23

    Kzarka OP, plz nerf

    Kzarka consistently knocks me through the world, placing me in an 'underwater' state, with me swimming and unable to surface through the floor. This occasionally fixes itself, teleporting me back up, but I usually have to escape, forfeiting my chance at loot. If this could be fixed on my end or the server's end, I would very much like to hear so.
  11. TommD2000

    Inventory error

    Items on my main are slotted in invalid locations. Clicking beer let's me use it but clicking Milk Tea states "You are trying to expand the slot more than the maximum capacity." Pressing X for the description works. Trying to put the items into storage states "The slot number is invalid."
  12. R4GE0fW4R


    Hello BOX TEAM Can you please FIX the sea waypoints PLEASE!? You messed setting waypoints with the boat up with the last patch! Finally with Valencia update it was working, now I CAN NOT SET A WAYPOINT IN THE SEA AGAIN!!! 😟😢😭😭😭PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!! Thx R4GE SHIP AHOI🐳🐬🌴⚓⛵
  13. Grimicle

    Valencia remote collect mount

    Randomly remote collecting mounts In the desert would make them go into a different stable than the town I am in
  14. I'm unsure if there's been any changes on how the Central Market works. butt in any case prior to Valencia update I was able to sell my ultimate Tri Grunil armor set and ultimate tri yuria Gauntlet to the centro market. But after this update for some reason I cannot sell none of these items anymore. If anyone is experiencing the same issue or have any knowledge of why this is happening please pass on this information I will very appreciate it thank you.
  15. Hidellin

    Cannot login

    Literally cannot login since this last maintenance. GG Region: North America Server: um...idk all? Any? Bug: cannot login, get stuck on verifying patch data Tried restarting the game which will lead to not being able to even start it again. Tried clearing reserved/saved data which tries to redownload the data and says it fails multiple times until it goes through. It then gets stuck on trying to verify patch data again. Tried restarting my router and unplugging my xbox to clear cache memory. Never had this issue until after the last maintenance starting today. I have waited for at least 30 minutes to verify patch data. Guess I'll wait for am hour this time. GG pearl abyss gg.
  16. R4GE0fW4R

    Setting Waypoints is messed up!!!

    Hello @CM Valencia, @CM Trent Since todays minor patch setting waypoints does not work properly! Especially when there is no road like the wildernes!! When you set a waypoint lets say near Valencia City but a little outside and you go with autorun there it does not calculate structures like rocks and so on anymore and makes a straight line until it hits a road, regardless of rocks, terrainhighs... This happend not before this patch! Pls fix this! Thx
  17. R4GE0fW4R

    Tower of tarif book

    Hello the quest for the Beia's black magic gloves from tower of tarif book is still buged. So when you click the book it doesn't give you the quest series to get this gloves! It was reported a while ago but I can't find the topic so I posts it in a new one. Please fix this. Thx
  18. R4GE0fW4R

    Shakatu Storage

    In Shakatu we have a storage but no option for transport to another town! Anyways if you go to Shakatu via worldmap there is the option to transport but if you click it to set destination its empty, no town to select! So normally you shoud be able to transport goods from there! Pls fix this issue Greetings R4GE
  19. Anyone else got this or am i the only one it says i can claim it but it also says i have already claimed it yet i havnt received the giftbox?
  20. NorseJuggalo

    Mini map missing

    Region: North America Server: Calpheon 2 Bug Description: After I got out of putting Dye on an outfit after bleaching it that my mini map disappeared. I restarted my game and Xbox and still did not fix. I switched servers and still nothing changed. I even looked in the settings and found nothing that hides the mini map. Update: After about a few minutes the map came back. Without any input from me.
  21. TwilightPanther

    Guild Interface

    Your guild interface is absolutely unacceptable. 1. There is no Log. No treasury log. No member joined/left log. No who did what in a mission. No how many guild missions got done or what type. 2. The Members list continually jumps to the top making it impossible to use. 3. The Members list does not show the GamerTag of members who are currently offline. 4. Setting a Members rank is a pain in the butt, and only has predefined values. 5. The members list does not show last login. I.E. GenaricMember33 was last in BDO 15 days ago. (maybe hes left and we should kick him!?) 6. There is no confirmation window for undeclaring on a war. I literally just had lag, had the A button go thru to open the guild menu and it undeced a war we wanted to keep. Please take a moment and log into Elder Scrolls Online on the xbox, make a guild, and look at the interface, tools, and options. Then come back and use yours. YOURS SUCKS!! So So Much! The guilds that make up your game are a HUGE PART of your community. Yet here we are using 3rd party apps to try and keep track of members and activity and guild funds, Spending valuable game time working on spreadsheets. Struggling to use your twitchy guild member list to copy the information over to a spreadsheet so that we can manage a guild. It makes being an officer or leader far more difficult than it needs to be. We already are juggling members, grievance, activity checks, events, helping low gs members, and trying to enjoy the game ourselves. With how bad it is i'm sure other guilds have made these suggestions. And for the love of BDO, I hope you listen and implement rapid improvements to your guild interface. *edit; spelling *edit; added #5 *edit; added #6 updated #1
  22. Primus

    Mark the Target Bug

    When I try to complete Marking Your Target (Riot Suppression Order 2/4) I get a "Character does not exist" error. Am I doing something wrong?
  23. Whenever I sheath her giant sword she glitches out. When she lowers her hand after the action she still shows sword in her hand AND if u try to sprint it cancels the sheathing.
  24. Nightingale

    Epheria Rod Repair Bugged after 100%

    I have made a +6 Epheria rod it only repaired to 100% durability, it has 110 durability. I have tried to use both another fishing rod and a memory fragment and it will not let me repair it further. I know this can be done I have +10 on several rods on PC. Im pretty sure its bugged, I checked several Blacksmiths and it wasnt just that one blacksmith. Just giving you the heads up @[CM]Shirna
  25. Shadi

    After fishing Ring menu

    After fishing, unequiping fishing rod, i am unable to access ring menu, have to change server or re-log for it to work.