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Found 52 results

  1. UNSC Jon 117

    Foreigners of Velia/Klau?

    Trying to complete "Foreigners of Velia"; found *one* of what I thought was the last *two* I was missing, and the journal reported it as complete, listing it as 2/2. However, the section text is still white, not blue like the others under "People of Eastern Balenos". Checking that section, the first item in the list is still listed as all question marks. Best guess from information I can find elsewhere is that it should be Klau, who should be next to the Velia Inn behind the area with the double doors. However, going there (whether in-game time is day or night), he isn't there, and the map doesn't appear to show there might be someone there. Is this a bug, or something from desktop that hasn't (fully?) migrated to console yet?
  2. Not sure if its just me or does Wrath of Beast not cast when upgraded to Ire of beast? Everytime i try to use it, there is a notification pop-up that says cannot cast skill because the skill has been upgraded. Has anybody else tried this skill and is not having a problem with it?
  3. SoyBeam

    Good feed cook bug

    Region: EU Server: Serendia 2 Bug description: When I press the button “Start cooking” nothing happens.
  4. DarkSmurf

    Horse Flute not working

    Region: NA Server: Serendia 3 Bug description: I have bought 2 horse flutes for my Characters and every time i use it on either character it says that the horse it to far away and to use the horse flute to summon. I moved the Flute to my ring menu and it still wont work. any help or ways to fix it would be great
  5. Dr INF3NRO

    List of found bugs (to be updated)

    Greetings BDX staff, Here is a list of detected bugs which I came across so far (post Mediah update). -I will update this thread regularly- 1. Game crash - Using the map or simpluy playing triggers a freezed screen with looped sound until the game exits to xbox home page. Happened on xbox one and one x. Frequency - Very low 2. Market wallet - moving a tool with low durability to the wallet from your inventory will show an error (as intended) but when trying to place other items it will show the same error. Fixed by exiting the market and repeating the action with the correct item. Frequency - Constant 3. Transportation - Moving items from storage to transport will show a completely different item and wont be able to send. Fixed by reloging/changing characters/changing servers. Frequency - Low 4. Storage - Stackable items will appear in different stacks in storage. Can't take out certain items. When setting a workshop, it will show 0 materials even though said material is in storage. Fixed by reloging/changing characters/changing servers. Frequency - High 5. UI changes not saved - changing ring menu, any settings like game sound and even preferred quests display arnt saved after reloging. Frequency - Constant Hope this helps you out. Cheers.
  6. @[GM]Kusha @[CM]Shirna I need to contact pearl abyss about this issue, this issue is not a problem with the game itself. I found a major bug that i won't mention here because people could exploit it and get away with 100's to thousands of dollars. How can i contact you to alert you of this issue? I support you guys at Pearl Abyss and do not want to see this happen to you... other, I contacted microsoft and the xbox live team to let them know of this issue while they did not understand. Trying to do something good by doing the right thing because i dislike when people abuse and or exploit a game company and their income.
  7. RobisDoyal

    Crafting disapearance

    Region: North America Server: Calpheon-1 Bug description had most of the supplies completed and delivered to the Epheron shipyard for the ship registration: fishing boat. Went out to gather the remaining 10 usable scantling. Dropped it in storage and went to the crafting menu. Only to see everything missing other than what was still being delivered. So the 176 item cost somehow dwindle to 6 usable scantling. It's not in my inventory or storage as a completed item. as well, if possible, can I get a refund on the items? I'm not asking for a finished one, I'd still like to put in the work.
  8. Gahudrid

    Bug in Qest forfeiting

    I Tried to forfeit the quest "A Gift for a Husband" and now the Quest is stuck in my quest log and I can't even restart it.
  9. Guildercy

    My fishing boat is stuck

    So i spent all this time building a fishing boat in Epheria and finally got to use it only to have it not even 15 minutes in bug out and no longer respond to moving forward or even backwards, after jumping out of it parked next to an island just off the coast to investigate a node manager. All I can do now is board it and twirl it in a partial 180 circle and at a certain point even that stops until I relog in, ultimately it does not wish to be relocated and the escape feature does not take your boat with you when used, I’ve also tried to check it back in but because its too far away even that doesn’t work. The boat never even came into contact with land so i’m stumped and disapointed that i can’t use it.
  10. @[CM]ShirnaError code 400, can we please get some information?
  11. Specter

    Main Quest

    I’m in need of huge help. For some reason I have no ongoing main quest to do even though I’m on “The Disappearance of Nella” 9/11. I’ve accessed the main quest menu tab and made a trail to every quest in “The Disappearance of Nella” main quest line and wasn’t able to find a quest giver to help me continue. Please help.
  12. Elric

    Value Pack Inventory Bug

    One of my friend , had a 7 days value pack for his account on Black Desert EU Servers. He knew his value pack was going to end so he made it so he had 16 slots left with nothing in it to make sure he loses nothing from his inventory in these 16 slots that the value pack gave him. When he got back on after his value pack was gone, Five Items that he made sure they weren't in the 16 slots before he loses his value pack, got stuck in the locked section of the inventory. He tried lot of stuff like logging off then get back on the servers to see if it was just a bug but it was still in the locked section of the inventory. These Items are : Agerian Helmet +14 Agerian Gloves +12 Agerian Shoes +12 and two green pickaxes. It reflects on his character's progression and he doesn't want to start a new character just for that or even buy another value pack for a bug like this. Thank you for your understanding !
  13. ASSC

    Item Quantity Bug

    Having issues with selling/buying and depositing/withdrawing things whether it be in storage or at a npc vendor. Selecting a number and or even selecting clear or backspace confirms the selection of 1. Its very frustrating withdrawing 1 silver at a time out of storage because the game wont allow me to select a specific quanity. Ive uninstalled, restarted xbox and reinstalled the game but theres been no change with this issue. Recorded video of this issue https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/s0lematic/video/70790802
  14. ErDuKlar

    Wagon crafting menu

    I’ve just managed to finish building a wagon but the menu was broken you can only set one worker to build, as after the first task is started the menu breaks it does not allow you to set more tasks going with other workers or back out of the menu, was having to set task, disconnect, and then reload the game to carry on playing while it’s building.
  15. KamNova

    Red battlefield bug

    Im a sorceress and im level 50. Every time I try to play pvp I spawn into the battlefield falling through the ground and cant move or get out and have to leave servers or quit. And ive already uninstalled and reinstalled, but the glitch is still occuring
  16. Silencium

    Shipyard UI Bug

    While accessing the Level 2 shipyard, I ran into a problem. I assign a worker to begin the fishing boat but after attempting to assign another i was met with a half dissapeared, non responsive UI. I could not exit the shipyard UI or start another worker. I had to restart my game and I couldn't access the shipyard after relogging. Just wondering if there are others experiencing this bug or just me?
  17. Last night I was playing my 49 wizard through the black spirit quest line and encountered a bug at the point where you the game teleports you into a secret area when you step up to a door inside the shadow knight cultist area. I was teleported in, fought the mobs until the cut-scene started and then the game crashed. I repeated this a few times and then gave up on the quest but when I tried to leave the "move you into secret area" modal box kept popping back up so fast I was unable to move away from the door and was thus trapped. I cannot access any other menus because of the modal nature of this popup so that character is permanently stuck, he can either stack there repeatedly pressing B unable to get away due to the delay in allowing movement between boxes or can go into the secret area and crash again. =/ I'm playing other characters but getting him out and fixing the quest eventually would be nice. Xbox One S Not overheated or hardware stressed. I'll link my account on here as soon as I figure out how to do it, couldn't find the info anywhere.
  18. ErDuKlar

    Wagon crafting menu

    I’ve just managed to finish building a wagon but the menu was broken you can only set one worker to build, as after the first task is started the menu breaks it does not allow you to set more tasks going with other workers or back out of the menu, was having to set task, disconnect, and then reload the game to carry on playing while it’s building.
  19. HasstheFish

    Inventory slot/item bug

    Hi, I have only been playing a couple of days now, i have a witch at L38 and logged in today to find my inventory seems to have rolled back a session. Some of my inventory slots which I had unlocked through black spirit reward items have re locked and have either deleted or are hiding the items that were in them, this includes gold and silver bars, potions and food. I'm wondering if the reward items only work temporarily? If so is there a way to get the items back that were in those slots? Either way this doesn't seem to be working as intended. all help is appreciated cheers
  20. Basically I get stuck when in crafting screen and press "X START WORK" and can't go back. B button doesn't work or do anything. Anyone?
  21. Heaps Suss

    I just lost 1mil??

    Was transferring my silver from my central market balance to my storage and it just disappeared? Ive looked everywhere and cant see it anywhere, i know 1mil isnt much to some people but ive only just started. What do i do?
  22. Cement

    Cannot get Pearls?

    Hey just looking for a hand. Bought the $80Cdn pearl box but i have not received my pearls nor can i link my account to submit a ticket due to that bug. Any solutions? Thanks! Edit: im an idiot. I have them
  23. Avaleria

    Quest HUD Disappeared

    Region: North America Server: All Bug description: After finishing the black spirit quest line, my quest tracker HUD has disappeared. I have tried logging out, and switching servers, but the issue still remains. From what i understand, this was an issue in Beta, and still seems to persist now. Have read postings of multiple people having this issue as well. I wouldn't call this game breaking, but it does severely limit my ability to quest without having to open the Quest menu multiple times during a quest, and to quickly see the status of a quest.
  24. Dragonfiend

    Missing quests on HUD

    Anyone else missing their quests onthe right hand side of the screen under the mini map. I can open my quest menu with Lt+Down D pad but it doesnt stay.
  25. So whenever you do a subjugation mission as a guild, the entire guild, atleast on the same server will receive and annoying UI bug. It will bring your selection to the first item in any menu. So for example when going to buy an item and you are entering how many you want it may "bounce" back to all. I don't know if being on a different server from the one the guild mission is active helps.