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Found 12 results

  1. iFroosty

    An eye for an eye bug quest?

    So i got stuck with [an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? quest, kill the red orcs already but i cant find the serendia's quatermaster idk if is npc or not can you help me?
  2. Game crashed when doing the quest, making the scroll disappear... I was informed in game that Support would send me a replacement. Pls halp ;-; In game Family Name: VanAzwick In game Character Name: Tizun
  3. When you are on the map, and you click on a city, you have several choices. The one concerned is the houses. Before buying your first house, you can see all the houses in the city. But after buying your first house, you only see the house you bought, by default. If you want to use the filters to display the other houses, you can not go to the sub filters. I tried with the D-pad, the Left Stick and the Right Stick. Can not go on the sub filter. I will try to join a screen.
  4. Crimzon Rabbit

    Selling bug

    Family name: Crimzon Server: Glish Hello. So me and a friend noticed a bug with selling/buying and taking things out of bank and putting things in. Bank - the issue I've found is that when I sell good bars or silver to them, they take the item but not give the money for it. With items I've tested it multiple times and they say that they gave it to you but they don't and it's gone for ever. (I miss my trading items T_T). This issue is cleared up after you relog in but you still loose the items/money from the banker. Stores - buying and selling seems to have a issue where you sell something to him/her, they take it but you don't get any money for the item. Same goes for buying you buy a item don't get it but loose money for it. Issue is fixed once you reblog but still at a decrease of money. I so far I've only noticed it occurs at heidel city.
  5. Need the quest item, The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron to progress. Accidently used it before accepting the quest, and now Eileen isn't there to give me another one. Region: North America Server: Valencia Character name: Seversa Surname: Dawntide
  6. Region: NA Server: Calpheon Bug description: Eileen is nowhere to be found. Need "The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron" scroll. Gamertag: xMurderStarx Family Name: Sagittarius Character Name: Maiatria
  7. The quest A Memorial Service for the Fallen seems to be a bit broken. I need the item ‘The Forgotten Secret Garden of Cron’ to complete the quest. I was told support could give us the item but this is the only way I’ve found to contact support
  8. Xerxes

    Dyeing bug

    Region: USA Server:Tarif Description: can’t see the costume equipped when I try to dye my clothing
  9. I'm currently stuck and have no idea how to proceed on the quest, I was talking to this beetle guy and he just disappeared. This is my quest log ATM, I have no active quests.
  10. Duganxisxgod

    Report on Stone Chamber

    I have completed the necessary steps for the quest "The Report on the Stone Chamber" but can't actually complete the quest. The quest menu displays the quest with a red check mark as If completed but the quest tracker on the HUD says to check the quest window. When checking the window it says to inform princess jarette. When visiting jarette she just offers a small bit of dialogue and no options for completing the quest. Region:NA Server: Serendia Bug description:Quest bug Repeatable:Unknown Solved: Having checked everywhere a few times I noticed something that said "target: Roig Mills". There are many other things that reference returning to jarette and this is the only thing I saw mentioning Roig. It's just not very straightforward.

    Game won't load on Xbox

    I've tried delete, hard restarting and spaming it but it won't even open the game. I get to pearl abyss and then it kicks me back to Xbox home. Pls help
  12. matthieubzh29

    you are not permitted

    why i have that with my "real" email account ?