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Found 12 results

  1. Squirrelz

    Quest: Honey for a Goblin Friend

    Xbox United States Alejandro farm node Start npc, Alby, give quest to get his friend some honey. To finish the quest you need to activate the node and send a worker there to get cooking honey and then give said honey to a Goblin in Heidel. The part of the quest where you activate the node to produce honey does not tick off completed when you invest in the nose or the honey part. When sending a worker there to get honey does not help. It is always incomplete.
  2. Hello and Good Morning! I am working on my knowledge yet again, tickets are bugged for me so I am here to see of the community or @[CM]Shirna can get this to a GM/Devs for answers. I am trying to finish Topography in Serendia, in Serendia Swamp, and Peripheral Mountains of Serendia. Holding me back from 3 energy. Before I go any further I have already noticed you have renamed some things in game, but that's not what's holding me back. I cross reference everything and mark it off my sheets as I verify knowledge. I am a PC player and already know all about the new "Crossroads" quest. I am already one step ahead of you, I did all 3 possible crossroads on 3 different characters through Calpheon, and 2 Characters in Mediah covering both crossroads. So every possible angle is taken care of from that aspect. According to Incendar's painstaking work before we got the "crossroads" stupid quests I know for Serendia Swamp I am unable to obtain: Southern Naga Marsh - https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3072/ Kanna does not show any quest for this, and was to have been apart of what me and my friends are calling "crossroads 3" Central Naga Marsh - https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3069/ Kanna should have this after "Donatt, the Forgotten Name" but she doesn't. On my Adventure Journal for the Swamp I'm missing knowledge is between Dernyl Farm and Glish Swamp then between Northwestern Gateway and Moretti Plantation. See my first attached Photo. For Peripheral Mountains of Serendia I'm missing - Central Neutral Zone - https://bdocodex.com/us/theme/3056/ For this knowledge we should have taken care of this in Path 2 or 3 of the crossroads https://bdocodex.com/us/quest/663/3/ but after all 3 paths I do not find a quest, and do not have access to anything I do not already have. You can see my second photo I am missing the bottom knowledge. Currently I have a guild mate who is just a dedicated as me to running knowledge, we both have 3 characters with all paths taken, We both verify if we cannot achieve knowledge and check all 3 characters to make sure it is not something locked behind "that character's story" and have proven it doesn't matter once they are through the story knowledge should be available to all characters after the "original" new knowledge was obtained. The current consensus with the community is the quests or access to these knowledges have been removed from game through error and never go implemented back into the game again. This also seems to be the case for many other knowledge entries I'm working on but I'm going to tackle one thing at a time and verify before I come to you the Community, CMs & GMs with questions. What I am asking for is can you please verify these knowledge entries, quests, and NPCs and help direct me to where the issues are. I thank you for your time and effort! - Nightingale1176 DoctorStrange PS. in my list ticket I submitted [GM] Heidel states "Using 3rd party guides and wikis will confuse you since they are somewhat no longer being updated or contain outdated information." - False BDO Codex is still updated by the PC community and stays update with every patch BDO gets. Outdated info, maybe. But 99.5% of the content is still relevant to this day. I also go my own answer which they did not even bother to reply too about "Al Rhundi, The Mortal" Adventure Journal Knowledge, It was behind Path #2 of the main story crossroad.
  3. Nightingale

    Shining Powder?

    So working on 100 cooks should have made one shining powder. I got the CP turn in (finally), but the Shining Powder drop is still not in game yet. If any one cares for RNG math i got 14 CP dishes out of 100 cooks this alchemy run. @[CM]Shirna Please relay to the devs, they are morons, NA got it's first PEN Kzarka with in 20 minutes of the servers going live, but we can't make alchemy stones yet because it would give PC players an unfair advantage? Please have them bring it in game next "update" patch. Ps. side rant - Awakenings > Absolutes - would have BEEN WAY better than the garbage we got today.
  4. Nightingale

    Canape is bugged in pearl shop

    I'm seeing the banner for the Canape outfit, my friends can see the actual costume, but I cannot. I have hard restarted, done a full power cycle, relogged, changed characters, changed servers, tired to patch the game and cannot get it to show up for my wizard or any other class. Website says it's out but I see nothing.
  5. Xbox United States Loggia Farm The quest, Investment and Mass Production, given by Severo Loggia. At loggia Farm. Gives a quest to to invest in the potato node part. After investing and following the steps by step guide written in the text. It did not proc a finish for the quest.
  6. Nightingale

    Blue Tier Potions

    As a master Alchemist on PC I know a good bit about potion making. I know I can get a select few blues while crafting, but we have no current option in game to make our greens; blue. Before the very dumb change on PC you would simple alchemy 3 greens of the same potion to make a Blue grade potion. Currently on PC you need the 50,000 silver item to make them blue. Why have did the dev's left out both options of making Blue options? To insure PC players don't have an unfair advantage? Did they forget to add the original way of making blues? I figured the 50,000 silver Blue Reagent would be too expensive for current state of game considering this change came around year 2 on PC, and still to this date is widely hated by alchemist. @[CM]Shirna Do have an idea of what the dev team is trying to do with these right now? Are these planned for an update or is this bugged in game and vendors don't have the items or the process is broken and we can't combine greens?
  7. Nightingale

    Tarif 1 of 2 Knowledge, Missing NPC?

    I have completed all knowledge in Tarif, I do not have 2 of 2 energy. I cross checked with my PC account and I am missing Epil Tanbu . He is not spawning in during his 10p - 7a spawn time in the location I provided in a screen. I have completed both crossroad quest chains, so I can rule that out. @[CM]Shirna is he bugged or did the devs not put him in yet, so PC players wouldn't have advantage for excessive energy? Video showing him in game from YouTube
  8. Squirrelz

    Quest: material in an order

    Xbox United States. Calphion The quest material in a order is bugged. The old lady that is the quest turn in is bugged and does not appear. This is the third quest in the quest line, The Leight family of Calphion.
  9. Squirrelz

    Quest: Taming of the Tomboy

    Xbox United States Calthion. Npc that is suppose to spawn to give special ham at 7:45 am. Does not spawn making it impossible to complete this quest.
  10. xConstantinex

    Magic Amor Exchange not working

    The black spirit is not showing the magical armor exchange quest so we can turn in the dim magical armor for the armor of concentrated magical power which well then allow you to turn into the roaring magical armor by giving it to the armor vendor in altinova.
  11. Dragonfiend

    The Ritual quest is bugged

    It keeps having me restart the quest before the cutscene for Kzarka, and the sound is out as well.
  12. Ashadowyguy

    Crone's castle quest broken

    Can't progress in story, send me the item please ✌️