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  1. No matter how many times I’ve tried I cannot advance this questline. First off, when I start the mission, there is no timer. None shows up whatsoever. I found out the proper time after a quick internet search, and even though I would finish the quest AND turn it in within that allotted time (I used a stopwatch) it STILL says the mission timer has expired and cannot be completed. I forfeit, do it again, tried again after every new update, and I still cannot finish this hunting questline because of this bug. NA region on Xbox server. Please help!
  2. These past couple of days the game has been unplayable. Once I manage to log in which usually takes 2-3 tries the game loads up but then I can't interact with anything. I hold triangle, nothing happens and then I immediately get disconnected. I know this isnt a wifi issue because I have 2 versions of the game and this only happens in the US one. So far I've been pretty disappointed with the performance of the game comepared to the PC one, and if this keeps up I probably won't continue playing (or trying to play for that matter) . Some help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Is anyone else having trouble completing the Living History quest in Calpheon? I have completed 2/3 of it and it won't say complete once I interact with Clara Siciliano.
  4. I have a bug to report, I have seen that many people in reddit report it but they have not fixed it yet and it happens that when I move a position character in the character selection section, or play with different characters, when I play again With my previous one, this one has the ring menu and all the initial settings and it is quite annoying since it takes me time to reconfigure the menus as I like and this happens every time I change my character and play a while, when I return to the other one that has the messy menus even my button selection is unconfigured, please help.
  5. If you are on the map screen while you mark something and got an invitation from a guild, you can not do anything because the guild invitation screen as your controls are frozen too. The only way is to restart the game.
  6. So this problem isn't occurring for me, my fiancé is having a problem with this quest (Me being my kind self decided to look for help). So he finished the part where you visit the abandoned monastery, but nothing appeared after he finished that. He looked everywhere and even went to where (info gathered from videos and other posts) you're supposed to go next and nothing appeared. I was hoping someone on here could help! I also apologize if this Isn't where this is meant to be asked.. - Yeetin
  7. On any other town which has a storage manager, you can access the town through the map and see what items have been stored in the town's storage or the horses in the stable. When I select this town on the map and choose the option at 12:00 on the radial wheel (enter), there is no option to press "Y" and view what's in storage or what's in stable it just shows the town.
  8. I know I've posted about this before, but I am going to keep making noise about this until it gets resolved. People are out money here. There is a bug that has affected some of us on PS4 after purchasing the Legendary Items pack. Our accounts get charged, but the item never gets delivered to our in-game mail. When visiting the Pearl Shop or refreshing the mail, a "failed to update the payment info" message appears. This prevents us from not only retrieving our purchase, but from ever making future purchases of Pearls. Not to mention my 20% off coupon will probably expire, because I have been experiencing this for the last FIVE DAYS. My support ticket is stuck on 'pending' and I'm getting no communication or resolution. I've met players on Reddit, the forum, and world chat who are having this exact same issue. There is something wrong, we have all made $50+ purchases that have never been delivered, and this should be a priority to fix - not to mention acknowledge via official communications - that there is a problem affecting several players. If anyone sees that this and is thinking about buying the Legendary Items pack DON'T BUY IT. You risk bricking your shop.
  9. Omnibane

    12/10 bug

    Since the 12 /10 parch to fix the mailbox issue. Was installed the game has relogged my character 7 times in 3 hours sometimes it will let me play for 30 minutes sometimes 2 minutes. Everytime the first 2 system messages are unpacking complete then The setting is invalid. My PlayStation is up-to-date and I would like to avoid wasting my time and bandwidth reinstalling the game.
  10. Storage isn't full. Now I'm stuck just walking around with a backpack because of the trade item I'm carrying (Copper Ore Crate). It's been like this all day since the update. Am I the only one having this problem? 🤔
  11. So to start off this, from day one of release there has been a damage bug that is plaguing node wars, the damage to towers is selective to a few people in a guild. This meaning that only a specified group of people can damage a fort, ranging from what I've seen is 1-6 people. This is atrocious, the damage should be able to be done by anyone of any class. No don't ask me for video or screenshot proof you copy pasta CM bots, get on the game and see for yourself... Secondly, placement, only a select few officers can actually place due to a time frame bug hitting specific players after a server reset. So for a bit of time, i would be able to place, then after a patch only some other guy can place... now there's also the fact that fort placement pillars telling you Red = No cant place and Blue = can, HAS DRASTICALLY BEEN DESTROYED IN VARIETY... on PC you can pretty much place any f'ing where... why was this changed? For pleeb mentality? Last on placement is now there is a bull#$@! notification telling literally all who can place that we have to place on last weeks node, like what? The one we did on a SUNDAY? Cuz thats our node bruh... To end this with a why and how dare you, what are y'all thinking behind those screens when writing code and not working on optimization, this game does not load... AT ALL, the node wars are an absolute fk fest of lag (You can literally phase through barricades because of the lag)... and its just riddled with bugs, you release a game not only with not all the classes out for the sake of your pockets so you can market other 30 dollar costumes, the dollar per square inventory, all the weight increases... and have people wait on the classes they actually want to play, cuz yah know... the games like 8 years old now... so the classes are all there on youtube and streamed for PC... what are you thinking? Yeh lets just milk this game, merge with xbox and milk some more? Why not take a fkin weed break and fkin make a game so it lasts... NO MORE RELEASES, FIX THE GAME, THE LAG IS UNIMAGINABLY EMBARRASSING ON YOUR END. There is no excuse in 2019, going on 2020 for it to be this bad... How dare you, The Guy Who Actually Feels For Devs Cuz Of Corporate Monkeys Wanting A Quick Buck PS fk you suits ruining everything like fkin EA.
  12. Just bought the outfit cause it looks awesome and for some reason having it on makes my weapons disappear when they’re sheathed. Once I switch outfits my weapons show again. Any suggestions?
  13. The cowl of the cartian premium outfit of the sorceress is weirdly flickering when you move. I already searched through google, and this was apparently already a problem back in 2016/17 on pc. I don't know if it ever got fixed there, but I wanted to report the bug in hopes that it gets fixed on consoles (too). Thanks for your attention! Region: EU Console: PS4 Server: All EDIT: I just realised I posted into the xbox bug report sorry, but I don't see any option to delete my post!
  14. Berserkers Beastly Windslash, specifically, Ultimate Beastly Windslash is not working as intended on Xbox. It doesn't work at all. It has been bugged since launch, please fix this, I have already submitted a video of the issue, you guys gave me the heads up you would be looking into it, but since last patch nothing has been changed or updated.
  15. Hi. I dunno if it's a bug or anything else, but I have been at abandoned monastery, to drop mark of shadow, people say it drops minimum 2 an hour using nothing to increase drop chance and node level 0. But well, I was using scroll, kamasylve, node level 3, level 5 luck, 3%drop (amity level) and no single mark of shadow dropped even after thousands of mobs killed in about 3 hours. It must be a bug with the drop. Luck is not working at all What luck should be used for, if it doesn't help with drop or enhancing system?
  16. The cowl of the cartian premium outfit of the sorceress is weirdly flickering when you move. I already searched through google, and this was apparently already a problem back in 2016/17 on pc. I don't know if it ever got fixed there, but I wanted to report the bug in hopes that it gets fixed on consoles (too). Thanks for your attention! Region: EU Console: PS4 Server: All
  17. I started my own guild the other day and decided to do our first guild mission today. The timer was still active for the quest, but my kills weren’t counting towards the mission. It kept saying “Contract expired. Unable to contribute to the guild mission.” So I forfeited the mission and tried another one, but again my kills weren’t counting and the same message appeared. I have no idea how to fix it. My guild mates are able to do it just fine, but for some reason I’m the only one having the problem. Any answers?
  18. In port epheria when i try to purchase a worker from the worker excahnge i am met with the message “not enough lodging”. this has occurred when i have had free lodging. And this has happened twice with professional level workers. When it first happened i assume it was because someone bought the worker before i did and the game did not have the appropriate message but however the second time i had freshly developed two additional worker lodging and it gave me the same message i backed out if the menu returned and found the worker still there so it seems to be a bug. Hopefully its fixed soon.
  19. So my guild and I participated in a node war yesterday (ps4) and none of us could damage the enemy fort or defense barriers. The fort was in our contested area and was the only other guide contesting that specific node. We spoke with another guild that was also in a different node war who said they had the exact same problem multiple times and that they found that only one of their members could actually damage the structures so they had to just protect him the entire war and let him do all the structure damage. We could kill the other guilds players but no building damage. This has to be a bug can anyone help us out here
  20. So when I go out of sight to make it look like I took care of the book and move to the area that the marker shows, nothing happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Logging out doesn’t fix the problem either.
  21. This wasnt a problem with slow horses. Howerver once you are in a fast moving horse, the game seems to not load the next area fast enough so my horse gets stucked running in place. Most of the times that this happens is when a new town is being loaded, and when I look directly below the "Invisible wall" sometimes there is a line on the floor. I image that is where the previous area and the new area im traveling to connect and glue together. I never experienced this with the PC version. Thanks for the time!
  22. While in a party I was killing mobs for an hour and a half with not a single loot drop. I had party leader change loot settings. We cycled through all of them, and still no loot dropped. Upon leaving the party, the first kill I made dropped vender trash loot. Party Loot system needs to be fixed. I can update post with video links if required as proof. If you have experienced this as well please post here.
  23. I have an Xbox one x and AOE skill animations aren't showing up in node war, guild vs guild, or battle arena fights. This has been like this at least since kama came out.
  24. Hi guys, I might be wrong here but I can't seem to open any ring menu when im inside my house. When you walk in you get the default - show/hide underwear and pets, place items and a forth one I cant remember. I managed to open the door and walk in while holding the ring menu to start processing inside. Didn't manage to do that any other way. Is this a bug or am I confused with the controller setup?
  25. Currently stuck on the quest ‘[Crossroad] Goblins at the ruins’. As seen on the pictures it says ‘To get started, check quest menu’ when I do there is no quest there, when I check the main quest page and click on the quest it loads up the black spirit but there is no quest available there. When I go the the quest giver, Grusha, there is no quest to be acceptable there. How do I progress through the story at this point? Am I missing something or is this bugged. Thank you.
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