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Found 80 results

  1. TommD2000

    Inventory error

    Items on my main are slotted in invalid locations. Clicking beer let's me use it but clicking Milk Tea states "You are trying to expand the slot more than the maximum capacity." Pressing X for the description works. Trying to put the items into storage states "The slot number is invalid."
  2. Hello BOX TEAM Can you please FIX the sea waypoints PLEASE!? You messed setting waypoints with the boat up with the last patch! Finally with Valencia update it was working, now I CAN NOT SET A WAYPOINT IN THE SEA AGAIN!!! 😟😒😭😭😭PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!! Thx R4GE SHIP AHOIπŸ³πŸ¬πŸŒ΄βš“β›΅
  3. Grimicle

    Valencia remote collect mount

    Randomly remote collecting mounts In the desert would make them go into a different stable than the town I am in
  4. I'm unsure if there's been any changes on how the Central Market works. butt in any case prior to Valencia update I was able to sell my ultimate Tri Grunil armor set and ultimate tri yuria Gauntlet to the centro market. But after this update for some reason I cannot sell none of these items anymore. If anyone is experiencing the same issue or have any knowledge of why this is happening please pass on this information I will very appreciate it thank you.
  5. Hidellin

    Cannot login

    Literally cannot login since this last maintenance. GG Region: North America Server: um...idk all? Any? Bug: cannot login, get stuck on verifying patch data Tried restarting the game which will lead to not being able to even start it again. Tried clearing reserved/saved data which tries to redownload the data and says it fails multiple times until it goes through. It then gets stuck on trying to verify patch data again. Tried restarting my router and unplugging my xbox to clear cache memory. Never had this issue until after the last maintenance starting today. I have waited for at least 30 minutes to verify patch data. Guess I'll wait for am hour this time. GG pearl abyss gg.
  6. R4GE0fW4R

    Setting Waypoints is messed up!!!

    Hello @CM Valencia, @CM Trent Since todays minor patch setting waypoints does not work properly! Especially when there is no road like the wildernes!! When you set a waypoint lets say near Valencia City but a little outside and you go with autorun there it does not calculate structures like rocks and so on anymore and makes a straight line until it hits a road, regardless of rocks, terrainhighs... This happend not before this patch! Pls fix this! Thx
  7. R4GE0fW4R

    Tower of tarif book

    Hello the quest for the Beia's black magic gloves from tower of tarif book is still buged. So when you click the book it doesn't give you the quest series to get this gloves! It was reported a while ago but I can't find the topic so I posts it in a new one. Please fix this. Thx
  8. R4GE0fW4R

    Shakatu Storage

    In Shakatu we have a storage but no option for transport to another town! Anyways if you go to Shakatu via worldmap there is the option to transport but if you click it to set destination its empty, no town to select! So normally you shoud be able to transport goods from there! Pls fix this issue Greetings R4GE
  9. Anyone else got this or am i the only one it says i can claim it but it also says i have already claimed it yet i havnt received the giftbox?
  10. NorseJuggalo

    Mini map missing

    Region: North America Server: Calpheon 2 Bug Description: After I got out of putting Dye on an outfit after bleaching it that my mini map disappeared. I restarted my game and Xbox and still did not fix. I switched servers and still nothing changed. I even looked in the settings and found nothing that hides the mini map. Update: After about a few minutes the map came back. Without any input from me.
  11. TwilightPanther

    Guild Interface

    Your guild interface is absolutely unacceptable. 1. There is no Log. No treasury log. No member joined/left log. No who did what in a mission. No how many guild missions got done or what type. 2. The Members list continually jumps to the top making it impossible to use. 3. The Members list does not show the GamerTag of members who are currently offline. 4. Setting a Members rank is a pain in the butt, and only has predefined values. 5. The members list does not show last login. I.E. GenaricMember33 was last in BDO 15 days ago. (maybe hes left and we should kick him!?) 6. There is no confirmation window for undeclaring on a war. I literally just had lag, had the A button go thru to open the guild menu and it undeced a war we wanted to keep. Please take a moment and log into Elder Scrolls Online on the xbox, make a guild, and look at the interface, tools, and options. Then come back and use yours. YOURS SUCKS!! So So Much! The guilds that make up your game are a HUGE PART of your community. Yet here we are using 3rd party apps to try and keep track of members and activity and guild funds, Spending valuable game time working on spreadsheets. Struggling to use your twitchy guild member list to copy the information over to a spreadsheet so that we can manage a guild. It makes being an officer or leader far more difficult than it needs to be. We already are juggling members, grievance, activity checks, events, helping low gs members, and trying to enjoy the game ourselves. With how bad it is i'm sure other guilds have made these suggestions. And for the love of BDO, I hope you listen and implement rapid improvements to your guild interface. *edit; spelling *edit; added #5 *edit; added #6 updated #1
  12. Primus

    Mark the Target Bug

    When I try to complete Marking Your Target (Riot Suppression Order 2/4) I get a "Character does not exist" error. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Whenever I sheath her giant sword she glitches out. When she lowers her hand after the action she still shows sword in her hand AND if u try to sprint it cancels the sheathing.
  14. Nightingale

    Epheria Rod Repair Bugged after 100%

    I have made a +6 Epheria rod it only repaired to 100% durability, it has 110 durability. I have tried to use both another fishing rod and a memory fragment and it will not let me repair it further. I know this can be done I have +10 on several rods on PC. Im pretty sure its bugged, I checked several Blacksmiths and it wasnt just that one blacksmith. Just giving you the heads up @[CM]Shirna
  15. Shadi

    After fishing Ring menu

    After fishing, unequiping fishing rod, i am unable to access ring menu, have to change server or re-log for it to work.
  16. Shadi

    Black Smith Jollys

    Ok i was extracting black stones from item, at blacksmith in Heidel. He decided to go off on one, stuck his sign up while he was removing stones. That resulted in me being unable to do anything, stuck in gui, no response from controller buttons. i had to power the xbox off and restart.
  17. Obligatory copy-pasta from the support ticket: --- Hello Support, Yesterday, I submitted a report about a bug I found in the character editor. GM Calpheon requested that I send a short video of the issue so that the support team could forward it to the appropriate department. I apparently cannot submit videos via support ticket due to file attachment restrictions, so I will include a link to the videos in my OneDrive account and also post the link on the community forum. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Au76dQvbUZHZdK7cU4kd8wzv27g The bug occurs in the Character Editor. When a character customization template is saved to the beauty album and then applied to character, various body shape sliders (length/width/depth) will increase or decrease. Because of this, body proportions will change for the character. The character's appearance from the applied template will be different than the original appearance saved to the beauty album. --- In layman's terms: You customize a character. You save the character as a template in the beauty album. You apply the template back to the character. Body shape sliders will change. Character body proportions change. Character is different from the one you designed. (Aspergers sucks.) --- All character classes may or may not be affected by the bug. The former seems more likely. At the very least, I can confirm that the Warrior, Ranger, and Sorceress are bugged. The videos show the phenomenon on the Warrior and Ranger. URL again: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Au76dQvbUZHZdK7cU4kd8wzv27g I hope this helps a little, Packet
  18. While creating a character, using the "A+RS," "X+RS," and "Y+RS," anytime the button "A" is selected (for moving with RS), the part in the editor is randomly generated. It doesn't reset, the adjustable part simply does what it decides to do. I began to notice this while working carefully on the eyes of a character. After a good 20 minutes of adjustment, the "A+RS" option was needed, as I needed to move the piece. The adjustable part went haywire a la Mario 64's intro loading screen when you can mess with his face grabbing different parts. This has made my creation time jump to the hours, when I could have been finished much sooner, also, the frustration incurred is high. I hope this helps, I also hope this can be resolved, as this is one of the best elements to the immersion of "becoming one's true self." Thank you for your time, thank you for the XBOX version to this game, and I hope to see the DEV team address this and more as the time passes. Cheers!
  19. Atreuss

    Forum names show link broken

    Anyone have this issue with just certain people? Instead of showing their photo and forum name, it's just a broken link with their email. It's only with a few people, but don't know if the problem is on their end, my end or the forum. Strange thing is it wasn't always doing this until this last website maintenance.
  20. So I am at skilled 7 alchemy, but the reward apprentice costume won't let me equip it. Tells me it's level restricted even though it says apprentice on the costume info.
  21. AtomicNinja

    Western Guard Camp

    I have encountered an issue where the ogre and the npc's at the western guard camp on my main character doesn't show up when i'm up close,but when i move a bit back at a distance you can see the ogre and npcs glitching in an out any help would be appreciated.
  22. UNSC Jon 117

    Amity caching issue?

    Separate but related to prior report, there appears to be a caching issue within the Amity mini-game. After game load, the first time you start a Conversation with an NPC, the names/faces of the people at the bottom of the screen match the specific one you highlight (as would be expected, eh?). However, if you then go to another NPC and start a Conversation, the names/faces of the people at the bottom of the screen no longer match the specific one you highlight - they're from the Conversation with the first NPC. Same if you move on to a third, fourth, etc. NPC: never updates the names/faces at the bottom of the screen. While it's obviously not "critical", it's... "inconsistent". Edit: Changing characters, servers,... anything that causes you to so much as temporarily leave the game and pass through the "loading screen" resolves it - but only for the first/next NPC interaction; after that, it continues to display the names/faces from the first NPC interaction of that "session".
  23. DaedriAngel

    Skill Points/upgrades

    I just realized that I found a bug with the Skill learning. I am on a Wizard so i don't know if it is affecting other classes. When upgrading skills sometimes it takes the skill points without learning the skill. For example sometime upgrading Fireball explosion from II to III the points are taken but the skill moves up the list one spot and still says III. This bug is causing you to have some skills that you have to spend the point twice and wasting them. I have checked the "Main" tab and the skill will show FB Explosion II before upgrading the second time. In the attached pics you can see its not always the same upgrade level and it also happens to others skills like Magic Missile. In Pic 1 I start at full reset 466/466, in the second pic 5 points are taken for level I, In pic 3 10 points are taken for level II and the Skill stayed as Level II and moved up one slot, in pic 4 another 11 points are taken for level II and the upgrade worked as you can see the next option is Level III. I can't even get through a full build without this happening with multiple skills wasting a fair chunk of skill points. *Sorry for photo quality, was taken via phone
  24. FiveTon

    Horse breeding/ exchanging

    So anytime you try to breed a horse,exchange, or connect a horse to a wagon. It will randomly select and highlight another horse or multiple horses. My gf was trying to breed two lvl 30 horses. She selected the female she wanted to breed and comfirmed the exchange, only to find out it selected a lvl 2 horse instead. So now shes breeding a level 2 and a level 30 horse together instead of the level 30 she ACTUALLY selected. Can you please fix this issue! Also it would be great if you could make things right since it selected the wrong horse randomly.
  25. WolfeTV

    Befriending Tachros

    I have His Amity Up, I already have the knowledge of talking to him about Cron Castle, Quest takes me to Igor Bartali but he has no Quest, Cant Forfeit, Could a GM Possibly Help me in game?